Q&A - Scott Suggs

SEATTLE - Scott Suggs was at Alaska Airlines Arena Tuesday on crutches, his right foot in a boot. He had surgery Friday for a fracture, and he'll be out roughly eight weeks. The UW senior wing talked about a number of things; how the injury occurred, whether or not he thought about bypassing surgery, and what he missed from not going to this past weekend's pre-season camp.

How he's doing - "I'm doing pretty good."

On what happened - "It has been bothering me for a few weeks, but I just thought we were doing more workouts and doing more stuff, so I thought it was more sore for that. We had our first unofficial practice on Tuesday, and after that it popped. I felt a pop. So I went to see Pat (Jenkins), and we took some x-rays, and we found a stress fracture."

On having an earlier surgery on his feet when he was younger - "I just had bunions on my big toes going underneath, so I had those fixed."

On the realization and frustration of not being able to play - "I'm sure I will more when it comes and we start playing games…it won't be easy. It'll be tough, but I think the team will be just fine without me. Guys will step up and I'll just be ready when I come back."

On how the surgery went - "It was about what they expected. They expect me to heal just fine, there was no complications during surgery or anything like that, so everything went well."

On missing the St. Louis game - "I was upset when I heard. Initially it was supposed to be 3-4 weeks, but when they found out I had to have surgery and I would miss the game, I was angry. It happens, so you have to deal with it."

On being back for the New York City games - "That's the goal right now. We'll see how it goes. But for right now, that's what we're working towards."

On thinking about redshirting - "I don't expect it to take that long. It's supposed to be eight weeks, so that's December. That means plenty of the season left, so no - not right now."

On what happens now for rehab - "It's supposed to be about two weeks in the boot, and next week they want me to start putting more pressure on it. In four or five weeks I'll do some light running and stuff."

On the team not missing a beat with him out - "We've got some pre-season games where we can get some of the younger guys some experience in these games. Anytime we've had injuries in the past we've had guys step up, and I don't expect this is going to be any different."

On encouragement from his teammates - "Yeah, everybody's been real supportive and telling me to keep my head up and stay ready. Because they'll need me when I come back."

On what he can do for the team while rehabbing - "I have experience being here and giving guys advice. We have seven freshmen, I think - so we're going to need older guys on and off the court showing guys how we do things and being prepared at all times."

On when his foot started hurting him - "Probably about three weeks. The last two weeks it had really been bothering me a lot, and then the week I found out about it it was hurting pretty bad, but I wasn't thinking anything about it until it popped. I kind of just thought that we'd been on our feet more, so it was just getting more sore than it had been. So any time I got a chance to put my feet up, I just rested my feet. But when I felt the pop, I knew something was wrong."

On if he was thinking about not having surgery - "We went through all the options. We thought about it for a couple of days, actually. We looked at the averages and statistics of non-surgery and with surgery. With surgery was the quickest process, with an average of about eight weeks. Without surgery it was about 12-16 weeks. Eight weeks sounds better than 12."

On getting around campus - "Oh my goodness! I didn't even think about it until today. I had class, and my Mom was going to pick me up but I got out of class early. So I was just, I'll crush down to the gym…it was a workout! I was sweatin' hard and my arms were burning. But it's OK. My arms are going to be swoll by the time I get back."

On if he went to Olympia - "No. I had surgery Friday evening, and I spent the weekend at the hotel with my Mom."

On being frustrated that he couldn't make it - "It was hard, but guys were texting me and calling me, letting me know how stuff was going. I wanted to be there, but I knew physically I wasn't up for it."

On anything he missed - "The running. I'm glad I didn't have to run, but I'd rather run and be there than be in the situation I'm in now, obviously."

On if he'll go on the St. Louis trip - "I'll be there, but I won't be playing, obviously. My family will still be out there, but I won't get to play."

On if he's ever experienced something so frustrating - "The closest thing was probably my junior year of high school, when I broke my wrist at the beginning of the year. I was out about the same amount of time - 6-8 weeks. So that was frustrating."

On what he's been telling his teammates - "Just trying to stay positive, try not to think about it too much. Just rehabbing and trying to get better."

On what his brothers have been telling him - "They've been real supportive. I talked to them the other day, and they told me to keep my head up and I'll bounce back from it. So they've all been supportive."

On circling the St. Louis game - "I've been looking forward to playing in front of my family and friends for a while. I was real disappointed when I heard that. It's disappointing, but there will be another opportunity to play at home."

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