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The Washington Huskies come back home to lick their wounds after a 44-point beatdown at Stanford. They face an Arizona team who just fired their head coach, but is feeling good about themselves by feasting on UCLA. So what happens in this game? As we know with night games at Husky Stadium, anything is possible! Visit the blog all week for the latest news, notes, quotes, and more!

Chris Fetters:
5:31 am

Complete Sark Show Notes

Gas starts the show talking about what happened Saturday and how it wasn't what anyone was suspecting. If it had been the season-ender, it would have really sucked. But as Sark said, good they get to go right back to work and prepare for another game Saturday. Disappointing on a lot of fronts, didn't put their best foot forward, but Sark said they'll get back on the horse and keep riding.

Gas said with the success Sark has had the last year, it's difficult to remember that he's still just in his first head coaching job. Sark said he hates losing, and you only have 13 chances to show people who they are, and when they don't perform it hits him right in his gut. He was off in some areas, but in others they didn't play up to their capabilities.

Bob talked to James Johnson - he said they have a 24-hour rule, and now it's all about Arizona and that's what it's about. Bob said it sounds like a party line, but it has to be. Sark agreed. Said the meeting today was a good one. They reiterated that they are 5-2, 3-1, and have a chance to go 4-1 in conference Saturday. Have to get emotionally and physically ready to play.

Bob asked if there's tough love involved this week? Sark said there will be, but there will also be some teachable moments. He said there were 12-14 snaps where they really executed the way they needed to, but there were 120 snaps where they didn't. When you get smacked in the mouth, you either shy away from it, or you respond. This team has responded before, and he expects they will again as they prepare against an Arizona team better than what people think.

Bob asked about if there was a hangover from the 41-0 score last year, and Sark agreed. He didn't think there would be a problem, but when they go right down and score their first drive, he could see it was going to be a problem. But when you drive down and miss a FG after a questionable hold call on Kevin Smith, the game starts to get away from them.

Bob said when you play Stanford, you have to be ready for four quarters. Sark said he tips his hat to them and coach Shaw. They have a unique style, and they are ranked No. 3 for a reason. Said he'd rank them there, if not higher. He said that if you would have told him Luck throws for 160 yards, you would think UW had a good day, but they didn't need him.

Bob talked about the size of Stanford's team and their goal-line offense - Sark said they are 'enormous'. You are always looking for ways to come out of the funk, and Stanford has been doing that for the last 15 opponents. They didn't put their best foot forward, but the reality is that they've been doing this to people for a while now.

Gas said when he heard Ozzy Osbourne out at practice, he thought Ozzy might be there because it was so loud. Sark said that they always have the music going during practice, that's who we are, and that's not going to change.

Gas brought the show back talking about the UW defense and what's going on. Part of it was the offense not staying on the field long enough, but how much of it was Stanford, and how much of it was them doing things wrong? Sark said when they've been beaten by Stanford, it's because when they tried to pressure them, Luck would just move away from that play, and they got hurt. He said they felt good about their run defense, so he was hoping they could slow them down enough to wait them out to the point where Luck would have to throw, but Stanford was able to stay patient and just kept pounding them.

Bob said he re-watched the game last night and the defense tried a number of changes, and none of it worked. Guys just got blocked and couldn't get off blocks. Sark agreed. Changes are always constantly coming, and it wasn't for a lack of trying. They moved guys into different gaps and alignments, but they got blocked and stayed blocked. Up to that game, they hadn't stayed blocked. Credit to Stanford, but they have to get off blocks. They were unable to do it.

Bob talked about all the weapons they have on offense. He said driving to the airport, he overheard a conversation between two players. He asked if he shook hands with the tight ends, and the other guy said no. And the other kid said, 'Man, they are HUGE'. Sark said all three of them are big guys, and the coaches do a great job of utilizing them. Luck always knows how to use them and they don't run a bad play. He knows their offense, what he sees on defense, and what's going to work.

Bob said for all the good things they do at Stanford, he's wondering if there's some genetic engineering going on there with replicating all those big bodies. Then he talked about not seeing Alameda Ta'amu not being on the stat sheet. Sark said Alameda would be the first to tell you he can be better. Even in other games, if he hasn't been on the stat sheet, he still impacts games. They want to get him back to the level and standard of play he's capable of. When he's right, they are a solid defense.

Bob asked if it starts there, and Sark said it starts down the middle of your defense. You'll see Ta'amu bounce back from it.

Bob said, in Ta'amu's defense, he was getting double-teamed a lot, so you'd think there would be other ways to take advantage, but there were too many times when David DeCastro was pulling and would immediately be in the second level. Sark said that for the most part, the linemen were in the right gaps, but that's just what's on the board. When you get in the right gaps, then you have to win. You have to win when it counts, especially in third down situations.

Gas brought the show back wrapping up the Stanford talk. He brought up the two Nebraska games and the Stanford games as games that have gotten away from them a bit. Talking about changing the culture, and the 'here we go again' thought when things go bad…Sark said there still may be some of that hanging over them. They'd never admit it, but when you know what's coming and you can't stop it, it can be demoralizing. But we've been on both sides of this, and offensively at minimum we should have scored 35. And if we do that Stanford doesn't score 65, or even close. Probably in the 40's. But it started to snowball on them a bit with the missed FG and pick-six and the rest. But the key is to understand the psyche and the morale part of it and fixing that.

Bob asked about Sark's comment after the game about 'losing his mojo' as a play-caller, and he said that coming out of halftime, they had a chance, but the second series he wants back again. He didn't stay with the plan at all. Wish he could have those play calls back.

Bob talked about Chris Polk and the night he had. Sark said Polk was arguably the most physical player for both teams Saturday. He had some runs where he just punished the defender, and he also did it in pass pro too. He's having a great season, playing the way we thought he'd play.

Bob brought up the stats, and Sark said to have that many yards and to only have 14 at halftime was disappointing.

Bob asked Sark if he's ever been a part of a game where the other team scored 65, and he said no.

Bob asked Keith Price what he tries to do when things aren't going right, and he said it's for pride. Don't bow down and just keep playing. Sark said Stanford wasn't going to stop playing, and they deserved to play that way. Keith competed, and he didn't want to come out of the game. Even when he was on the sidelines, he stayed 'in' the game. The players were supportive, and the coaches continued to coach. On the other side, regardless of a win or loss, the scoreboard shouldn't define the way they play. It should be the next snap. The players are starting to understand it, and they played a lot harder at the end of this game than they did against Stanford last year.

Bob talked about going from maybe his best game to one of his worst, and Sark said they weren't good with their protection schemes. Stanford is a good defense, but it shouldn't have been that way because they've seen better rushers. He took some good shots, but he hung in there. And the pick-six - too bad, because it could have potentially been a big play to Devin Aguilar, but it got muddy in there and he wanted to get the ball to Kearse.

Bob talked the second drive where they get totally blown up on a second-and-very short. Sark said that after every game, he analyzes every play-call I make, and that's one I would have changed. Went to a power play, and they hard charged off the edge. Didn't block it right, lost yardage. Honestly I didn't feel good about it all week, and it showed up on Saturday.

Gas brought the show back - Kevin from Port Orchard on the phone. Tough game to witness. Recruited Nick Holt hard, and fans question the progress he's made in the 30-plus games he's been on the staff. The numbers don't show much progress at all. Two adjectives to describe defense? Sark said first, thanks for coming to Stanford - thought he saw as much purple as cardinal there. He said they need to play attacking football with their front 7, that's the first part. Looking at calling more pressures and putting their DB's in more one-on-one situations. Need to be more aggressive, and if we can't do it with our base calls, we have to put in more pressure.

Gas asked about the offensive output in the league, and Sark said they aren't the only team struggling on defense. He wants to improve, they'll go back to the drawing board and they have good coaches that can get them in the best position for success. Have to find those things, because the hits just keep on coming with Arizona, Oregon, USC, and beyond.

Bob asked Sark what kind of team will it take to beat Stanford? Sark said that you need to be a really physical front 7, one that can play where they don't get blocked. Be excited to see the film of the USC-Stanford game when they play. Have to have big enough DB's to deal with the big TE's. Need a big defense to defend a big offense, and that's what it's going to take.

Bob mentioned how UW's OLB's might be a problem going in, and it was an automatic mis-match. Sark said you'd like to have a bunch of 6-4, 250-pound linebackers to defend them. But part of the problem is the next week you have to defend the spread. That's why teams like LSU and Alabama are so good is because they have the athletes that are good enough to defend a number of different offenses.

Gas brought the show back talking about Arizona. More difficult to prepare for with the mid-season coaching change. Is it different? Sark said it is. They showed things against UCLA they hadn't showed all year. They are playing free. It's a challenge of making sure they are doing things they are good at. Preparing for a team like them is like a box of chocolates - not sure what you're going to get. They've been looking at the backgrounds of their coaches to see what they like to do.

Bob talked about being at last week's coach's show and finding out Mike Stoops getting fired. Five losses came from schools with a 28-7 record, three of those teams in the top-7, including Stanford and Oklahoma State. Was he wrongly fired? Sark thinks so, but it's not his call to make. Has a lot of respect for Stoops. This was a really tough schedule this year. Mike Stoops will land on his feet. Dealing with a team that is re-energized, and it's a big challenge for them.

Bob - UA destroyed UCLA, and despite 2-5 they still have bowl aspirations. Sark said they have the pieces of the puzzle to get there. Foles is a great QB, and they've committed more to the run than ever before, and they are maturing on defense. Some young players were forced to play, but they are getting better. UW has their hands full.

Gas talked about Foles - used the slogan 'Go in the Hole for Foles' instead of 'Suck for Luck', and Sark said there are so many QB's in the Pac-12 with great stats, it's easy to forget about a guy like Nick Foles.

Gas brought the show in for the final segment talking about Arizona and how they are going to try and do a lot of things offensively - how did UW come out of the Stanford game? Sark said as a team, they are in pretty good shape.

Gas talked about the idea of how the 'Cats played with nothing to lose, and Sark has seen it from the same side. Cal two years ago came to Seattle, and UW played arguably their best game of the year. UW has to play their style, which is also fun, loose, and energetic.

Bob brought up last year's UA game. Matt Scott played that game instead of Foles. Sark said they got hurt with some inside runs, but they are a different team this year. Jake was pretty banged up that game, and they had three DE's off that team that are now in the NFL. Hopefully they'll be able to pass pro for their QB.

Bob talked about the UA game two years ago - in the UA release, it makes mention of the 'immaculate interception', and Sark said he'd take another one of those Saturday night. They like to audible at the line of scrimmage, and UW needs their fans to get fired up. Should be a great setting, can't wait to get after it.

Bob talked about UA getting after UCLA early, what do you take from it? Sark said you have to tip your hat to Tim Kish for getting the team ready after all the turmoil.

Bob mentioned that it's going to be a 'Black Out' for Saturday's game - Black tops and Black pants - and wished Sark good luck.

End of Show.

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Chris Fetters:
4:11 am

Arizona's Depth Chart Released

WR 82 Juron Criner 6-4 215 Sr.
29 Austin Hill 6-3 205 Fr.*

IR 81 David Roberts 6-0 205 Sr.*
14 Richard Morrison 6-0 180 So.*

TE 87 Drew Robinson 6-5 250 Jr.
42 Jack Baucus 6-6 280 So.*
83 Michael Cooper 6-4 230 Fr.

LT 68 Mickey Baucus 6-8 303 Fr.*
79 Trent Spurgeon 6-7 303 Fr.*

LG 60 Carter Lees 6-5 320 Fr.*
62 Chris Putton 6-4 298 So.*

C 76 Kyle Quinn 6-3 300 Jr.*
54 Addison Bachman 6-5 290 Jr.

RG 72 Trace Biskin 6-5 295 Jr.*
69 Eric Bender-Ramsey 6-6 325 So.*

RT 73 Fabbians Ebbele 6-8 305 Fr.*
67 Jack Baucus 6-6 280 So.*

QB 8 Nick Foles 6-5 240 Sr.*
7 Bryson Beirne 6-3 235 Sr.*
10 Matt Scott 6-3 195 Sr.

RB 2 Keola Antolin 5-8 195 Sr.*
25 Ka'Deem Carey 5-10 190 Fr.
3 Daniel Jenkins 5-9 190 So.*

FB/HB 31 Taimi Tutogi 6-1 250 Jr.

IR 85 David Douglas 6-1 205 Sr.
18 Terrence Miller 6-4 225 So.

WR 21 Gino Crump 6-2 210 Sr.* or
15 Dan Buckner 6-4 220 Jr.*

DE 28 C.J. Parish 6-2 245 Sr.*
90 Dan Pettinato 6-4 260 Fr.*

DT 43 Justin Washington 6-2 280 So.*
95 Jowyn Ward 6-2 294 Jr.*
99 Sanielia Fuimaono 6-2 306 Fr.

DT 91 Sione Tuihalamaka 6-2 280 So.*
75 Kirifi Taula 6-3 280 Fr.*

DE 97 Mohammed Usman 6-2 245 Sr.
93 Lamar De Rego 6-3 265 Jr.

LB 41 Paul Vassallo 6-3 247 Sr.
52 Bilal Muhammad 5-10 235 Sr.

LB 40 Derek Earls 6-3 247 Sr.
44 Rob Hankins 6-1 220 Fr.

LB 19 Hank Hobson 6-2 213 Fr.
18 David Lopez 6-3 230 Jr.

NB 27 Tramayne Bondurant 5-10 185 Fr.
23 Mark Watley 6-1 187 Jr.*

CB 17 Derek Rainey 6-1 190 So.* or
7 Cortez Johnson 6-2 190 Fr.

FS 2 Marquis Flowers 6-3 220 So.
38 Jared Tevis 5-11 200 Fr.*

SS 1 Robert Golden 5-11 200 Sr.
23 Mark Watley 6-1 187 Jr.*

CB 24 Trevin Wade 5-11 192 Sr.*
32 Lyle Brown 5-10 180 Sr.

PK 15 John Bonano 6-0 195 Sr.
14 Alex Zendejas 5-11 190 Sr.*

KO 15 John Bonano 6-0 195 Sr.

P 13 Kyle Dugandzic 5-11 195 Jr.

H 13 Kyle Dugandzic 5-11 195 Jr.

LS 63 Brian Chacon (FG/PAT) 6-4 280 Jr.
47 Josh Elias (Punts) 6-0 190 Fr.

PR 14 Richard Morrison 6-0 180 So.*
85 David Douglas 6-1 205 Sr.

KR 16 Garic Wharton 5-11 168 Fr.*
31 Taimi Tutogi 6-1 250 Jr.
25 Ka'Deem Carey 5-10 190 Fr.

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Chris Fetters:
2:31 am

Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Quotes

Opening Comment - "It's always good when you come off a ball game like last Saturday that you get to play again the very next week. We felt like going into Stanford that we wanted to put our best foot forward. We wanted to…some of the keys would be, playing consistent football, doing things right down after down after down; playing with great pad level; being physical; playing fast, and winning the turnover margin. And we just didn't do that in a lot of areas. I think it's easy to point, to say that we didn't do that on defense, but on offense we didn't capitalize on opportunities. Defensively we were right, we were right - and when we were wrong we got killed for it. So we've got to do a better job of preparing our players and then ultimately get our players to a point where they play free, fast football again. I thought we took a step back that way; I thought we looked tentative again.

"That will be a point of emphasis for us this week as we get ready to play an extremely dangerous Arizona team - obviously led by Nick Foles, a guy that can throw it all over the field. But I think now, in all the years I've been preparing for Arizona, this is the best they've run the football, especially last week versus UCLA, and then against a defense that is continuously improving.

"So it's a great task for us. It's good to be coming home to Husky Stadium, to get in front of our fans. First night game - should be exciting."

On the process of repairing the psyche of the team - "It's started already. We have to understand where we're at. We're a 5-2 football team still, we're 3-1 in our conference. We've lost to two pretty dang good teams on the road. So the process has started, and it'll be better today after I get a chance to be with the guys again."

On the dangers of UA's run game, given how the defense did against Stanford - "I think last week was a little bit of a unique setting. Stanford got into a goal-line offense, and we couldn't get them out of it. We knew they had the potential to do that. That's why I felt like offensively, if we could have capitalized and gotten them to try more things…we just weren't able to do it. And they just wear you out. They are a big, physical team - and again I tip my hat to Stanford. They executed very well. That's one of the unique traits that they have - they know what they're doing, they do it very well, they don't run a bad play, and so I tip my hat to Stanford. They are a good team. Unfortunately part of the plan was to wait 'em out a little bit in the run game, to see if we could put pressure on them with our offense to get them out of their comfort zone, and we just weren't able to do that. The game plan we went in with, hoping to be successful, didn't work."

On the counters they ran - Luck's adjustments? - "Sure. He did a great job at the line of scrimmage - whether it was running the power play…if we were lined up in a certain direction, or going back the other way based on the counter play the other way based on our alignments. He knows that line of scrimmage and that formation very well, and it plays to their strengths. And they did a nice job with it."

On if Stanford is the toughest matchup in the Pac-12 - "We'll find out. We haven't played Oregon, we haven't played SC, we haven't played Arizona State. But I do know that they are a tough matchup for us, and they've been so now for three years. We'll obviously have to re-evaluate our schemes and how we try and defend Stanford, and also how we try to attack them. But also we have to continue to recruit. They are a big, physical team. You look at them in pre-game and you forget how big they are. I try not to remember how big they are until we have to remember how big they are when we play them. But the tight ends, the tackles, the defensive ends on defense, the defensive tackles - they are a big, strong, physical team that play very well straight-ahead, coming at you - and they take their toll on your. It's one of their unique traits."

You said your team was tentative…? - "I don't know exactly. You could easily say that because we didn't play great defensively right from the beginning. Y'know, I felt like our guys wanted to be right so much. They wanted to make sure that they were in their gaps so much, and they tax you by giving you extra gaps and extra linemen. I think our guys really made a conscious effort to be gap correct that they didn't let it go. It's one thing to be in your gap, but at some point you've got to beat the man across from you, you've got to get off the block. We need to coach that better. And that will start today."  

Has that been a problem all year? - "I don't. I don't. There have been times when we've been overaggressive, too aggressive, trying too hard to make a play, and we gave up some big plays that way as well. There's a fine line there of doing things right but doing it relentlessly and with great tenacity. And there's a fine line with trying too hard, being overaggressive, trying to make the play and then ultimately getting beat the other way too. There's a fine line there. For a time there we found that right balance, and obviously we lost it there at Stanford.  

Does Foles get lost in the shuffle of all the good Pac-12 quarterbacks out there? - "Sure. I think he's been playing good football now for quite some time in our conference. They're a very talented offensive football team, with Criner being back now, and Buckner, and Douglas in the slot. They tax you throwing the ball. But I think Nick Foles is a tremendous player. And I think he'll go to have a tremendous NFL career."  

Do they do anything different now that Stoops is gone? - "No, not really. They did a few things defensively a little different. They did some bare-front stuff, played a little more man-to-man defense. Offensively, I thought they were committing themselves a little more to the run than they had in the earlier weeks. But nothing that drastically different. It just looked like they loosened up, relaxed and went and had fun playing football. It was evident, even on the film – never mind the TV copy, you definitely notice it on the TV copy, but also on the coaches' copy of the film, they looked very elusive, free and they played fast. So it'll be a great challenge.

Is a new coach what makes them dangerous? - "I think so. I think there's something to be said about that. You never know what you're going to get in those types of games. So our preparation is going to be key, our ability to focus on the task at hand, understanding our game plan, and get back to our brand of football. I thought offensively, we did some nice things against Stanford in the first half. I think there were three-hundred-and-twenty-something yards there against a defense that hadn't been giving up very much all year, but unfortunately we didn't capitalize in the red zone in three different instances there. That hurt us in the second quarter. And I thought that set us in a little bit of a tailspin there into the third quarter for our football team. So we've got to be able to get that back offensively because I think we can do some things. We need to get back to playing more physical up front. I thought Stanford pushed us around pretty good up front, our offensive line. So there will be some key messages and things that we have to get to this week to get back to that.

Are you physically gifted on defense? - "I think it's a work in progress. In a perfect world I wish Danny Shelton could really redshirt for us. I wish Alameda Ta'amu was a redshirt junior. I wish Semisi was a redshirt freshman. I wish ... Johnny Timu was redshirting right now. But we're in a situation where we're playing a lot of young guys. Not only mentally but physically those games can take a tole on you so I think we'll only get better, especially in that type of a ball game. They physically and mentally Stanford to their credit really impose their will on you. If you would have told me going into the game Saturday that Andrew Luck would throw for 160 yards but we'd get beat by 44 points, I wouldn't have believed you. I didn't think that was possible, but it did. Obviously we need to continue to mature and grow."

Can you describe your role on the team when it comes to helping out the defense - "Well, I think in a sense I'm the CEO of this company. You can micro manage every little aspect of it if you like and if I do that I'm not going to last very long. Quite honestly. I'll be six feet deep here pretty soon. You can't do that. You have to put people in place that you trust and can count on to do a great job and you allow them to do their job. And you offer advice when you think advice is needed but you allow them to do their job."

Did you offer advice after the Stanford game? - "There is advice needed every day. There is no doubt about that. Advice is needed every day. I think I have a decent perspective of the game of football and I can see things that make sense to me and that don't make sense to me and I try to offer that advice."

How much of this is wearing on Nick Holt? - "I'm sure it's wearing on him. Nick is a tremendous football coach and has had a great deal of success in his career and it's frustrating for all of us. We're not proud of the face we're not playing defense the way we all think we can. We're not excited that we gave up 60 points this past Saturday. There is frustration, but I also think we understand there is room for improvement. We can get better and we will get better."

On any comparisons with the Nebraska game, when things got away from them in the third quarter - "I don't know. This game it felt like more the second quarter quite honestly. I think we got beat in the second quarter of this game 28-0 or 28-7 but the one score came early in the second quarter. We as a team it could be youth, it could be I'm just not sure what, psyche. When we've had opportunities to capitalize on things and to make some plays, to keep the pressure on our opponent and we didn't do it, it almost feels like the momentum really comes out of our sails and picks their sails up. It's something that I have to coach to better. I think back to NEbraska obviously we drop a third down conversion there on the first drive of the second half, they score, they kickoff, we fumble the kickoff, they score again, they kickoff, we go down the field, we go for it on fourth-and-2 in the red zone and don't get it and they score again. That felt eerily similar in this ball game in the second quarter where we drive down, we've got a 1st and goal on the 10 yard line, we get a holding penalty, it knocks us back, we missed the field goal, they go down and score, we drive down we think we're moving again, we throw the pick 6. A lot of the segments in there are very similar to where we have to find a way to capture our guys and refocus them within the ballgame before we even get to the locker room or before we even to the sidelines within a series, I've got to do a better job of that."

Is it harder to re-focus for the defense? - "I don't know. Maybe they go hand in hand. I'm not sure who it affects first. But it is something I am looking at, definitely, and trying to analyze as the head coach. How can we get to the point where we don't let things snowball on us, where we can stop the bleeding, re-focus and get back going in a positive direction quicker than we have."

How do you think Price played? - "I thought played a really gutsy performance. I thought Keith played well. They hit him quite a bit. And that can take it's toll, but I don't think that affected his decision making. I thought he kept his vision extremely well down the field. There's always a couple here and there you'd like to have back but the game just got away from us. I thought the best opportunity we had against a very good defense like Stanford was to remain balanced, to be able to run the ball, throw the ball. And we were able to do that early in the game, but as the game got out of hand we became a much more one-dimensional team. And they were able to really pin their ears back and get after Keith. I thought that's why we really started to sputter more offensively."

Can future foes just say, 'we've got to hit price to beat them?' or is Stanford just that good? - "Oh, I think Stanford's that good. We knew coming into the game they were leading our conference in sacks. They do a tremendous job of hitting the quarterback, through the echo of the whistle, in my opinion. They do a nice job of understanding what's late and what's not and finishing those hits. But that's one of Stanford's strengths to how they play defense. I think the reality of it is all of us would love to line up in power I and three tight ends and extra tackle and run power and counter the whole game. That doesn't fit our personnel. And I think the same think can be said of the defensive side of the ball and how they get after the quarterback and rush the passer."

Did Stanford do anything differently against Keith? - "No, that was all stuff we'd seen."

Did they do anything differently as opposed to previous opponents? - "No. As we'd talked about, we saw more 'cloud' coverage, two-high safety looks. We were anticipating seeing some of that, and I thought we did a nice job of attacking it and we were able to hit Austin a couple of times down the middle of the field there. And they were able to force some matchups to where they were able to bring one more than we could block at some situations, and put us in some one-on-one matchups where we had to really rely on our receivers to win. And we were able to do that for the most part. We had a couple protection breakdowns where Keith got hit on the release and didn't allow us to get the ball to the receiver but where I thought we had won in a one-on-one setting."

What is the pysche of these guys right now? - "I'll know better at 1:30. That's when I really get them all together. The message will be clear and they will understand what's needed to be done starting today and as we move forward starting to prepare for Saturday night's game. Again, we're a pretty good football team. You get beat, you get beat. I wouldn't feel any better or any worse if Stanford kicked a field goal with no time left to beat us than I feel right now with them beating us by 44 points. I've said this before: Losing sucks. None of us like it. We can sit and dwell on it and feel sorry for ourselves. But the reality is, we are 5-2. We are 3-1 in conference play and there's a lot of football left to be played. And we need to get right, and we need to get right today. We can't afford to sit in a lull right now of feeling sorry for ourselves and let this one ball game linger and turn it into one, two, three, four ball games. We need to get this right, get it fixed and get our mentality -- and as I said Saturday, get our mojo back. Today."

On being able to respond after losing big - "First, I hope we are not proud of that, getting blown out and coming back. Again, I've touched on this, I think this is an extremely resilient group, especially when we get a chance to assess things and come to a common understanding of where we are as a football team, and that's why I think we can fix the in-game issues we are having that I touched on earlier. I don't think it's for lack of mental toughness or resiliency for these guys, that's why I want to do a better job in-game. But out of game it's just coming to a better understanding of where we are at, what needs to be done, what the challenge is that lies ahead and re-focusing, and that's going to be what we have to get started on today.''

On if it's more challenging to rebuild a defense than an offense - "I would say they are remotely the same because one is you've got to have playmakers in place to do that, and two you need to have reliable and accountable schemes that can fit your personnel that you can get fixed and get tweaked and get right. And then three is the psyche part of it. And on both sides of the ball those things come into play. It's hard to be a really good offense if guys aren't making plays. As much as plays look good and look great on the board when you draw them up, if a guy can't beat press coverage or man-to-man coverage or if a guy can't make a throw or your left tackle can't block a guy, those plays don't look as good. And the same on defense --- if you can't cover in man coverage or you don't get off a block, those plays don't look as good. I think they go hand-in-hand both ways. So you need to understand where your strengths are and play to your strengths and then ultimately you've got to have the psyche and the mentality that you are going to make those plays and to go do it. So both of them are challenging to fix when things aren't going well and it takes time and it takes some success to build upon and it's not just going to happen overnight. You need to lay a foundation, you need to continue to build and there are going to be bumps in the road but you've got to continue to build and not panic and go off in some direction that are uncharted waters for you. If you are a shotgun spread team and you are not throwing the ball well I don't think it's real advantageous for you the next week to say we are going to line up in the Power-I 38 snaps and just think you are going to run power --- if you weren't built that way it's going to be hard to do. It goes both ways.''

On having two straight 7:30 p.m. games - "Nothing changes except for gameday. It's a little longer wait in the hotel, but outside of that I think for us late October, playing a home game in Husky Stadium at 7:30 at night is advantageous for us, for our fan base, from a weather perspective --- I think our kids really enjoy it.''

Any injuries? - "(Justin Glenn) hurt his foot a little bit there late in the ballgame, but nothing serious. We came out of it with no serious injuries but just like any ballgame we have our bumps and our bruises we will  have to work through early in the week.''

Did you see the streaker during the Arizona-UCLA game, and then the fight? What were your thoughts? - "It was funny. Everybody probably has a story from it. I was watching that game with my family. I had just gotten home. When the streaker happened – especially you have young kids you don't know it's a streaker because it looked like the official was coming out – we were cracking up, quite honestly. We were laughing and laughing. My son kept telling me, "rewind it, rewind it." He though it was so funny because they don't show the guy down in the end zone. They just showed him running on the field trying to get the ball. After rewinding it five or six times, then all of the sudden you see the brawl, and it was "whoa, what just happened." It captured our attention for a good 30 minutes.

"But it's a little unfortunate because I think of our conference as an extremely classy conference. The Pac 12 conference to me is about class - the universities that are in it, the football programs, the coaches and the players that were there before us. I wish it hadn't occurred. Obviously, I think both universities wish it hadn't occurred.

Do you think the Pac-12 is delivering a message with the suspensions? - "Sure, pretty significant. You know, pretty significant. It's a great teaching point for our players, obviously. One, you can't throw punches. Two, you can't leave the bench. So we've got to do a really good job as a coaching staff if we ever get placed in that instance, let the officials take care of what's going on the field and let's make sure that the guys that are on the sideline remain on the sideline.

On if UA will be affected with losing four defensive backs - "It can in the sense is that Shaq Richardson is obviously a starter and a very good player for them. But they have other guys in place. They've recruited well and they've done a nice job for years recruiting DBs, I don't think we'll see a big drop off that way. Three of the four starters are still playing for them, so I would imagine they will be ok."

On if seeing Eastern and Hawaii and seeing Arizona a few years ago help any when it comes to game-planning against them? - "We saw that two years ago, here really utilizing the quick game and throwing the ball against us. I think we've grown in that department in understanding that and the stickiness in our coverage. I'm probably the most delighted they are going to line up in 32 personnel and run power Saturday. Quite honestly, I got a little tired of watching unit."

What is the significance of the black uniforms? - "Wearing the all black uniforms, we did last year for the Thursday night game against UCLA and again in the Holiday Bowl for the night game. It just feels fitting. It's homecoming;. We are excited about it. I know our kids love wearing them. I think the fanbase is excited about it and our students. Just to get the messaging out today that we are wearing the all blacks, to get the black out for Saturday night and get people excited. We expect Husky Stadium to be rocking. It's just one more reason to do that."

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Scott Panitz:
1:13 am

Keith Price Monday Quotes

Before you read the quotes, let me just say one thing about Keith's tone today -- it was not the guy we've been accustomed to.  He was still pretty positive, but he wasn't upbeat and smiling the way we're used to seeing him.  He was clearly affected by the loss at Stanford and it's sticking with him.  It will be interesting to see how he responds.

On the team's psyche rebuild:

"We're going to treat it like any other game.  We're going to get ready for Arizona and we're going to do our best to try and beat them."


On how hard it is to get ready for a different opponent after a loss like they took Saturday:

"It's definitely tough, you know, you get embarrassed like that.  But we're just going to come in and, that's our focus, Arizona.


On the tough part about it:

"It definitely surprised us.  I wasn't expecting to lose like that and any time you go in expecting to win and the results are that far off, it's tough."


On how many plays the team left on the field:

"We left a lot of plays, but hey, it happens."


On what ways they weren't converting as they had been in previous games:

"I've just got to make throws.  Even if I'm under pressure, I have to make those throws.  Those are throws that I could make and I didn't ‘em."


On how tough it is, mentally, to go through the game and try not to let things snowball:

"It's rough.  It's rough, you know, because you're trying to help everybody, keep everybody up, but then again, the score is just like…there's no way we can win the game.  It's hard to, you know, to keep your motor going."


On taking a bunch of hits on Saturday:

"It's not going to give me happy feet or anything, I'm going to still stay in the pocket and I'm going to still throw the ball."


On how his body's feeling today:

"It's a little sore, just like every other Monday."


On whether he would have run down the guy on the pick-six in a perfect health situation:

[Laughs] "Oh yeah, oh yeah.  I would've probably caught him, but no excuses, I couldn't catch him – he was too fast."


On the knees and ankle not being an issue during the game:

"Oh no, it wasn't an issue.  We lost fair and square."


On using the loss against Nebraska as a learning experience:

"Oh we're going to bounce back, trust me.  You'll see Saturday, we'll bounce back."


On how the team will not get caught up in the score if it's a shootout again this week:

"Just do our jobs, you know, we got caught up in trying to score every possession.  You know, ‘Hey we gotta do this, we gotta do that.'  We just need to settle down on offense and do our job."


On what it is about the team that makes him sure the team will bounce back:

"Just the plane ride home.  I have never – even after the Nebraska game – this game was just humbling, just getting our butts beat like that.  I saw tears, I saw it all, you know, and I'm happy about that.  That people actually care about that."


On how the flight home was different than the flight home after Nebraska:

"I mean the game got out of control, but this game – it was embarrassing, just offensively and defensively."


On playing under the lights for a blackout:

"It's going to be fun, a blackout.  It's going to be fun in the all black unis, it should be pretty sweet."

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Eric Dore:
12:58 am

James Johnson Monday Quotes

On if he was surprised Stanford was able to shut the offense down: "Stanford has a great team on both sides of the ball.  They did a really good job of taking advantage of our weak points on the field.  Like I said they're a great team and our hat really goes off to those guys and they did an amazing job, but it is what it is we're moving forward and it's all about Arizona now."


On if he felt like the offense was out of rhythm: "Yeah definitely there were some times in the game where things didn't happen the way we expected them to, but it's all a part of growing as a team and we thought we were going to be much more prepared going into the game versus those guys.  In the end those guys came out on top.  I believe effort-wise we did as best as we could, but we got to go out there, execute and do more especially in big games like that."


On how little mistakes affected them: "It's huge, you got to execute in games like that and Stanford is a team who doesn't make many mistakes.  They're very fundamentally sound.  Those guys are where they need to be on every single play and that's why they're as good as they are.  When you play teams like that you can't make mistakes like that.  You got to go out there and you got to execute and do what you have to do and that's each person individually and at times we didn't do that.  That's why the score ended up being what it was."


On feeling like they had to answer every time: "It's tough because as an offense you see what's happening and Stanford's scoring and doing what they need to do.  Everyone had a sense of urgency to go out there and take the game so bad but when things like that happen we just got to relax and go out there.  We can't allow the tempo of the game to change what we're doing and our gameplan.  I think that happened for a bunch of guys out there including myself so we just got to grow, it's going to be a growing experience and everyone who played in the game grew from this game and we'll be better because of it."


On if this game is harder than most to turn the page: "I'm not going to say it's a little bit harder, but everybody's bitter, everybody's definitely biter about the loss even though that they're over it as well.  More importantly a thing that is going to happen is everybody is going to be more fired up.  No one likes losing a loss is a loss but to take a loss like that it really hurts but the team that we have here we have guys in our locker room who are going to be motivated.  We're going to be looking forward to playing these guys."


On how important it will be to start fast and get their mojo back: "It's going to be very important to go out there and do what we need to do against these guys just like it would be against anybody else.  Like I said we have dudes who are fired up and offensively we got to respond much better and defensively as well and also on special teams, all three phases of the game I think we need to improve and come out on fire."

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Chris Fetters:
10:37 am

UW Weekly Depth Chart Released

Washington's Depth Chart vs. Arizona


WR - Jermaine Kearse 6-2 208, Sr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

LT - Senio Kelemete 6-4 301, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Evergreen
Micah Hatchie 6-5 285, RFr., Haleiwa, Hawai'i/Waialua

LG - Colin Tanigawa 6-3 297, RFr., Pasadena, Calif./Loyola
Nick Wood 6-3 303, Sr., Poway, Calif./Poway

Center - Drew Schaefer 6-4 301, Jr., Sammamish, Wash./Eastlake
Michael Criste 6-5 280, RFr., Mission Viejo, Calif./Mission Viejo

RG - Colin Porter 6-4 322, So., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Skyler Fancher 6-6 301, Sr., Costa Mesa, Calif./Huntington Beach OR
James Atoe 6-6 337, RFr, The Dalles, Ore./The Dalles-Wahtonka

RT - Erik Kohler 6-5 298, So., Camarillo, Calif./Oaks Christian
Ben Riva 6-6 300, RFr., Seattle, Wash./O'Dea

TE - Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6-6 258, Fr., Fox Island, Wash./Gig Harbor OR
Michael Hartvigson 6-6 254, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Evan Hudson 6-6 260, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell

QB - Keith Price 6-1 195, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
Nick Montana 6-3 203, RFr., Thousand Oaks, Calif./Oaks Christian
Derrick Brown 6-3 236, Fr., Winchester, Calif./Vista Murrieta

FB - Jonathan Amosa 5-11 230, Jr., Seattle, Wash./Rainier Beach
Tim Tucker 6-1 240, So., Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne

TB - Chris Polk 5-11 222, Jr., Redlands, Calif./East Valley
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren
Bishop Sankey 5-10 193, Fr., Spokane, Wash./Gonzaga Prep

WR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial

WR - James Johnson 6-1 198, Jr., Valley Center, Calif./Valley Center
DiAndre Campbell 6-1 195, RFr., Oakland, Calif./Oakland Tech


DE - Everrette Thompson 6-6 272, Sr., Renton, Wash./Kennedy
Andrew Hudson 6-3 231, RFr., Redlands, Cailf./Redlands East Valley

DT - Alameda Ta'amu 6-3 337, Sr., Kent, Wash./Rainier Beach
Danny Shelton 6-1 334, Fr., Auburn, Wash./Auburn
Lawrence Lagafuaina 6-0 329, RFr., Aiea, Hawai'i/Aiea, Hawai'i

DT -
Sione Potoae 6-2 276, So., Fort Lewis, Wash./Lakes OR
Semisi Tokolahi 6-2 334, Jr., Hilo, Hawai'i/Hilo

DE - Josh Shirley 6-3 229, RFr., Fontana, Calif./Kaiser
Talia Crichton 6-3 255, Jr.,Lakewood, Calif./Lakewood

OLB - John Timu 6-1 220, Fr., Long Beach, Calif./Long Beach Jordan OR
Jamaal Kearse 6-2 224, RFr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Cooper Pelluer 6-3 225, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

MIK - Cort Dennison 6-1 234 Sr., Salt Lake City, Utah/Judge Memorial
Thomas Tutogi 6-1 244, So., Chula Vista, Calif./Southwestern JC
Tim Tucker 6-1 240, So., Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne

OLB - Princeton Fuimaono 6-1 215, So., Long Beach, Calif./LB Jordan OR
Garret Gilliland 6-0 226, So., Anaheim, Calif./Orange Lutheran

FS - Nathan Fellner 6-1 201, Jr., Fresno, Calif./Clovis West OR
Justin Glenn 5-11 206, Jr., Mukilteo, Wash./Kamiak
Taz Stevenson 6-1 203, So., Mililani, Hawai'i/Mililani

SS - Sean Parker 5-10 202, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Narbonne
Will Shamburger 6-0 192, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
James Sample 6-2 191, Fr., Sacramento, Calif./Grant
Greg Walker 5-10 203, Jr., Bellflower, Calif./St. Bernard

CB - Quinton Richardson 6-0 203, Sr., Renton, Wash./O'Dea OR
Gregory Ducre 5-10 173, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Crenshaw

CB - Desmond Trufant 6-0 184, Jr., Tacoma, Wash./Wilson
Anthony Gobern 5-11 187, Jr., Fair Oaks, Calif./Del Campo
Marcus Peters 5-11 185, Fr., Oakland, Calif./McClymonds


Punter - Kiel Rasp 6-3 225, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Nathan Hale OR
Will Mahan 5-11 196, Sr., Bakersfield, Calif./Bakersfield College

PK - Erik Folk 5-11 185, Sr., Woodland Hills, Calif./Notre Dame

Long Snap - Brendan Lopez 6-0 231, Sr., Bellevue, Wash./Michigan

Holder - William Chandler 6-0 191, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

KOR - Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren

PR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

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