Trip Report - Samson Kafovalu

Washington is in need of several defensive line prospects in their 2012 recruiting class with two starters graduating after the season. One player they have really turned up the heat on recently is Arlington (Riverside, Ca.) DE Samson Kafovalu and the talented prospect was on campus this weekend to watch Washington beat Arizona and said he came away very impressed with what he saw...

"I loved everything about it," Kafovalu told shortly after arriving home. "I had a great time up there with Hauoli Jamora, my host, and just loved the atmosphere at the game, the players and their special bond to each other and the coaches.

"It was a great trip."

Kafovalu mentioned the Polynesian community will play a big part in where he ends up and said Washington's is the best he's seen so far.

"I've only taken one official, to Colorado, but I've visited a bunch of different schools and Washington's players are all real tight," Kafovalu said. "They have a great bond with each other and I like the 'family feel' they have up there.

"They really made me think a lot about things."

Specifically, Kafovalu said they made him think about committing.

"I'm just not sure yet," Kafovalu said. "My family is all for me going wherever I want to go and I loved it there (at Washington) but I still need to make sure I'm 100% in and right now I'm not, but it's going to take a lot to beat Washington.

"The coaches are great, you have the stadium and the lake and the fans are all real passionate. You can't get much better than that and while I was there I had all of my questions answered and I know I would fit in there really well."

Kafovalu said he wants to finish out his senior season before he makes a decision.

"I am worried about my season and my team right now so recruiting isn't right there yet for me," Kafovalu noted. "After my season I will probably sit down with my family and decide and then I will be done.

"I'm not even sure if I will take any more visits right now and I feel like I will have my decision done before December or at least before (Christmas)."

We will continue to keep track of things and update news as it happens with Kafovalu.

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