Twenty-Four Hour Rule Doesn't Apply to Fans

Let's keep enjoying the first half of this season, and especially the Huskies' wonderful victory last weekend over an undermanned Colorado team. For the second time this season Washington rudely welcomed another new member to the conference - only this time is wasn't even close.

Coach Sarkisian uses a 24-hour rule with his team, meaning they only have a day to celebrate or grieve, and then they must put it away and move on to the next one. There is no looking back and admiring or hating yourself.

That rule doesn't apply to us fans, especially for those of us Husky fans who endured that period of Husky football from the Neuheisel scandals to the Gilbertson/Willingham six-year period of Husky football.

Remember back in 2003 when this whole thing called Husky Football simply imploded with gambling, lying, firings, lawsuits, retirement, Dr. Feelgood? And then giving Gilby literally no backing or support and changing athletic directors as well? Add to that the whole disaster of the Willingham era, where we seemed to have lost our rudder and had no sense of direction. We were the football equivalent of the helpless deer in the headlights. We were the ones getting 50 put up on us. We were the ones who couldn't run the ball.

And then the SARKPACK arrived.

It seems like forever since Washington has dominated anyone like they did Colorado. Sark was right; the Buffs are where we were three years ago, but it's where we're at right now that's really cool. The Huskies are a good team now and can play with anyone. The way they moved the football against Colorado, scoring on their first six possessions of the game, they look ready to step up themselves for a showdown game against a nationally-ranked team with the longest winning streak in the nation. Bring it on! Are you kidding me?

There are lots of us die-hard Husky fans who have been waiting for this year to happen. We've been waiting through that 1-10 year, that 2-9 year, that 4-9 year, and of course that 0-12 year. And we just put 52 on a team. It doesn't matter who it was; it's who we are.

We have the best scoring offense Washington has had for decades, maybe ever. They've scored 222 points their first six games, which is nearly half of what the 1991 National Championship team scored. The 52 points was the most since beating Idaho 53-3 in 2001, or ten seasons ago. Our defense is improving every week and learning to play faster. We have been solid every game in the kicking game. Our team is ready to play on the road in a big game and see how they do.

While the team prepares for Stanford, we can go ahead and gloat a little because the 24-hour rule doesn't apply to us. We know how far back our program has come in just two-and-a-half seasons. We know we have a great running back who has helped us become a tough team again. We know we are improved along the offensive line, and we know we have 700 pounds inside on our defense line. We have a bigger, stronger, and better receiving corps than ever and we have the best young quarterback in the nation. Our kickers have been solid, and we have tight ends again. We have a great middle linebacker who wills his team to victory. Plus we think we're going to win.

That, more than any other thing, will give this young Husky team a chance to beat the Mighty Cardinal of Stanford. The Huskies will be getting on that plane to the Bay Area believing they are going to win - not just wanting to, but sincerely believing they are going to. This team expects to win this game, and it is that expectation that gives them a chance. Expect to Win has been a mantra of the Sark era.

The last time Washington was ranked was in 2009, and that was right after they beat USC. They were 24th and riding high. The very next weekend they traveled to Palo Alto to play this same Stanford team and got throttled 34-14. Stanford ran the ball that day 50 times for 321 yards. Last year the Cardinal beat Washington in Husky Stadium 41-0 and they ran the ball 47 times for 278. The formula is simple; outrush the Cardinal and you win the game.

Washington goes into this contest ranked 25th in the first BCS poll, and this time they know what to expect. This will be a war. This will be physical and this will test our toughness. This is going to be smashmouth football, and the only way to beat a bully is to hit him right in the mouth all day long. The Huskies know this year will be different because they are different team and besides, who has Stanford played? San Jose State, Duke, Arizona, UCLA, Colorado and the Cougars, that's who - and every one of those teams is in turmoil right now. The Huskies will be the best team they've faced this year.

Beating this Stanford team will become the signature win for this program under coach Sarkisian. It will take the Huskies back to the top of the conference. It will be an upset, and it will become one of the most memorable wins for years. It will rank right up there with the Tui-led victory of 2000, the same game where Curtis Williams got hurt. Of course the kids will only get to enjoy it for 24 hours, but can you even imagine how much fun that plane right back to Seattle will be?

Go Dawgs! Win a big one on the road and prove you are a real contender. Top Stories