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If you are already a Dawgman.com subscriber, we thank you for making us the largest and most entrusted Husky on-line presence since 1998. If you subscribe to Sports Washington Magazine, we hope you've enjoyed the change we implemented this season - a 32-page full color glossy format. If you haven't subscribed to either product, now is your chance to reap the largest benefits we've ever offered.

Dawgman.com is the premiere on-line source for inside information about Husky athletics, and is used on a regular basis by KJR 950AM, the Husky flagship station, as well as by Fox Sports Northwest Television. We are often invited to come and speak on these stations as analysts or to provide commentary. If they trust us, you know that you can trust us.

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We will be running this promotion through the end of May.


Here is a quick reminder of what a Dawgman.com Total Access Pass is all about:
  • Access to the Dawgman.com premium message boards (Dawgtales and Recruiting).
  • All content on TheInsiders.com network – that means every College, NFL, MLB, High School, and recruiting site on the Insiders.com is just one click away.
  • Access to The Scout™ Player and Roster Database. Player Pages, detailing the recruitment and careers of players from high school, college and the pro ranks.
  • Expert game week and game day analysis by Coach Dick Baird, former UW linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator for the Huskies. Coach B will also answer your questions on-line!
  • Become part of the largest Husky cyber community on the internet today, and get the new full-color glossy Sports Washington Magazine to collect and save.
All Husky fans - this is as good as it gets. And you can get it all, in print or on line, here at Dawgman.com for one low price.

Just a final note about our Recruiting yearbook – it was a huge hit this year. It spotlights the work of the top recruiting scouts in the country, all of whom offer minute-by-minute, commitment-by-commitment online coverage for TheInsiders.com. From Jamie Newberg's national perspective, to Scott Kennedy and Tom Culpepper in the southeast, David Garvin, Josh Clark and Stacey Dean in the heartland, Mike Bakas and Miller Safrit in the Atlantic, Steve Curry in Pennsylvania, Duane Long in Ohio, Chris Pool in the midwest, Chris Fetters in the northwest, Greg Biggins and Student Sports in the west, TheInsiders.com offers the best zone and man-to-man coverage of the country's top football prospects. Plus it has exclusive access to official Nike Training Camp data. What's more, the incomparable Dave Telep and West Coast guru Tracy Pierson serve up the best dishes on basketball recruiting.


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