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Well, all of UW's hard work in getting to 5-1 has led up to this point - their first huge test of 2011. The Stanford Cardinal hold the longest winning streak in FBS, beating their foes at home by nearly 30 points a game. They don't look like stopping any time soon. How does UW plan on putting an axe to the Tree? All your UW news, notes and quotes leading up to game time can be found right here!

Chris Fetters:
7:59 pm

Dan Cozzetto Wednesday Quotes

On the identity of the o-line: "The bottom line is that we win, the main thing.  Our job is that we block and that's what we're supposed to do.  We get wrapped up in taking care of Keith Price and making sure he comes out of that game with a clean jersey and a sound mind and we get Chris Polk to the next level and let him do his thing.  That's what our job is and as long as our job gets done our chances of winning go way up.  That's how we keep it in perspective, war in the trenches, life in the trenches, that's what it's all about."  

On if it's been mission accomplished the past few games: "We got so much room for improvement we still need to continue to work hard and get better because the prize gets bigger and bigger as you continue to win.  Obviously the people that you're playing down the road are good football teams on any given day so we have to be in the right mental and have our right preparation, have our right game coming into the game as far as wanting to achieve the success that we want to get to.  It's all one snap at a time one day at a time, one practice at a time and that's how we take it."  

On the biggest area of improvement: "Just the continuity of the group, that's the biggest thing.  They're playing together, they're communicating well and for the most part their effort is getting better we want to run to the ball more, we want to make sure we're around the football and that we play through the ups and downs, the momentum changing of the game and that as the game goes we improve during the game, that's the biggest thing is that are we going to be a smart football team?  When we come out at halftime are we going to get going in the 3rd quarter?  To me it's what you learn during the game and how you transition that learning into production and so as these guys play more and more together they communicate they adjust better and better - they're not waiting to get off the sideline they can do it out there.  When we come into the sideline we're talking and we're saying ok let's talk about what's happening.  Ok what do you guys need to do to get this?  What do you guys like?  What do you think is good?  Obviously they've been brought up through the system, Sark's system and being here for three years and having these kids has really helped as you well know.  I told you guys that from the beginning."  

On Stanford's physicality: "You got your ass kicked last year.  I mean it's just like the bully who beat you up in the neighborhood you don't forget about that.  Our deal is to go in and play football, we're a year older right now."  

On if this was a circled game: "No, there's a lot of games that you get your butt kicked so the beautiful thing about it is that you get to play again."  

On UW's o-line being more physical: "These are our kids, they've come up through the system since Sark has been here.  I've been here 3 years, you develop the attitude, you get what you coach I think is what the guy used to tell me all the time."

On the players liking the physical mentality
: "That's a style we're not going to compromise and playing in this system you have to be a smart football player, it's not a game for a dumb man, it's not a game for a man that can't run, it's not a game for a man who's not going to hit and so we keep our job description just like it is.  Our job is to block and take care of that quarterback and make sure that back gets to the next level and as long as we're doing that we're fine.  Because if we don't do that nothing is going to get done, it doesn't matter who you are."

On David DeCastro and appreciating him for what he does - "He takes his work pail and goes to work, but the only way you get better is through repetition and through film study. That's the only way you get better."

On envisioning playing five guys - "You'd like to do that, but I'd also like to get to the situation where we can play more guys. I think we'll eventually be able to do that, but I'm always in the 'what-if' syndrome. What if this guy goes down, what if that guy goes down? So I want to make sure I'm taking care of the insurance part as far as that goes, as far as the ball club is concerned. You're looking at it all the time; Drew, Senio…this, what are you going to do? Who are the best players? Whether it's in practice or getting them into games periodically, you have to get them game-ready. Because it's a little bit different game practicing in here to when the bullets start flying out in that stadium."

On the difference not having to use a 'baseball' lineup and more players, like he did last year - "You guys are, aren't you? The right guys are going to play, and we're going to come out here and compete and practice. That's the only way to get the best chance to win is how you practice. I guarantee you. Our practice is designed to be as hard as it can be, so when you get the game, your preparation has set you free, go play."

On Chase Thomas - "Good football player. That's one of the best defenses we play. That's a good football player. That's a good package. They've done a great job with their front guys. Trent Murphy is the other guy on the edge over there, and then they have those two big guys inside - Stephens and Masifilo. They have a good football team, good defense, and they're well-coached."

On what the mantra of 'Keep Climbing' means specifically to the OL - "Just don't look any farther ahead. Don't look any farther ahead until you get done with this practice. Designate all your energy toward Saturday at 5 o'clock. It's not break out and let's be national championships or anything like that; let's take care of this day today, and let's move on and evaluate how this day went and get better the next day. Because the biggest thing in practice is - you have to improve. If you haven't improved, you've wasted practice. If you've improved on one thing, just one thing only, then it's been a good practice."

On Sarkisian embracing the metaphor of the mountain - "I think Sark has done a great job. They listen to Sark and we echo Sark's philosophy - and that's half the battle when you develop a football program. When you have continuity and success in a football program, it's that your assistant coaches are able to echo your head man."

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Chris Fetters:
7:21 pm

Nick Montana Wednesday Quotes

On thoughts about playing in the Bay Area - "It's just fun, another game, another road game…a business trip. But my whole family will be there, so that will be nice. A lot of (DeLaSalle) friends will be coming out, a lot of my Mom's friends from there. All my friends are in college, though."

On the Colorado game - "It was a lot of fun to finally get out there, that's the best way to describe it. I was really excited. I couldn't get the smile off my face for a couple days."

On keeping that smile after the first play - "It's funny, my Dad threw a pick-six on his first play."

On Sark saying 'Welcome to college football' - "Yeah. Sark, Nuss, all of them. That's the first thing they told me."

On wanting to maybe hand the ball off the next couple plays - "I hadn't been hit in two years! It felt good."

On not seeing the defender that sacked him - "We had a little route mixup, and I should have just thrown the ball away or ran it, but I held it. I probably won't do that again after that."

On staying in and leading the team to a touchdown - "Yeah, it was a lot of fun. That's the best way I can describe it."

On trying to keep on an even keel for this upcoming game - "Coach Sark put it the best way - it's just another game. Every game is as important as the last one, especially with college rankings - you can't lose. So it doesn't matter if you're playing the number-one team in the nation or a team that hasn't won a game - it's just as important."

On breaking practice with 'Keep Climbing' - "I love it. Don't look down, or you're going to slip; don't focus on the past. Don't look too high or you're going to slip; just concentrate on the next step until you get to the top."

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Chris Fetters:
7:07 pm

Doug Nussmeier Wednesday Quotes

On having an extra hop in their step for this game - "Today is the result of what we did all week long, and so that's where the work goes in. Obviously this is going to be an exciting environment, college football, the pageantry, all the things that go along with it…it's all exciting. And everybody…that's what special, being a part of something like this."

On having a productive offense and how far you go with it - "It's about the players, and it's about their abilities and capabilities and playing to their strengths. To me, what happens on Saturday is a result of the way our players prepared, the result of the game plan and how they understand their adjustments and the different things we're trying to do. When you look at a game - and I don't think for any one game you say well, let's try spinning this or spinning that - it's a system approach. It's the way the offense's developed, and its the way you continue to develop plays off the plays that you're running."

On 'Keep Climbing', and it being an appropriate metaphor for where the offense is right now - "It is, I think it's very appropriate. You've got to take it one step at a time, you keep climbing and you keep focused on the task at hand and you don't get too far ahead of yourself and you don't look back."

On how well the offense has embraced this idea of 'Keep Climbing' and what it means - "We're just in the middle of our season right now, and we have a lot of football left to play. We've got to continue to get better and we've got to continue to develop."

On dealing with a potential shootout - "Our objective is to score every time we touch the ball, unless we're in a four-minute situation. So every time we touch the ball, there's an objective. The only time I'd say you wouldn't want to score would be when you're in a four-minute situation and you're trying to run time out at the end of the first half. But every time we touch the ball our objective is to score. You play one play at a time, but every play is designed for us to score points. The biggest thing is just for our guys to focus one play at a time and not focus on the scoreboard. The scoreboard is a result of what you're doing. You can't look at the scoreboard and say you want seven points; you have to focus on the task at hand and focus on the plays."

On Nuss liking shootouts because of his days in his Big Sky days - "Offensive guys like a lot of points on the board; defensive guys like those 10-7 games. It's a great challenge for us."

On Andrew Luck - "He's an outstanding player. We don't see much of him, but a little of him as we cross through the conference, and we'll see more of him as the season goes along - but he's an outstanding football player. No doubt about it."

On the most important thing for the offense being Road Dawgs - "When you go on the road you have to be able to handle a different environment. You never know quite what you're going to get…how hostile it's going to be, how loud it's going to be. That's why we prepare the way we do, so when we get there hopefully our guys are in a comfort zone of understanding it may be loud. It does hinder you in some of the stuff you're able to do, especially some of the communication from the sideline when it gets really loud, but we've done a good job so far. We have to do a great job Saturday."

On Price handling the road, and that being one of the most impressive things about him - "That's the thing about Keith; nothing's too big for Keith. Keith…he just does his thing, man. He prepares, and he understands what's being asked of him. And the biggest thing is just to continue to play within the system."

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Eric Dore:
7:06 pm

Austin Seferian-Jenkins Wednesday Quotes

On the diving catch: "It's just another catch to me, it's just getting that first down for the team so that's all that really matters to me.  A catch is a catch doesn't matter how you get it, it's going to be the same thing."


On if he has done that often: "I've made catches for first downs before, yeah.  I mean yeah I've made catches like that sometimes you just got to do the things you do in practice.  How you practice is how you play.  I practice hard myself and that's just the result of it."


On if he has watched Stanford's tight ends: "Yeah I watched a lot of them doing a lot of releasing with their hands, I watched the UCLA tight end play against Stanford.  Stanford has 3 really good tight ends, 4 I think, so they're a great group of tight ends."


On if he can learn from watching other tight ends: "Definitely, like I said they're a great group of tight ends and my job is just to learn from them and I'm just going to try and keep getting better and they're a great group to watch from."

On when he watches games if he keys on the tight end: "I watch other tight ends, I watch receivers, I watch everybody, just trying to learn."


On if he watches anybody in particular: "Tony Gonzalez.  I like to watch film of him and Vernon Davis."

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Eric Dore:
6:56 pm

Steve Sarkisian Wednesday Quotes

On what he tells his offense if the game becomes a shootout and a drive stalls: "I think we have to learn from each drive as the game goes on and not get caught up in what just happened and feel sorry for ourselves.  We got to focus on the task at hand and that will be the next drive and the emphasis of the next drive."


On if he's seen teams panic in that situation: "I don't know if they're panicking or just getting stopped.  I think what Stanford does really well is they figure out what your gameplan is and then they teach it really well and they have smart players and they adjust well.  It's going to be important not to be one dimensional in that sense.  We got to keep it moving we got to keep doing different things.  It's going to be critical for our guys to understand the emphasis of what our next drive is going to be."


On Kasen Williams: "He looked really well, his best practice by far in three weeks."


On the players and the "big game" aspect: "I haven't seen them being any different.  That's been our rallying cry this week is don't change.  The way we prepare has been good enough to win 5 of our first 6 ball games this year and 9 of our last 10 overall.  Why change the formula? It's been good enough.  We shouldn't be trying to do anything differently or talk differently or prepare differently.  It's a winning formula, it's proven and I think we're handling it well."


On the Decastro vs. Ta'amu matchup: "They're going to have plenty of opportunities to go against one another, it'd be great if Alameda played one of his better ball-games.  I think he's improved as the year has gone on and what I've come to find out about Meda is that he does improve as the year goes on.  I've seen that from him the last two seasons, he's played his best football the second half of the season so it'd be great to see him do that this coming Saturday."


On if Ta'amu's hand was an issue early one: "Possibly I think maybe and maybe in a sense that he missed some time too and that could have affected his conditioning a bit.  I think we've seen his best football and I think his best football is still ahead of him.  He's had a nice week of practice that's for sure.  It's a good battle between he and Drew (Schaefer) everyday when we go ones on ones and it prepares them for the tough matchups this Saturday for sure."


On the belief that Stanford stays in a simple base defense: "No, no, these guys are a very complex defense, extremely complex with their coverages, with their fronts they have a lot of variety in their fronts and a great deal of twists and stunts when they perceive you to be throwing the football.  I think one of the more complex defenses we'll see this season."


On Stanford safeties: "They're veteran guys.  Howell and Thomas are veteran players, played a lot of football for them and so they can do a variety of things and trust that those guys can handle the deep middle or deep halves, whatever their responsibilities are."

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Eric Dore:
7:52 pm

Sean Parker Tuesday Quotes

On if a defender can get caught up in listening to Luck's audibles: "You can but you just got to know what's going on, on your side of the ball.  You can't worry about what they're doing, you're just going to lose track of what you're supposed to do.  You just got to lock into the gameplan."


On if he sees this as a big opportunity: "Yeah major opportunity to come out and execute our gameplan and just play well."


On if he's covered a 6'7 tight end before: "I guarded one last year but I wasn't looking at his height but I could say I have."


On the problems the height of the tight ends cause: "Just to me that's just telling me that we got to bring our big boy pads and lay some lumber on those big dawgs."


On watching the tight ends on film: "Yeah I haven't seen any big guys run like that so we got a real good challenge this week."


On what he's looking for: "Just locking in, like every formation they do I got a key so most of all I'm just reading the tight end.  If he's releasing at me cover him if he's blocking then show up against the run."

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Chris Fetters:
7:51 pm

Cort Dennison Tuesday Quotes

On Andrew Luck - "He does everything right. He'll see blitzes and stuff and check out of things, and every check that he does, he seems to always make the right call. He throws a great ball. He uses all three of his big tight ends well, he uses his receivers well. He just puts players in position to where they need to be on their team. There's a reason why he has so much hype; he's an incredible football player. When you go into an environment like that you just have to believe in yourselves. It's 11-on-11 and you just have to go play football. So I'm excited. We're all excited for the challenge."

On his job changing when dealing with a QB that audibles a lot - "Yeah I've got to do some things for our team. They do a lot of shifts and motions and that kind of thing too, so I have a job of helping our defense out with that. But I take pride in that kind of a thing, I like getting guys lined up right. I'm really going to have to be in tune to their stuff this week."

On getting maybe too locked into the chess game - "You've just got to be in tune with your keys and not try and do too much. It's still football. Plays are going to break out even if they might be in a funky shift or a crazy formation. They still have to show their cards. That's where I come in to help get people lined up, get everybody settled and go play football."

On how much adjusting can you do? - "Both teams can do different things. They can adjust to us, we can adjust to them. It's kind of like a cat-and-mouse kind of a thing. We'll have a good game plan going in there, and like I said - it's going to be a fun game."

On what he remembered from last year's Stanford game - "I just remember they out-physicalled us. They brought it to us, though I thought we played better in the second half. We kept fighting, but I went back and watched that game again yesterday and they pushed us around. It was embarrassing. It was an embarrassing loss for us. We let down our coaches, we let down everybody else on the team, and we let down our fans. We didn't bring it; we got out-physicalled. We can't let that happen again."

On the biggest reason for optimism - "I just think we're two totally different teams. I think our d-line is doing a great job so far this year, and the young guys around me, the linebackers, continue to get better. And our defensive backs continue to get better. It'll be a challenge, but it'll be a fun one."

On getting pushed around being one of the worst things that can happen to you in football - "Yeah, especially for our front 7. We take pride in being physical and hitting people in the mouth before they hit us in the mouth. So it was definitely a letdown last year."

On Stanford's style - "They are a tough group, and two years ago they had Toby Gerhart too, who was one of the Heisman finalists. They gave the ball to him 35 times a game. They take pride in being physical; they take pride in running the football - so we have to match their intensity."

On the key being hit them in the mouth twice when they hit you? - "Yeah. That's what football is all about - being physical. It's mano y mano, man on man. Are you going to be the bully, or are you going to get bullied around? So that's where self-pride comes in, that's where you've got to step up and rise to the occasion and hit them in the mouth before they hit you."

On buying into being physical after last year's Stanford game - "I think it set a tone for the rest of the season. We were just embarrassed by everything that had happened, and we didn't want to ever see that again on film. We watched the film and it was embarrassing. We got called out, we got challenged by our coaches, and I think for the remainder of the year we really stepped up and were physical."

On accepting the challenge this week - "Oh, we know how physical they are going to be. That's what they take pride in, and that's a reason why they are one of the best teams in the country. It's because they are physical and they bring it every play. We have to match their intensity and their level of physical-ness."

On Stanford's o-linemen getting to the second level and attacking the linebackers - "DeCastro's a really good player; he's a really, really good puller. He pulls really well. They use him on their power plays and on their counter plays. He takes out d-linemen and linebackers. He's definitely a great player, and we have to be aware as linebackers that he's going to climb up to us and we have to be ready to play."

On the difference since the second half of the Cal game - "I think people are just trying to do their job and not try and do too much. And I also think the defensive line has also really stepped up. When you get pressure from the front four it makes our jobs a lot easier. And I think they've done a really good job of that. And everybody's just doing their job. And the linebackers, especially around me, are getting better with the more experience they get. The more plays they get, the faster they are going to play, and the better defense we're going to be."

On if this stretch right now reminds you of the last four games of 2010? - "Yeah. Like I said, that was a turning point where everyone was just starting to do their own thing and not try and do too much or do other people's jobs. Everyone stuck to their game plan and their cues, and look what happened? A good result. So I think a lot of the guys are just doing their jobs. Our coaches are going to call good calls; it's up to us to execute them. I'm proud so far of the guys for what they've done."

On if you can let Luck run his chess match - "There's different things. We're going to have to get a good sense for his cadences and what they are trying to do. Like I said before, it's like a cat-and-mouse game; they are going to do stuff to us and audible to our defenses, and we have to mix some things up and do some things to them. You can't make it easy for them, especially with a guy like Andrew Luck, because he's one of the smartest players in the country. We just have to be in tune with what they are doing, and we've got to be aware of what we're going to do as a defense, and everybody's got to be on the same page with our checks and our game plan, and play from there."

On the tight ends and variety - "They'll do everything with their tight ends. It's hard because they are so big, and these guys as tight ends are so athletic…it's sometimes hard for linebackers and defensive backs to cover them because they are so much bigger, and they're both athletic. So it's hard on defense, but that's where your film work kicks in and that's where you read their tendencies and what they like to do."

On if this is the right challenge for this group at this time - "I think every game we play in the Pac-12 is a challenge. But especially this week…they are one of the best teams in the conference for a reason, and we like to compete against the best. As a competitor, I - along with the rest of the guys - we like these kind of games. It's a challenging game, and it's a game where we have to bring everything we've got, because it's going to be a tough game. I'm excited, and I know the rest of the guys are too."

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Eric Dore:
7:44 pm

Desmond Trufant Tuesday Quotes

On facing Luck: "He's a great player just being a competitor when you're going against someone as good as him it just makes you want to play better so we just got to prepare the same and come out ready to play."


On the key when facing Luck: "He's good, he's poised, real patient, knows the system very well so you just got to be disciplined with your eyes as a DB because you know he is going to put the ball right on the money."


On any advantage to facing him twice already: "Definitely just going against him.  We just look at everybody the same no matter who it is no matter if it's a great player.  We're going to compete just as hard as he is going to compete so it's going to be a great battle."


On if he feels like the defense is turning around: "Definitely I think we're starting to click more, people are starting to understand where exactly they need to be and where the coaches want us to be in.  Plays are just continuously being made and we just got to take that into this week and just go out there and execute."

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Eric Dore:
7:32 pm

Nick Holt Tuesday Quotes

On if he feels the defense is turning around: "I hope so we need to play good at the end of the year because we got some tough foes and we're right where we need to be and play good football."


On what has been better: "We've given up less big plays, turnovers in a couple games, gotten some sacks just overall more consistent football, more consistent play."


On the blueprint for quarterbacks like Luck: "First of all you got to do a good job in the run game, be physical, tackle well, but by the same token they get everybody to play the run then throw the ball over your head so we need to do a good job of that so they have both threats and they do a good job of it.  Then, what he does is get them into the right plays, he does a lot of changing of plays at the line of scrimmage a lot of formationing to get themselves in the right paly and they usually get into a really good play so it's usually successful.  We just have to do a nice job in our base stuff and get a lot of guys to the football.  Got to get some turnovers and not give up any big plays over our head."


On if he plays a chess match with the quarterback: "No, there's some things we can do the problem is if we do too much we'll nail ourselves in the ground and we won't play as hard as we need to so we got to be careful with that."


On the most challenging thing with Luck: "He's got a good arm and he runs really well, he has good escapability, makes good decisions so he's an excellent quarterback because he has all the attributes."


On their tightends: "They're really good football players and they use them and they block very well and they can open up and get in the open field and they're tall guys, 6'4, 6'5, 6'6, one guy is 6'7 or whatever and you got 5'11 corners, 6'0 corners or safeties and sometimes that's a little mismatch when they throw the ball up in the air and that's what they're doing."


On hoping for them to make mistakes: "We just hope we stay on top and make them work for everything and get some turnovers and things like that. They pose a lot of challenges because physically they get some mismatches."


On Stanford lining the tight ends up in different spots: "Exactly they do a nice job with that then when you get into a lot of coverage schemes and good coverages they now bring them in and get two backs and run the ball and there's two of them that can be full-backs.  They're lining up way out here by the numbers and then he'll see a front or a coverage (oh man we got to run the ball, I'm not going to throw against this stuff) so he'll bring them in and run powers and leads and stuff like that.  It's kind of a chess match."


On trying to prepare for Stanford: "They lull you then they throw the ball.  You just look at last year's game you look at the first 5 or 6 plays of the game are throwing the ball so guys are wide open because they are a good running team.  You get all fired up to stop the run then they don't give you what you're ready for and they give you all this other stuff."


On their offensive line: "Last year going into the game we were down a bunch of d-linemen and we're obviously down a good player this week.  We're a little bit bigger this year up front.  The problem is they're throwing the ball more this year.  Now we got big tractors in there that don't rush the passer as well as you like so they've given us a challenge in a lot of ways."


On if Luck is the best at audibling he's seen: "Yeah I think he gets them into the plays.  He does a good job of it.  He does it as much as anybody if not the most."


On the first drive of the first and second half vs Colorado: "The first series was kind of real sloppy and we didn't get lined up with a couple formations and then get them in 3rd and ten we don't get off the field on 3rd and ten and we let the guy throw a little dig in route, not very good then we cleaned it up after that.  The first series of the second half we missed a couple tackles then again got them on fourth down then they threw the ball over the runningback's head but we P.I.ed so we had to go back out and stop them."


On if there will be an emphasis on the first series: "Just an emphasis on doing things right regardless of the series quite honestly it just kind of disappointed me.  It's like we hadn't played in a week and we were sloppy in a couple of the adjustments to a couple of their formations then we missed a couple tackles."

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Eric Dore:
7:37 pm

Everrette Thompson Tuesday Quotes

On what stands out to him about Stanford: "I know we're going up against a pretty solid offensive line.  They got a good team and they play hard."


On last year's game: "It's a new year, new team, different stuff.  We're just trying to focus on this game right now and this year and learn our stuff and go after it."


On what allowed for more sacks against Colorado: "Our offense is rolling if you haven't noticed, put some points on the board for us to just go back there and rush the passer.  We didn't have to play the run as much and we got after the quarterback a little bit more."


On playing on the outside more: "I'm being more productive I feel and I feel more comfortable on the outside right now."

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Eric Dore:
7:03 pm

Jamaal Kearse Tuesday Quotes

On how comfortable he is: "I'm getting comfortable, I'm pretty comfortable out there just watching film and preparation."


On the game slowing down: "I spent a lot of time preparing, watching film, studying, everything is coming a lot easier to me.  I'm starting to see a lot more stuff."


On watching film on Stanford: "They do a lot of shifts, a lot of funky stuff, you just got to watch film, prepare for it and know what you're getting."


More thoughts: "It's a new place, but the game doesn't change, it's the same game, different plays, but I'm coming out playing the same."


On the game against Stanford last year: "It was a tough game, we're going to come out, last year's over and we're focused more on this year and we're going to try and do better."

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Chris Fetters:
6:57 pm

Alameda Ta'amu Tuesday Quotes

On last year's game - "We went through that three week period where Misi wasn't very healthy when we needed him in the game, and everyone was trying to do everybody's job. That's about it."

On film study - "We saw a lot of the mistakes we had when we were watching film of last year's game. Our D-Line, we were penetrating, but I was busy trying to be in the B gap when I was supposed to do my job in the A gap, which opened up seams for the running back to get through. And with Andrew Luck, they'll run power, power, power, and then play-action - or he'll keep the ball and take off."

On Stanford being the most physical teams - "The offensive line is one of the most physical offensive lines I've ever played. You have DeCastro at right guard, and he's pretty strong. When we played Stanford, they had me as a G going head up against DeCastro. He's pretty strong."

On a tough two weeks, going up against Ryan Miller, and then DeCastro - "I don't know. I guess it's making me better. I'm finally playing against players that are known. I guess I want to get my name out there too. It's a good challenge."

On keeping his focus, knowing that double-teams mean a win for him - "As long as I'm doing my job, taking up two guys in my gap and holding my ground, I think it's good."

On the defense coming together after the Stanford game last year, and being on the verge of that happening again this year - "We've got Misi and Everrette, and there's a lot of experience on the d-line now, so I think we'll be ready."

On going up against DeCastro in high school - "No, but our senior year we went to Florida for an All-American game, and he was my roommate. We were both offensive guards. He told me he had never pass-blocked before, because Bellevue was a run team. He learned how to pass block out there and right there I knew he was going to be one of the best offensive linemen."

On showing friendship after battling each other in the game - "Yeah, that's my boy right there!"

On being able to get over the hump this year - "I've got my boys with experience next to me - Semisi and Everrette, and Shirley's coming along too. Having them next to me give me confidence that we'll all be able to do our jobs and get after these guys."

On the connection with Semisi Tokolahi - "On and off the field, it starts. Off the field we always hang out and kick it. When we're hanging out with each other, you can create a bond - especially with the d-line, because we always hang out. On Saturdays after the game we always go to my house and hang out. And when you create that bond, it's like you can trust the guy next to you. You don't have to worry about the guy next to you getting blown 10 yards back, or just being able to hold his ground. And having Misi, another 300-plus pounder next to me, it feels good."

On if he's seeing Tokolahi playing at 100 percent now - "I keep telling him, 'You're not hurt!' (laughs) Keep getting treatment. The more treatment you get, the better you'll be. He's coming along good."

On the rotation and depth of the D-Line - "Yeah, especially Lawrence. Anytime I'm tired or whatever, we do a rotation and when Lawrence is in there I can trust him because he knows what he's doing. Lawrence is powerful, as well as Danny. Everyone knows Danny is strong. I like that rotation - there's lots of rest and less plays."

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Chris Fetters:
11:43 pm

Steve Sarkisian Pac-12 Teleconference Notes

On comparisons with Keith Price - Think from a mental standpoint, he's a bright guy and has grown up in the system. Mentally he's like a Sanchez or Leinart. They really enjoyed practice, and he does too. He has fun with it, but also understands the importance of it. Physically, he's so different than any other guy we've had.

On any issues with Price stepping into big shoes - No problems. The moments have never been too big for him, whether it's starting at UO or going in at USC. Great trait to have. He doesn't concern himself with how big the moment is, he just goes in and plays. Physically and mentally tough. It's never been too big for him.

On Stanford's defense - It started last year with a lot of the same guys. Physical up front, hard to create a lot of space there. They adjust well to formations, and Thomas and Howell are two active safeties. They create turnovers, they get after the QB and attack protections. They are also fortunate in that they have a good offense too.

On Utah and Cal and that matchup - One of the keys is the fronts. They both have good fronts, and that can impact the game in terms of who can establish the run and who can protect.

On what gives him confidence going into this game - We're a better football team than six weeks ago, a year ago, two years ago. Steadily improved in all three phases. Learned to excel on the road and play well, regardless of the environment. That's what gives me confidence. Also some x's and o's, but that's what jumps out to me.

On what turned in terms of playing well on the road - Had some real growing pains in terms of not finishing on the road - ND, ASU, UCLA - but last year played better - USC, Cal, WSU. Thought played well at Nebraska and also played well at Utah. Have a good mentality going on road and understand what it takes to do well there.

On what changed after Stanford's loss last year - There was a change. For whatever reason, didn't play inspired football against Nebraska, and that's what we pride ourselves in. And after the Stanford game, we had to really assess it, and we've gotten better at that - run the ball, defend the run, and be really good in special teams. Have gotten better and closer to what we want to be. What we were about - we were a very inconsistent team. Very up and down. What changed is that if you want to compete at the highest level in this conference, you have to be consistent. That's what we harped on during the off-season and spring, and I think our kids have adopted that mentality.

On how different they are from last year - We're much more of a team. We're very close. We're there for one another, very family-oriented team, and that goes a long ways. Not sure if that means we play better, but that's what I know about our team. We've got a lot of fight in us, and we'll see where that takes us.

On specific things holding UW back from being where they want to be - Have improved up front offensively, but have to be better. Need to be a physical front - OL, TE, FB. And need to consistently generate pressure up front defensively.

On the DL and pressure since the loss of Jamora - Big loss, he was our best 1-1 pass rusher, but it's opened up chances for guys like Shirley and Hudson. Lot of it comes with belief and really going for it. Gotten better, but have to keep getting better.

On Stanford being a bigger challenge than NU - I think so, because of the QB. He's such a talent, and he presents so many issues. Not just the physical part, but it's the mental aspect. They just don't run bad plays because he has such a good idea what they do. He can really control a game that way. No disrespect to Taylor Martinez, but Luck will be one of the more daunting tasks we face all season.

On the biggest surprise in the Pac-12 so far - Difficult to say…probably the firing of coach Stoops. Pretty surprised by that.

On Washington State - They definitely look like they are getting better. Big loss when Tuel went down, but Marshall has done a nice job. Much improved on defense, and still have the playmakers on offense. Much improved, and their record shows it.

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Chris Fetters:
10:25 pm

David Shaw Pac-12 Teleconference Notes

On his tight ends and needing more out of his WR's - We do not discriminate. Whoever makes plays, we get them the ball. We never stop the competition. The WR's have had opportunities, some made plays and some didn't. It's all competition-based and production-based.

On a reaction over the Harbaugh/Schwartz incident - No reaction. He's excitable. That's just the kind of person he is. Not ill-meaning. Applaud the team for their effort.

On stopping UW - Not one place you can, they can hurt you a number of different ways. Have a QB playing well with confidence, and multiple WR's that can do a lot of things. If you play soft and do much coverage, the RB can beat you, and has for years.

On Price being successful - Two big things; talent and coaching. He can move in the pocket, by time by sliding. Talented, accurate passer with a nice release. And Steve has a history training QB's, and now he has one that's going to be pretty good for a while.

On what it's like for Luck - We've shielded him since the season started. Asked him to do a lot before the season, and he was willing to do that. He treats it like anything else - he does it and then forgets about it. He's got school to do, plays to study, friends, girlfriend - and he does a great job compartmentalizing everything, so it doesn't spill over.

On Luck's role - There's been a lot. We ask a lot of him. Like Jon Gruden says, the good players have to play great, the role players have to play well. We've put a lot on him mentally and physically because he has the ability to do a lot.

On David DeCastro - He's playing on a level on a par with any OL in the country, and is good as any I've been around. The amount of times you ask him to pull, you see a different picture and he can adjust. He's phenomenal.

On use of the TE's and evolution - I'm a born-and-raised West Coast purist. Every West Coast team has to have good tight ends. Always searching. Had a good one when I got here in Jim Dray. Look for toughness, and you hope they get bigger. That's what has happened with Fleener and Ertz. And Toilolo, he's a big, athletic TE. Lot of people thought he was a TE at 6-8, 260, but he's got a small waist. He was never going to play TE. And those guys have really allowed them to do what they want to do.

On the transition and staying physical - It's pretty simple. You have really physical practices, and the cream rises to the top. Those that are physical by nature stand out, and those that aren't will wilt. When you put them in the fire, it comes out of them. We recruit to that non-stop. We're looking for athletic guys, but we'll never recruit someone that's not mentally and physically tough. We want to know if they fit our culture - guys that are mentally and physically tough that do the right things.

On a game that stands out as the quintessential physical Stanford game - USC two years ago, where it was 55 to whatever. Probably ran the same play 12-13 times in a row, and 25-30 times during the course of the game. It was a physical game where we really gained momentum. Have also had really good FB's, and have also had a group of RB's that have been able to run between the tackles.

On Washington's Offense - I believe this to be true - when you watch a quarterback and you can tell what his progression is, his coaching his good and he knows what he's doing. And you can see that with Price. It's a credit to him and that staff. You can tell they are trying to attack something specific, and as an offensive coach, I appreciate that.

On the OL turning the corner quickly - Once we got through training camp, we thought it would take about 4-5 games. Center who is a 5th year center, knew it wouldn't take him long. The others have all the tools you need, but it was just going to take time to gel. They are playing well, but three weeks from now I think they'll be playing even better.

On a team where the WR's took a back seat to the TE's - Look at every single NFL team with an impact TE. Look at Dallas with Whitten, and when I was at Baltimore with Heap. Seen it with Tony Gonzalez. He's been probably the leading receiver every team he's been on. Have to take advantage of that matchup whenever you have it.

On UW now compared to last year - Last year, we called some perfect plays, and caught momentum. And sometimes when you catch momentum, it just keeps going. But the week immediately following, they looked totally different. They are playing physical, playing hard on defense. When you can play with confidence, you can play at a high level. I remember seeing them playing on TV the next week and thinking that they really put it back together, rallying the troops together - and they've been on a roll ever since.

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Chris Fetters:
5:32 pm

Sarkisian Coach's Show Complete Notes

Gas opens the show talking about how, 48.5 hours ago, they were leaving Husky Stadium on the heels of a 52-24 win over CU. Sark had to have a lot of fun on offense, and Sark agreed. He said he didn't want the first half to end. When it's going that well, you just want to keep going. Everybody was in sync. Getting good field position and also getting stops on defense...led to six-straight scoring drives on offense.

Gas asked Sark about the no huddle. Sark said initially the no huddle came out of the idea if they were lethargic, they would use it to jump start the offense, but it worked out well anyway. Price works well in it.

Bob talked about the offense being like a video game, like Centipede...high score. Sark said they are nit-picking the guys about things, but it really couldn't have gone much better. Keith spreading the ball around, a lot of versatility. It felt good, struggled after halftime, but got another good drive in before taking Keith out.

Bob asked if Sark knew he would have any idea how it would work out, and Sark said they needed the bye week, but sometimes you want to keep going. Felt like the practices that week were good, he thought they would play well. Everything clicked, and allowed them to have a very well-rounded half of football.

Bob talked about how tough it was for CU, and Sark said he was concerned. 17 sacks and pressure, but a tribute to the offensive line. The one sack was given up on Montana's first play. They did well.

Bob asked if the OL play was a function of having two weeks, and Sark said Cozzetto did a great job. Schaefer had one of his better games from a communications standpoint. Senio is having a Pac-12 season, and the others had very good ball games. That was a challenge, mentally and physically.

Bob said the blocking was great all around, even on the sidelines. Sark said he was being notified of an injury, and they thought they had gotten out of the way, but the ref ran into the trainer - Rob Scheidigger. Totally accidental. Sark said he's on the stat sheet now. Now he can get a letter.

Gas wondered if there was wiggle room on the call...Sark said he didn't think the ref even knew who or what he hit. Rob was a bug on the windshield at that point.

Gas said all it did was allow the UW O to get 15 more yards. Sark said they are probably leading the country in sideline penalties, so they'll try to cut those down. Gas mentioned the offensive balance, 295 on the ground, 267 in the air.

Gas brought the show back talking about the pressure points for the no huddle. Sark said that the rhythm of the game can break you down with incompletions and penalties. The other side is, depending on how well versed you are in it, it can limit your play-calling. UW does a lot of shift and movement, so it can limit what you do.

Gas said what do you want to have the play in? Sark said it varies. Sometimes you want to go as quick as you can, other times you want to use a dummy signal to see how the defense is lined up. And both have worked well. Gas said it worked so well, it looked like they tried to increase the tempo even more. Sark said they wanted to maximize the number of plays and opportunities, and that's what happened.

Bob said that now the NFL is using the no huddle, so it's the pros now emulating college. Sark said it can help them even in practice, because it helps get them going. And the players watch the pros. The key is to keep things interesting for the kids, give them things to spark their interest and excitement. That's what the no huddle helped to do.

Bob said that the no huddle gives the offense a bit of an edge over the defense now. Sark mentioned the Seahawks and Patriots, and he said like any offensive fad, it'll probably move out of favor for something else at some point.

Bob asked the counter, what is UW trying to do on defense to make sure they can handle the no huddle - Sark said you have to make sure you get the call in on time, and then when offenses audible, you have to be able to audible too. You're already seeing it in the NFL. In the pros, you can now talk to the MIK with up to 15 seconds left to help the defense.

Bob asked what kind of teams it helps? Sark said it helps teams certainly look faster. He likes the wrinkle because of Keith's understanding of the system, as well as a veteran receiving corps, and a veteran center that can handle it.

Bob said Dennis Erickson said of Oregon that they are the fastest team he's ever seen, and Sark said they are incredibly fast. It's becoming more wide-spread, and you better be prepared to defend it. That's part of the reason they worked on it during the spring. You have to be able to also have depth to be able to rotate guys. That way by the 4th quarter you can be fresh.

Bob said it was great that they were able to do that against Colorado, and Sark said they'll have to continue doing it the rest of the season.

Gas brings the show back talking about all the players that scored touchdowns. All by design, right? Sark said it wasn't intentional, but he was very happy for a lot of those guys. Lots of guys scoring their first rushing touchdowns. This team is really playing together well right now. Some of the coolest moments right now when Sankey scores and Polk sprints to the end zone to greet him. That tells Sark how much they want to play together and play for each other. That gives him hope that they could be a special group.

Bob talked about Kelemete looking to block his guy into row NN, like the Blind Side. He got flagged for it, and Sark was mad, but he told Sark that it was the same player that cheap-shotted Price earlier in the game. It wasn't great, but he understood. And again, it shows just how much they want to play for each other and with each other. That is his QB, and he's going to protect him. A telling sign coming from a captain that he's going to take care of his guy.

Craig from Des Moines - Danny Shelton on kickoff return team? Sark said for how big he is - 6-3 and 325 pounds, he's a great athlete. Have too big guys - him and Thomas Tutogi, and they use them to double-team guys. Lots of times on coverage the smaller guys try to avoid them, which creates bigger seams. Been at or near the top in returns all year long in the Pac-12.

Matt in Seattle - One observation, Kasen fair-catching punts and not chucking their gunners to get a free run downfield? Sark said it's a great point and it's a point that got addressed today. They are a shield punt team...spread out. Allows to get more speed on the field to cover punts. Also allows you to run more fakes. Went into the game not wanting to give a cheap fake, so they were more conservative on the punt returns. Still some room to improve. All game-plan things. This was one of those games where they didn't want to get beat on a fake.

Gas brought up Kasen Williams. Sark said he wasn't 100 percent fine, but he was healthy enough to catch punts. Have a lot of belief in what he's going back there. This week is big. Today was good for him to get back into the passing game.

Bob said the WR group continues to impress with their ability to block, a big reason why they ran for nearly 300 yards. Sark said he felt Kearse had his best day blocking. They wanted to get to CU's perimeter, and you can't do that unless your WR's block. They need it again this weekend because Stanford is so physical. The WR's are physical, and that's why you recruit bigger WR's.

Bob asked how much do WR's block in high school? Sark said they are totally lost. They don't understand the importance. When you have healthy competition, everything counts. It's a way for guys to earn time and get on the field more. Jimmie Daugherty does a great job of making it a point of importance.

Gas brings the show back talking about how UW is nationally-ranked now. First time they've been in the BCS in 10 years. Bob asked Justin Glenn about the rankings. He said the last time they were ranked they were going to play Stanford. But nothing changes. They need to just keep doing what they do. They can't change. Keep preparing to make sure they are in a position to win the game. Sark said it's important to play to their expectations, not the expectations of others. They know who they are and what they are capable of playing. Outsiders' perceptions shouldn't matter. So if that means someone thinks that's good enough to be ranked, great.

Bob asked if he'd rather not be ranked, and Sark said it doesn't matter.

Gas took the other team and wondered if Stanford will look at this as a big game? Most of the big action comes in the next month, and Sark said it is, and a month from now we'll all have a very clear view of the picture. Then perception becomes reality, because the numbers will bear that out - not just in the Pac-12, but nationally.

Bob said nationally, he couldn't recall a year where so many very good teams could go unbeaten. Sark said it could be unbelievable. Could have four unbeaten BCS teams - how are you going to be able to tell 1-4? Maybe this pushes things toward a different scenario - playoff?

Bob asked about Stanford. Sark said that they are a tremendous team. Very well coached. Attention to detail and the style and how they play, their players and their toughness - both physically and mentally - they are a fantastic football team. They've seen it first-hand. As this is the third time they've faced them, they need to put their best foot forward. They didn't do that the first two times. If that's good enough to win, great.

Bob said they are crushing teams, regardless of who they are playing. Sark said what was interesting was that they saw the WSU-Stanford game after the CU game. In the first half, Stanford is struggling a bit, and then in the second half Luck throws four TD's. It hasn't been all easy, so it makes for a great matchup on Saturday.

Bob brought up Luck, and how he deserves all the accolades he's getting. Randy Hart has said he's the best he's ever seen. Bob said he deserves Peyton Manning-type comparisons. Sark said it's a tribute to there coaches, because they have a system in place to make that happen. He's very competitive and bright. It almost looks easy for him. Doesn't get rattled. He looks like an NFL QB playing college football. They have to find a way to get out of his comfort zone to where it's not coming easy to him.

Bob said he could have gone pro last year, but didn't. Architecture major, one of the guys. Draws comparisons to Locker that way. Sark said that's the presence in the huddle and locker room, and not just during the good times. He's sure that happened in the second half of their game with WSU. He's appreciated watching him play.

Bob asked Sark when he knew he was going to be special. Sark said he thought he was good two years ago, but that was the Gerhart year. Probably didn't give him enough credit then, but last year here in the rain, he's throwing the ball all over the place.

Bob talked about how he can run too, and Sark agreed - mentioned how he ran over a kid during the Cal game.

Gas mentioned how the Arizona game has now been scheduled for a 7:30 start, so go to the team shop to grab something warm, like a sweatshirt or some fire wood.

Gas brought the show back in talking about what the tempo of play that might come Saturday night? Maybe they may want to slow it down, or UW might? Sark said as they move toward Thursday, when the game plan all comes together - they first have to score. Haven't done a great job of that the first two times they've played the Cardinal. So what gives them the best chance to do that? If they try to minimize Luck's ability to get on the field, but in the end that hurts their ability to put points on the board, is it worth it? Have to find that best balance, but need to score above anything else.

Bob talked about Stanford being a physical team that will wear you down for four quarters. He talked to Devin Aguilar, and he talked about finishing and not letting Stanford do what they want to do. They have to finish.

Bob talked about how Stanford has not allowed anyone to score in the first quarter, and 78-6 in the third quarter. Sark said they might have to have a pep rally before the game to make sure they are ready to go. When you're talking about the offensive game, they have to find a way to score first. Need to tax them as much as they can mentally and physically.

Bob said he recalls Sark feeling good the night before last year's Stanford game, and Sark said he felt shocked. The shock set in at halftime. That was rock-bottom for the program. That was the real lowpoint of the first two seasons. If you want to win in the conference, you have to be a consistent performer, from Monday through Saturday. They played better the next week at Oregon. Score didn't show it, but they played better - and then they won their last four. You aren't going to beat Stanford on one play - it's got to be a consistent performance over 60-80 snaps.

Gas brought the show back talking about the defense and progress. Sark said when you start from the second half of the Cal ball game through Utah and then Colorado - there's a couple run plays where they didn't fit the run, and those can't happen. But they've improved immensely. Tremendous challenge against Stanford and their three tight end sets. Like where they are growing and where they are at as a football. What they are doing on special teams is tremendous, what they are doing on offense is great, and the defense is improving.

Bob asked about going to midfield for a handshake like the one between Harbaugh and Schwartz, and Sark said no.

Bob said David Shaw was on Harbaugh's staff, but he doesn't expect he's anything like Harbaugh when it comes to the midfield handshake. But then he said that if they beat Stanford, he expects Sark to jump around and get to midfield and give him a big handshake and a slap on the shoulder. Sark said that they look great today, and the only way they are going to get to that point is beating Stanford today, tomorrow, all the way through the week, and then hopefully on Saturday.

Gas wished him good luck for Saturday.

End of show.

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Chris Fetters:
3:25 pm

Stanford Depth Chart Released


WR 81 Chris Owusu 6-2 198 Sr.
21 Jamal-Rashad Patterson 6-3 208 Jr.
88 Ty Montgomery 6-2 205 Fr.

LT 55 Jonathan Martin 6-6 3-6 Jr.
77 Tyler Mabry 6-7 295 Sr.

LG 54 David Yankey 6-5 300 rFr.
76 Kevin Danser 6-6 295 So.

C 64 Sam Schwartzstein 6-3 290 Jr.
65 Khalil Wilkes 6-3 290 So.

RG 52 David DeCastro 6-5 312 Jr.
66 Matt Bentler 6-5 296 Sr.

RT 73 Cameron Fleming 6-6 307 rFr.
77 Tyler Mabry 6-7 295 Sr.

TE 82 Coby Fleener 6-6 254 Sr.
86 Zach Ertz 6-6 252 So.
11 Levine Toilolo 6-8 262 So.

QB 12 Andrew Luck 6-4 237 Jr.
7 Brett Nottingham 6-4 215 rFr. OR
13 Robbie Picazo 6-3 205 So.
6 Josh Nunes 6-4 208 So.

RB 33 Stepfan Taylor 5-11 210 Jr.
32 Anthony Wilkerson 6-1 217 So.

FB 85 Ryan Hewitt 6-4 242 So.
10 Geoff Meinken 6-4 255 So.
7 Patrick Skov 6-1 234 Fr.

WR 17 Griff Whalen 6-1 193 Sr.
4 Drew Terrell 5-11 181 Jr.
2 Corey Gatewood 5-11 182 Sr.


DE 98 Matt Masifilo 6-3 280 Sr.
90 Josh Mauro 6-6 269 So.

NG 99 Terrence Stephens 6-2 294 Jr.
58 David Parry 6-2 304 rFr.

DE 49 Ben Gardner 6-4 273 So.
91 Henry Anderson 6-6 275 rFr.

OLB 93 Trent Murphy 6-6 260 So.
42 Alex Debniak 6-2 233 Jr.

ILB 35 Jarek Lancaster 6-1 238 So. OR
17 A.J. Tarpley 6-2 235 rFr.
40 Joe Hemschoot 6-1 220 rFr.

ILB 57 Max Bergen 6-2 230 Sr.
17 A.J. Tarpley 6-2 235 rFr. OR
9 James Vaughters 6-2 243 Fr.

OLB 44 Chase Thomas 6-4 240 Jr.
43 Blake Lueders 6-5 256 So.

LC 31 Barry Browning 6-1 178 So.
6 Terrence Brown 6-1 176 So.

FS 3 Michael Thomas 5-11 186 Sr.
8 Jordan Richards 5-11 199 Fr.

SS 26 Delano Howell 5-11 197 Sr.
5 Devon Carrington 6-1 197 So.

RC 27 Johnson Bademosi 6-1 200 Sr.
15 Usua Amanam 5-10 173 So.


K 19 Jordan Williamson 5-11 179 rFr.
46 Eric Whitaker 5-9 177 So.

P 38 David Green 6-1 205 Sr.
36 Daniel Zychlinski 6-3 203 Jr.

LS 45 Andrew Fowler 6-2 229 Sr.
49 Ben Gardner 6-4 263 So.

HLD 36 Daniel Zychlinski 6-3 203 Jr.
17 Griff Whalen 6-1 192 Sr.

KR 81 Chris Owusu 6-2 198 Sr.
88 Ty Montgomery 6-2 205 Fr.

PR 4 Drew Terrell 5-11 181 Jr.
17 Griff Whalen 6-1 192 Sr.

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Chris Fetters:
2:37 pm

Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Quotes

Opening Comment - "It's good to get back into the routine, the playing, the week-to-week and the schedule we're accustomed to. I think it was great to have the bye and all that, but now to get back into the routine of it is good. Proud of our kids, the way they responded coming off the bye against Colorado, and now we get to go to Stanford and play a tremendous football team, led by coach Shaw - his first year, he's done a masterful job. It's always difficult, I think, when you have to come in and replace a coach who so many thought had such an impact on the program. Obviously it's more than just the coach. David Shaw has done a tremendous job. They are a well-versed football team. I think everyone wants to say it's all Andrew Luck, but they've got a nice team. They obviously run the ball extremely well. They tax you with their tight ends. Very physical up front on defense. And what I love about watching them defensively are their two safeties - they play extremely well with Thomas and Howell. So it's going to be a great challenge for our football team this week."

On stopping Chase Thomas - "We've got to block him. He's big and strong, and rushes the passer really well."

On Stanford playing physical football and if that's what UW wants to get to - "We'll find out, see how close we are Saturday. They've done a nice job of that and they've dedicated themselves to being a physical football team. I think we have as well. We'll find out how far away we are on Saturday."

On how you build a physical football team - "I think you have to practice it and you have to coach to it. It has to be talked to and you have to give living examples of it. And you have to play the game that way, and I think you need to call the game that way. We've tried to dedicate ourselves to that, but not be stubborn to our approach of not throwing the football and doing some things that are strengths to us. I think it's a formula that has withstood the test of time: If you really want to win, and win consistently, you play physical on both sides of the ball; you run the ball; you stop the run. You give yourselves a chance to win, regardless of the opponent. I think we've seen that with Stanford, in a different way we've seen that it Oregon and what they've done and their style of play. We've seen it with SC for a number of years when they were rolling. So it's not just one team; it's withstood the test of time in our conference and around the country. If you really dedicate yourself to running the football and you do it well and you do it with a physical nature and you defend the run physically, you give yourself a chance to win. And you see that with Stanford. They run the ball extremely well, and they defend the run well on top of that."

On there being enough linemen on the west coast - "I think so. You don't have to be the biggest guys to be a physical team. I think we've seen that with Oregon here for the past few years. Oregon's more physical than people give them credit for. They don't have the biggest linemen either. I think there's enough bodies to go around to fit what you want to be and how you want to do it. Big doesn't always necessarily mean physical either, it goes both ways. I think there's a real characteristic in a player that you're looking for and a style of play that if it fits your brand of football it can fit. It may not fit another program within the same conference."

Is there a bigger opportunity than playing a top-10 team in prime time on ABC? - "That's looking up the mountain.I'm not looking up the mountain. Next step, it's playing Stanford."

Do you tell your kids it's just a normal step, or is it a big step? - "I think it's a step that we have to take. It's one that's obviously not on flat ground. It's a challenging step for sure. But we're not up the summit by any means. It's a step we need to take if we want to go up, and a challenging one. But I don't think it's a gigantic step."

Is there any relevance from last year's game going forward? - "I think you have to learn from stuff. We try to learn. We've gone back two years quite honestly and looked at that ball game as well. To see our style of play and the way we played them was very disappointing. I watched it first thing this morning – our game last year – and the same feelings I after the game last year kind of came back again this morning. I didn't dwell on it too long. WE didn't plaly well in any phase of the ball game. We weren't physical. We didn't execute. Our efficiency in the pass game was poor. All that is on me. I thought we started to rectify that after the game. Even going to Oregon, I thought we played a better brand of football. The result didn't quite show it. I thought we played a tougher brand. I thought that carried on into the final four ball games of last year and into this year. The key is when you look at that game, when you play a team like a Stanford. They're a disciplined team, they're a good football team, they're physical, ultimately you need to play well. If you want to be competitive with them and have a chance to beat them, you need to play well.

How much did the players learn, okay this is how you do it? This is how you play physical - "The biggest thing is we've played physical teams prior to that. Whether it was the year before that when we opened with LSU here and they are about as physical as they come on the defensive side of the ball. We didni't show up. We didn't play. That was the biggest disappointment for me. And we had to get it fixed.

His play calling ability coming together - "I think we're in a pretty good rhythm. And I think we've been in a pretty good rhythm for a few weeks. We are understanding our own personnel of who does what well and trying to get them in position to do those things that they do well. WE are learning the quarterback week after week of what he does well. When you get into a rhythm, it's rhythm. You don't want to get out of rhythm, just to get out of it, so you can try to new things. But you have to try to continually evolve. That's what we are trying to on Saturday."

Are there a few things they've stopped doing play-calling wise this year that they did the first two years? - "We're not nearly as big of zone read option team as we were with Jake, or called quarterback runs. Those were things we tried to do to play in Jake's strengths. Those are not Keith's things, especially now when he's not 100 percent. Those are 5 to 10 more play calls that we are going in a different direction that we did the first two years. So it's opening up things for us. The addition of the tight ends has obviously opened more things up for us. The versatility you have with that aspect of our game has helped. And also the depth at wide receiver, our ability to go with some four wide sets and be comfortable and do it for an extended period of time because of the depth and how good those guys can play. We feel comfortable putting all four of those guys out there and knowing wherever the ball goes to one fo those four guys they will make plays for us."

What is the key to slowing down all those Stanford tight ends? - "You need to cover them. I think where they make their biggest plays is, they lull you to sleep running the ball, then they play action pass and there goes (Coby) Fleener on a post route and there is no one within 20 yards, or there goes the new kid, 11 (Levine Toilolo) -- I was just watching him with Nick Holt -- play-action pass and there goes 11 behind everybody by 20 yards. You've got to cover him. If that's your man, you are assigned to him, if that's your zone you need to be disciplined and cover him. That's where they get you. They pound on you, wear on you, running the ball, but where they really get you is in the play-action pass game and those tight ends that can run get behind you for chunks of yards at a time."

Do they match their tight ends up on linebackers? - "They beat corners -- that Fleener can run, man. I don't know what he runs, or what he runs at the combine, but he can run. That guy, he's a wide receiver that can run. He can run. It's not just linebackers. They are throwing seam routes and go routes and corner routes on defensive backs, and they make plays."

You have a tight end like that in Seferian-Jenkins. you think that throws a defense off when you have a tight end that can run? - "I think so. The perception is, 'He's not going to be because he's a big guy.' The perception is, and then you get locked in defending the run, and your run integrity and gap integrity. That's the beauty of running the ball, and of play-action passing. It presents a great challenge. But that's been the history of football. The play-action pass, that's when the biggest plays happen."

Is there something about this team that gives you a lot of confidence heading into Stanford? - "We're better. We're a better team, just in general. We play a much more consistent brand of football. The last two years we'd been very spotty, hit and miss. We'd play very good one week and not very good the next. I think we're finding the consistency within our game as a team that we need from an approach standpoint, from a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and also to our execution on game day, of doing things right. That in and of itself tells me, I don't envision us going there and just completely laying an egg like we have last year and like we really did two years ago. I don't think we played very well two years ago, either. I thought we did some nice things early in the game and just fell apart in a sense. And that's a tribute to Stanford. They are a great team, and when they get ahead of you, that's their style of play and they can get you there. What's encouraging to me is I think we'll play a more consistent game Saturday and that starts today with our preparation mentally and physically. And I think we will execute better on Saturday. And we'll find out if that's good enough to win. I don't know if that's good enough to win or not."

What will help you dealing with stanford starting out both halves really strong? - "Yeah, I think they are beating their opponents 60-0 in the first quarter. So we better show up early. Don't wait."

How different is the environment there at Stanford? - "I've been there enough to know. And I think our kids really embrace being on the road. They enjoy it. I'm not as concerned about the atmosphere, or whatever. We'll just play. I don't think ... our kids really embrace and enjoy going on the road and coming together and playing as one. That's been another cool product of this team, the leadership that's been there to allow that to happen."

Do you run the ball and control the clock more or change the quick-strike offense because you want to keep Andrew Luck on the sidelines? - "I want to score, you know? (chuckles). We didn't score against them last year. So I think that's the first task. We need to score. We are not foolish enough to think that Stanford is not going to score. So that's the first task, to make sure we score. And, two, make this thing a game into the second half. If that means minimizing some possessions there's a possibility of that. But I also don't want to lose the rhythm of this offense right now. We're in the infancy stages of game planning for this ball game right now, and it will become a lot more clear to us Tuesday, Wednesday and then into Thursday we will be able to make a better assessment there. I thought the no-huddle stuff was good for us last week and got us into a good rhythm. But I also think there is the old adage of wanting to keep their best player off the field by using play clock. So we'll have to figure that out. We'll have a game plan that fits what we thinks gives us the best chance to be successful on Saturday. And we haven't gotten to that conclusion yet."

Utah coach said you try to use a lot of formations - "Yeah, definitely. I think that's one of our strengths. That's something that's unique to our brand of football. We believe in personnel groupings and shifts and motions and a lot of multiplicity in that aspect. Each week, we try to come up with a couple new wrinkles that 1, are advantageous to our gameplan, but 2, our kids embrace and they can have fun with. Last week, we motioned Devin out of the backfield a couple times - we lined him up in the backfield and brought him out as a running back. So different things like that that keep our kids interested and having fun with what we do, but also is effective to the game plan that can then help us to attack our opponent. As we're going through and looking at Stanford and trying to find some holes in that defense, there will probably be a few new things that we do that we haven't shown before."

On Andrew Luck - "Oh, he's a pretty good player. I think what Andrew has, and I've appreciated this about him watching him - they've been on TV quite a bit - obviously, the physical tools; I mean, he's 6-4, maybe more now, 245 pounds. He can run, he's got great arm strength, he's got great anticipation. But they don't run a bad play. And that's because of him. That's because of his ability to prepare mentally. And so I just haven't seen him make a bunch of poor throws or throw into coverage or make a bad play. And that's the beauty of him. For a kid in college to be doing all that stuff is pretty impressive."

Anyone like Luck who's ever had that much freedom as a college QB? - "Not that I know of, no."

They trust him to call plays - "Well, I think he's grown up in the system. When he first got started, they had Gerhart; they were a run-first team. And now they're becoming more of a passing team. He's evolved into that."

On being ranked - "Our perception's changing, I guess, of who we are. People are ranking us higher, so they must think we're better than what they thought of us a week ago. Our perception of ourselves hasn't changed; it's the perception of what other people think of us has changed. As we continue to grow ... To me, that's what polls are about. They're perception. We really don't know. I think about people voting on LSU or Alabama - who's better? How do you really know until they play? That's the perception of those two teams. And Oklahoma, for that matter. Our perception is where we are. We came into the top 25, and that doesn't have to be the reality if we don't want it to be. We can perform better than that, or we can perform worse than that, given every Saturday. The challenge is to play to the perception of ourselves."

Do you feel better about your team's experience and depth heading into this game? - "Without a doubt, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I knew we had the depth offensively, with the receivers, the tight end, the backs. But now defensively, at the safety spot, to play four safeties. At the linebacker spot, I think we played six or seven linebackers at that spot. At the corner position. So that depth there is critical for us as we move forward, against a physical team like Stanford, against an up-tempo team like Arizona, against another up-tempo team like Oregon, you've got to have depth in this conference. I've been saying it since Day 1, and now we finally get to reap some of the benefits. We can substitute guys and play guys and trust them and count on them, and they're playing good football for us.

Does Stanford use a lot of different formations? - "Yeah, especially the three tight-end stuff. They're going to be in empty one snap, and the next snap it looks like they're in goal-line offense. So they challenge you that way. And now they've incorporated some no-huddle with it. It's a taxing offense that they throw at you, and Luck operates it extremely well."

On the evolution of the tight end in college football - "I don't think it's changed a whole lot, quite honestly. They were always viewed traditionally as a blocker, first and then as a pass catcher second and the really good ones do both, and we're fortunate enough to have a couple of really good ones and they obviously have a couple really good ones themselves. I don't know exactly how big Kellen Winslow was but he was pretty athletic back in the day with Dan Fouts and Charlie Joiner and those guys with the Chargers. Keith Jackson what he was doing with the Eagles back in the day, so there have been athletic tight ends before, Tony Gonzalez has been doing it for years now in the National Football League. But those guys are at a premium and when you get guys who can do both you want to try to take advantage of that.''

On being able to develop offensive linemen into being physical - "I think you can develop it. I think sometimes, especially with big kids, they are told their whole lives 'take it easy on them, take it easy on them, take it easy on them' and now we are trying to tell them to get after them and beat them up, the whole thing, so there is a little transformation there. But I think it can happen.''

On having running backs that are having success running the ball outside, as well as inside - "I think we are more athletic up front, our linemen, our ability to pull and get out in front of guys. I think we have generated a little bit more speed. I think Chris (Polk) is faster than he has ever been. I think Jesse (Callier) has always had that element and now Bishop Sankey is a real fast kid to get to the edge, get to the perimeter, and I think our receivers are doing a great job of blocking downfield. That's something we challenged them on in the off-season that they needed to improve upon if we were going to take another step as a football team and they are playing physical football. I thought Jermaine Kearse had an excellent game last game blocking downfield, he was physical with guys, and James Johnson has been doing it for us down the field blocking, Kevin Smith, Devin Aguilar. We'll see it with Kasen --- he's a big, physical guy. And if you want to run to the perimeter you need to block really well and I think our receivers have improved there.''

On what is the key to the receivers blocking better - "I think to understand that everything counts at that position, that it's not just about catching touchdowns but about doing everything. Doing the little things and understanding that if you want to be a regular and playing consistently for our football team you need to be a blocker, you need to be a guy that it's not about the stats, that the one stat that matters is winning and scoring touchdowns, and when you do that then all the sudden it all comes together and you are seeing the distribution within our system right now, I think our top four guys are within about three catches of each other receiving the ball, so it's paying off for us.''

Injury Report - "Taz (Stevenson) is out, still. I think Keith (Price) gets better by the day. I don't know percentages wise, I don't know. I wish they had a gauge for that, one of these smart doctors make something up of what percentage is 100 and hard to gauge what is not 100 and how far off. But Kasen (Williams) I think is getting better. I was really impressed with him to go in the ballgame and return the punts and catch the punts and he probably could have played wide receiver if we needed him to but I'd rather have him get healthy on that end of it and you'll see him back out there this week. Johnny Timu got in the game and did some pretty good things and I think he's 100 percent good to go.''

Gilliland? "He had a little stinger, he's okay. Danny Shelton is not 100 percent but is getting close with the foot sprain.''

You got another sideline interference penalty this time. What happened? - "It was really, it wasn't on a coach. It was on a member of our staff that was walking down the sidelines and the official ran into him. we're probably leading the country in sideline interference penalties right now."

Have you ever shaken hands with Jim Harbaugh? - "I think Jim is a fiery guy. He's a competitor. That's OK. He probably loves what he does, like we do."

Is this where you expected to be at this point in your career at UW - "I guess it's relatively close. I like our brand of football, I like the way we're playing. I know there is so much room for improvement though. That's why I'm so hesitant to say 'this is exactly where I wanted to be.' But I do know that we have a chance to get better even from here. I don't feel like we've reached our potential to say that and I think we've got a group of kids that are very hungry and a coaching staff that is dilligent in their efforts to work at this and put our players in the best position to be successful. What I am really proud of is how close we are as a team. I think this is the closest team we've had in three years. We're very family oriented. We stick together. We hang together. We're in this thing together, win or lose, good times or bad and that in and of itself has provided us opporunties to be successful late in games and when games are on the line. I've been proud of our guys and whether it's from the first year till now we've grown and gotten better at our ability to finish ball games in the fourth quarter and I think that is due in part that we're very close and we count on one another and we're going to be there for each other and it's paid off."

Given how confident and well you're playing, does this game come at a good time? - "I don't know if Stanford ever comes at a great time. They're pretty good. Sooner or later you've got to play them all and I feel like we're performing at a pretty high level. That doesn't mean you wave the magic wand and we're going to go out and perform great on Saturday. We need to practice and prepare really well and that's what it takes to play well and perform well. But I think we're finding the rhythm in that and what Monday means and what Tuesday's mean and what Wednesday's mean from a mental preparation standpoint of understanding the game plan and also physical preparation of healing from the last game, preparing your body for the next game, getting your sleep at night, getting your rest, eating the right foods to get yourself prepared for that and I think we're a lot closer to understanding that consistently than we ever have been in the past so I think for that I don't know if it's the best time for it but we're as healthy as we could be at this point and we're understanding what it takes to be successful."

On Nick Montana's performance, the first hit notwithstanding - "It was good for him. I think the first play was good for him quite honestly. You've got to hold on to the ball in this conference. He'll leanr from that first play and he'll leanr from other plays. I was happy for him that he was in on the touchdown drive there at the end to get some momentum and a couple completions there and getting the huddle and developing a presence and all those things was huge for him to play and play through that. If that was his last play I would have felt that could wear on a kid but he got through it. He'll be fine."

On if he came to the sidelines knowing he held onto the ball too long on the hit - "He knew. I said welcome to college football, bud."

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Eric Dore:
1:55 pm

Keith Price Monday Quotes

On if he likes the national coverage of himself: "No I'm all about the team.  None of that stuff concerns me I'm just ready for this week that's it."


On what things impress him about Luck: "He's poised, he can make every throw and he can run.  He just puts his team in every situation to win."


On if he is humbled that his numbers are similar to Luck's: "I'm not worried about it, I'm just ready for this game Saturday so we'll see what happens."


On what this game means: "It's just a game.  We're not getting all caught up in the rankings or anything like that.  We're just playing this game just how we played Colorado."


On how much different the playbook is between the EWU game and now: "I think he's opened it up a lot more and it's fun.  I'm having fun with it and the team is having fun with it.  Everybody's getting the ball and we're doing alright."


On trying to learn this offense as a freshman: "Everything sounded like Spanish to me."


On Sarkisian as a playcaller: "He's so smart, it's crazy.  I think he just dreamed these plays or something I don't know.  He comes out with some crazy stuff but it works."


On how much stuff he changes at the line: "Quite a bit, but it's all gameplan stuff."


On if he could change stuff a the line when he got here: "Oh no, I wasn't able to do that in high school.  I got a little smarter and coach has done a great job of preparing me and showing me the ways to study and what it takes to be a Pac-12 quarterback."


On if the national coverage seems weird: "No, it's the same thing, I'm just going to go out and give 100% again.  My grandma likes it, she likes all that stuff, it's not really me though."


On people wanting throw the word Heisman at him: "It's crazy because a couple weeks ago that was not even a word so I'm not even worried about that.  I'm just worried about this week."


On his health/ankle still bothering him: "Yeah a little bit, but it doesn't matter on Saturday."

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Eric Dore:
1:35 pm

Devin Aguilar Monday Quotes

On if he looks forward to the new wrinkles Sark implements each week: "Yeah it's different stuff, it makes our IQ better going into any other game.  He can put us into different places in different situations and we're able to get on the same page as him and basically know more about our offense."


On being able to execute multiple different sets every week: "Because he enforces knowing the whole offense and having a high IQ and knowing more just not about your position but the game itself and that's what helps us and motivates us to learn more."


On if it feels like they will have to keep pace with Stanford's offense: "We're just going to do our job you never know how the game situation is going to be – different calls, we might call things from a long time ago.  Basically we're going to take it play to play that's how I see it and how Sark does."


On the bad taste of the Stanford game from last year: "We had a bad taste in our mouth last year, but that's the past.  This year, new team, new personnel and everything and we're more confident and motivated going in to play this Stanford team."


On the opportunity this game presents: "All that's good, but it's another game to us.  We're happy just to go up against another ranked opponent.  It gives us a chance to put our name out there, basically play hard and get ready for this game."


On if there's a mindset that this offense is unstoppable: "We're real confident right now, we can still get better that's the way we see things.  Hopefully as we go through the schemes and game plan of this week it will motivate us to play even better."


On scoring a TD against the hometown team Colorado: "It was real great to finally get to play that team.  I've longed for that for a long time, but it was great going against the guys that I know and played against.  Scoring a touchdown that's only half the battle I was just happy to get the win too."

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Eric Dore:
1:18 pm

Justin Glenn Monday Quotes

On the progress over the last few weeks: "Yeah I think we've definitely been making progress, but we got a long way to go still.  We know that the rest of our schedule we're going to keep buckling down and keep getting better week after week."


On the opportunity this game presents: "Yeah this is the biggest game we've played in a long time.  I think we know that, everybody knows that and I think we're going to have to prepare really well in order to get this victory."


On the Stanford crowd: "Yeah it's not loud there, it's kind of a mellow crowd.  We still just have to come and play ball really."


On if the mellow crowd makes it hard to "get up" for: "No we can only control what we can control.  We can't control if the fans are going to be loud or not so we just have to do what we have to do."


On Stanford using multiple TE sets: "It makes you think a little bit more because you got to get people lined up.  You have to make different calls and adjustments based on how many tight ends are in the game, where they're lined up.  That's going to be big is preparing and the coaches are going to have us ready so we just have to do our job."


On the tight ends being able to move like WRs and the challenges for a secondary: "Especially with a quarterback like Andrew Luck he is going to find the open guy so we just have to basically be in position to make plays and we have to make those plays if we are going to be successful in this ball-game."


On Luck's ability to audible: "Like I said it makes you think you have to be on your toes because you never know what they might come out in.  You have to be able to adjust for that or the big play is going to happen so we have to play fundamentally sound defense and everybody has to be doing their job."


On if the disappointment after the Stanford game last year is still in his mind: "No because we're a completely different football team this year and I think that we know that and I think we have a lot more confidence and we're rolling.  We all know how big this ball game is so I think it's going to be a fun game for us."


On if the poor performance in last year's game motivates him: "Yeah it left a bad taste so there's some redemption involved but we know that we need to win this football game.  We're both undefeated in the Pac-12 and it's a big game for the Pac-12 North coming up."


On if UW is playing more physical than in the past: "Yeah I think we're playing more physical and I think that's what the coaches want so I think that's what we need to continue to do – match their physicality and overcome that and make some plays."


On seeing Luck for the 3rd time what they need to do better: "That's tough, he's obviously a great quarterback.  They're going to have big plays and I think the main thing is bouncing back and worrying about the next play, not living in the past."

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Chris Fetters:
1:15 pm

James Johnson Monday Quotes

On looking at last year's Stanford game and applying it to this year - "They really got after us last year. We know that Stanford is a great team, but we're really looking forward to getting out there and giving our best stuff against those guys. Every game to us is a big game, you know. But this one in particular - there's a little sting in this one, especially from last year because of what happened. But we're really looking forward to playing these guys. It's a great opportunity. They are a great team, but we just have to execute - and if I think if we do that we'll be just fine."

On Stanford setting the bar in the Pac-12 when it comes to being physical - "They are a very, very physical football team. Watching film of those guys, playing a bunch of tight ends and whatnot…but I think we're a very physical team as well. We're going to bring our best stuff, and let the chips fall where they may."

On the mohawk - taking a cue from Jesse Callier and Kevin Smith? - "No, no. This is my own style. I just wanted to do something different. I always wanted to have a mohawk when I was a kid, and this is my first time actually being able to grow my hair out long enough to be able to get one. So that's all it is."

On it being a great time to play a top-10 team on national TV? - "Like I said, we feel like any game is a big game for us. But it's definitely exciting knowing that we're going to be playing on national television. All those things are great, but in the end it all starts today. We just have to start preparing and getting ready for those guys. Everybody in the world knows that Stanford is a great team. But as a Husky, we do a lot of great things well, and we're going to go out there and give those guys a great run for their money."

On ever being a part of an offensive output like the first half Saturday - "No. To put up 38 points in a half is pretty rare I think for any offense. So to do that and to also finish the game out pretty strong - I think we only punted one time, I believe - I think that says a lot about how much our offense has come from when I got here to now."

On anything surprising you about Keith Price now - "No. We know Keith is great. We expect nothing but great things from him, and we just expect for him to continuously get better as the weeks go on. He prepares like no one I've ever been around, and if he does that, I know he's going to lead us to victory."

On being able to show that Keith is every bit as good as Andrew Luck - "We know Andrew Luck is a great player, but we have an awesome quarterback here too. I think this whole team has faith in him to go out there and lead us, and he's a leader on our team. We're really looking forward to playing these guys."

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Chris Fetters:
11:00 am

UW Weekly Depth Chart Released

Washington's Depth Chart vs. Stanford


WR - Jermaine Kearse 6-2 208, Sr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

LT - Senio Kelemete 6-4 301, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Evergreen
Micah Hatchie 6-5 285, RFr., Haleiwa, Hawai'i/Waialua

LG - Colin Tanigawa 6-3 297, RFr., Pasadena, Calif./Loyola
Nick Wood 6-3 303, Sr., Poway, Calif./Poway

Center - Drew Schaefer 6-4 301, Jr., Sammamish, Wash./Eastlake
Michael Criste 6-5 280, RFr., Mission Viejo, Calif./Mission Viejo

RG - Colin Porter 6-4 322, So., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Skyler Fancher 6-6 301, Sr., Costa Mesa, Calif./Huntington Beach OR
James Atoe 6-6 337, RFr, The Dalles, Ore./The Dalles-Wahtonka

RT - Erik Kohler 6-5 298, So., Camarillo, Calif./Oaks Christian
Ben Riva 6-6 300, RFr., Seattle, Wash./O'Dea

TE - Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6-6 258, Fr., Fox Island, Wash./Gig Harbor OR
Michael Hartvigson 6-6 254, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Evan Hudson 6-6 260, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell

QB - Keith Price 6-1 195, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
Nick Montana 6-3 203, RFr., Thousand Oaks, Calif./Oaks Christian
Derrick Brown 6-3 236, Fr., Winchester, Calif./Vista Murrieta

FB - Jonathan Amosa 5-11 230, Jr., Seattle, Wash./Rainier Beach
Tim Tucker 6-1 240, So., Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne

TB - Chris Polk 5-11 222, Jr., Redlands, Calif./East Valley
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren
Bishop Sankey 5-10 193, Fr., Spokane, Wash./Gonzaga Prep

WR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial

WR - James Johnson 6-1 198, Jr., Valley Center, Calif./Valley Center
DiAndre Campbell 6-1 195, RFr., Oakland, Calif./Oakland Tech


DE - Everrette Thompson 6-6 272, Sr., Renton, Wash./Kennedy
Andrew Hudson 6-3 231, RFr., Redlands, Cailf./Redlands East Valley

DT - Alameda Ta'amu 6-3 337, Sr., Kent, Wash./Rainier Beach
Danny Shelton 6-1 334, Fr., Auburn, Wash./Auburn
Lawrence Lagafuaina 6-0 329, RFr., Aiea, Hawai'i/Aiea, Hawai'i

DT -
Sione Potoae 6-2 276, So., Fort Lewis, Wash./Lakes OR
Semisi Tokolahi 6-2 334, Jr., Hilo, Hawai'i/Hilo

DE - Josh Shirley 6-3 229, RFr., Fontana, Calif./Kaiser
Talia Crichton 6-3 255, Jr.,Lakewood, Calif./Lakewood

OLB - John Timu 6-1 220, Fr., Long Beach, Calif./Long Beach Jordan OR
Jamaal Kearse 6-2 224, RFr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Cooper Pelluer 6-3 225, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

MIK - Cort Dennison 6-1 234 Sr., Salt Lake City, Utah/Judge Memorial
Thomas Tutogi 6-1 244, So., Chula Vista, Calif./Southwestern JC
Tim Tucker 6-1 240, So., Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne

OLB - Princeton Fuimaono 6-1 215, So., Long Beach, Calif./LB Jordan OR
Garret Gilliland 6-0 226, So., Anaheim, Calif./Orange Lutheran

FS - Nathan Fellner 6-1 201, Jr., Fresno, Calif./Clovis West OR
Justin Glenn 5-11 206, Jr., Mukilteo, Wash./Kamiak
Taz Stevenson 6-1 203, So., Mililani, Hawai'i/Mililani

SS - Sean Parker 5-10 202, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Narbonne
Will Shamburger 6-0 192, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
James Sample 6-2 191, Fr., Sacramento, Calif./Grant
Greg Walker 5-10 203, Jr., Bellflower, Calif./St. Bernard

CB - Quinton Richardson 6-0 203, Sr., Renton, Wash./O'Dea OR
Gregory Ducre 5-10 173, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Crenshaw

CB - Desmond Trufant 6-0 184, Jr., Tacoma, Wash./Wilson
Anthony Gobern 5-11 187, Jr., Fair Oaks, Calif./Del Campo
Marcus Peters 5-11 185, Fr., Oakland, Calif./McClymonds


Punter - Kiel Rasp 6-3 225, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Nathan Hale OR
Will Mahan 5-11 196, Sr., Bakersfield, Calif./Bakersfield College

PK - Erik Folk 5-11 185, Sr., Woodland Hills, Calif./Notre Dame

Long Snap - Brendan Lopez 6-0 231, Sr., Bellevue, Wash./Michigan

Holder - William Chandler 6-0 191, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

KOR - Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren

PR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

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