Steve Sarkisian Quotes

After a 65-21 loss to Stanford in Palo Alto, Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian understandably wasn't in a very good mood, but he met with the media afterwards and talked about rebounding and learning from their mistakes...

His opening statement: "They did a nice job; I thought they had a nice game-plan; they executed very well; they took care of the football; their kicking game was excellent; and we were spotty. We missed some opportunities that maybe could have changed the complexion of the game there and we just didn't capitalize and against a good team like that, if you don't capitalize on those opportunities, that's what happens. They wear you out and they wear you down. We couldn't keep pace with them and we knew they were going to be a good third quarter team and I thought a real killer was a pick-six there right at the end of the first half was a real blow to our psyche. And then to come out and just to be non-existent offensively in the third quarter was pretty disappointing."

On what Stanford did to shut them down offensively: "Horrible play calls. I lost my mojo, so I gotta find it."

On Andrew Luck being the coach: "I don't know; they ran the ball. I can't even assess him."

On having a problem with Luck playing in the fourth quarter: "They ran the ball. They tried to throw it and we defended the passes. They ran the ball."

On what they were doing to get so much space running the ball: "They did a couple things with the formations and different things. I thought they just executed really well. We'd defend the play, we'd defend the play and the one time we'd get out of a gap – bang. And it wasn't a gain of 12, it was 50 [yards]. They just executed really well like a good team does. Like a good team that knows their stuff. Tip my hat to them."

On the last time he's seen an offensive line play like Stanford's did: "2005, USC. Watched it every game."

On Keith forcing it on his pick-six: "No. No, I really, I don't know if maybe they could've potentially blown a coverage there or not. I don't think he actually saw Michael Thomas, quite honestly. I think that they snuck in there one him, they snuck in there and picked it and took it back on him. Guy made a good play. I think if Keith could have it back and could see him, then he'd come over to Devin and get a big completion and keep the drive alive."

On how tough the 70-yard run right after Polk's TD made it 17-14 was on the momentum: "I think it's, obviously, tough. I think we're becoming a more mentally tough team. I think we're still a bit fragile at times, but we'll learn from this. There's a lot of football left to be played. At the end of it all, we're a 5-2 football team. We've got five games to go and we can go two ways and one of the keys is, for us, not to feel sorry for ourselves and sulk and feel down. We've got to get back up and get ready to play Arizona next Saturday."

On how tough it is to swallow the 400-plus yards rushing by Stanford: "I don't think I've swallowed it yet, quite honestly."

On talking about matching Stanford's physicality all week and then having them run for that many yards: "That comes from grinding it out but it also comes from big plays. I don't know how many plus-30 type runs they had, but they had quite a few of them. I don't think it was for lack of physicality, I think, at times, we just weren't right and when you're not right against this good of a team, they make you pay."

On Keith's health: "He's fine. He didn't come out of the game because of his health. I wanted to try to get Nick [Montana] some reps."

Any other injuries: "No, not as I know of. We had a couple of kids cramp up there late, but nothing serious, by any means."

On what he says to a team after a loss like this: "That I hate losing, quite honestly. I hate losing. I'd have felt the same if they had to kick a field goal with no time left to beat us or if they beat us 60-whatever to whatever it was. I hate it; it sucks. And the only way to rectify that feeling is you gotta get back up and we gotta start preparing for Arizona and go get the next win, because that's what makes you feel good in this sport. I love to compete, I love the battle, I love the preparation for it and I think our players are starting to embody some of my characteristics that way – I don't think they're happy about it either. But we can't sit around and sulk. I've never been one to sulk. We'll get back up and we'll get ourselves prepared to play next week." Top Stories