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Washington is already bowl eligible at 6-2 after defeating Arizona last weekend. Tomorrow night is the final game in Husky Stadium before it's year-long remodel. How will the Huskies handle the Oregon Ducks, a team that is looking to run the table the rest of the way? Here is what the staff thinks.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru (8-0):

This Oregon team is fast. So that worries me when it comes to our defense. I am fairly certain they will score. I think our best defense is our offense. Polk should rack up some yards with inside runs. I don't believe we can run away from them, but I feel we can run through them. Also our TE inside the hashes could do some damage also. We will score. I just don't think we can keep up for the whole game. Maybe the atmosphere of this game may give us the extra boost we need to get a victory. I just don't think so.

Prediction: Oregon 44, Washington 31
Shane Pahukoa – Former UW safety Extraordinaire (6-2):

I've always wondered how a school like Oregon could get top recruits. Was it the enchanting lure of Eugene, the green gardens of Hendricks Park….or the fact that the movie Animal House was filmed there? I wonder if it has anything to do with Phil Knight and Nike…I don't know…I'm just saying. Anyway…I hate Oregon and everything about them. Always have and always will. No way will I pick Oregon to win this game. Our offense has the tools and athletes to keep up with Oregon. We'll need to get Seferian-Jenkins much more involved in the passing game. He had one catch last week. That's clearly not enough. So…we all know the defense is the weak link. I don't see them improving that much to stop or even slow down Oregon. I'm hoping we can get them into third and longs and punting situations. I pray. Oh…I know that states should be capitalized….but they don't deserve it.

Prediction: Washington 42, Oregon 38
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com intern (7-1):

Husky fans are going to be partying like it's 1991 on Saturday. A night game and an early-arriving crowd equal an electric atmosphere for Husky Stadium's swan (duck) song. Oregon could be ripe for the picking, especially if it's looking toward next week's matchup with No. 4 Stanford, but Washington must be near perfect to pull of the upset. Chris Polk has, obviously, hit his stride and Keith Price actually has experience against the hated rival from Eugene, but the Ducks and Dawgs haven't had a competitive game in seven years, and Washington's last big test (in Palo Alto) ended in embarrassment. Nick Holt will get a cooler of Gatorade to drench his rather toasty seat if his defense plays disciplined 'bend-but-don't-break' football and forces several turnovers, while the law firm of Polk, Price and Co. eats clock and capitalizes on all opportunities. If Oregon gets ahead by a few scores early and takes the crowd out of the game, the offense will press and we'll have another laugher on our hands. Unfortunately, I think Oregon will score first and have Washington playing catch-up the rest of the game. The Duck pull away in the third quarter and win it 55-42.

Prediction: Oregon 55, Washington 42
Eric Dore – Dawgman.com Intern (7-1):

Nick Holt on Tuesday stated, "I don't know if we're that fast, these guys are really, really fast." If the Huskies don't have the speed of Oregon then they are going to have to contest it with scheme, angles, and tackling. When teams don't have the luxury of an off-season or a month before they play the Ducks they haven't faired well recently. The last time the Ducks lost a game that wasn't their bowl game or their first game of the season was in 2009 to Stanford. This shows how hard their gimmick of an offense is to stop when teams don't have time to prepare for it. If it wasn't already a big enough challenge to combat Oregon's offense, Washington goes from playing the Power-I of Stanford one week, to Arizona's Air-raid attack the next, to now the Option offense of Oregon – three completely different offenses in three weeks. Defensively the Ducks are prone to giving up yards (400/game), but they are good at limiting teams to field goals, only giving up a little over two touchdowns per game. In order to pull the upset the Huskies will have to continue their potency in the red zone and score touchdowns.

Prediction: Oregon 52, Washington 37
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director (7-0):

I grew up a Husky fan in Oregon and would drive up with my parents on game day to sit in the fun zone with a friend or by myself. Washington was my only college application and I can still visualize pulling my acceptance letter out of the mailbox. Husky Football and Husky Stadium were huge reasons why I went to UW and now live in Seattle. I was there for the birth of The Wave...for Pelleur, Flick, Millen, Chandler, Huard, Huard, Tui and Locker...for Spider Gaines, Skansi, Pattison, Bailey, Bruener and Williams...for Steele, Lewis, Beno, Kaufman, Dillon and Polk...for Holmes, Emtman, Hoffman, Milloy and Foster...for All I Saw Was Purple...for Apple Cups...upsets...pouring rain...sunny days...Tequila!...tailgating...friends and family. I have a thousand amazing memories of Husky Stadium and I'm hoping for just one more. The old Dawg goes out in style.

Prediction: Washington 41, Nike U 38
Joe Kaiser – Dawgman.com stud (6-2):

Will the magical night planned in the final game at old Husky Stadium translate to a UW win over Oregon on the football field? Probably not -- you only have to go back two weeks (Stanford!) to see what a great offense can do to this porous Husky defense. Look for the Huskies to stay with Oregon through the first half, but for the Ducks to pull away in the final two quarters. One Husky defender to keep an eye on in this one, though, will be Princeton Fuimaono. The sophomore made some big plays last week vs. Arizona and may be blossoming before our very eyes. Still, that won't be enough for this Husky defense -- not against an offense like Oregon's. Suit up Emtman and Hoffman ...

Prediction: Oregon 48, Washington 27
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru (7-1):

I see only one way Washington wins this week against Oregon - their offense must play an almost perfect game (no turnovers and stay on the field for a long time) and defensively, they have to get a couple of turnovers and force Oregon into long-yardage situations -- if they can do both of those, the Huskies have a chance to get their first win in eight years over their rivals to the south. The problem is, Oregon is so fast, that you can play almost a perfect game defensively and they will still run away from you in the fourth quarter as you wear down. The Husky offense should be able to put some points on the board and I think the defense will keep things contained for a half, but I just don't see the Dawgs getting a win in the last game at old Husky Stadium.

Prediction: Oregon 42, Washington 38
Dick Baird – former recruiting coordinator and LB coach (6-2):

I always want the Huskies to win and could care less if anyone accepts my credibility or not. So, I think Washington wins a close one by less than a touchdown. Why, because both offenses are better than both defenses and Washington wins the kicking game with a Kevin Smith kickoff return and two Erik Folk field goals. Yes, that means we also score 6 touchdowns and hold The Ducks to 6 touchdowns but they miss a two point try and have to settle for one field goal. If I'm right, I'll be go to hell.

Prediction: Washington 48, Oregon 43
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (7-1):

Definitely a heart-head game here; heart says that with all the mojo produced for this game - 91 champs in town, Senior Night, last game in Husky Stadium, etc... - that there's no way any team would stand a chance against all that. Head says UO has been rolling people by an average of more than 20 points ever since losing to LSU, and not much should change in this game, even though Washington's offense has been potent in its own right. Head wins here. Just like with Stanford, the O will feel the heat when it becomes clear the defense isn't going to be able to stop the three-headed monster of LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner and De'Anthony Thomas. To have any chance at beating the Ducks, Washington has to play perfect special teams and win the turnover battle. They'll hang with UO for a while, buoyed by the energy of Husky Stadium, but the second half is where the Ducks usually roll, and that scenario will play out yet again. The Huskies are now competitive with UO, something they couldn't say five years ago, but they still don't have the firepower to stay with the Ducks for four quarters. Not many teams do.

Prediction: Oregon 52, Washington 28
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations (8-0):

I wanted to head out to Husky Stadium today to take some final photos before she's gone. I knew on game day I wouldn't be able to go where I could go today. I didn't really think too much about it. I just grabbed my gear, stopped by Dick's for a Deluxe, and headed to Husky Stadium like I've done hundreds of times before. I didn't think much of it. I took a few pictures outside before I went in. Then it hit me. She'll be gone in a few days. I thought I'd be in and out in 30 minutes or so; I spent two-and-a-half hours there. She's not doing well these days: The paint is peeling; the rust is seeping through; the wiring is dangerous; the press box feels like it's going to fall down. She's a mess. She's not going to go quietly, though. She has one more fight left in her. I got a real weird feeling in there. There's no way she's going to let Oregon come in and own her. She has one more fight left in her before the lights go down, the power goes out and she shuts her eyes for good. She'll do so proudly, with a smile on her face, and Oregon won't know what hit them. She may be old. She may be tired. But she's awesome. And when the game is over, stay awhile and enjoy it.

Prediction: Washington 42, Oregon 38
David R. Samek – Dawgman (7-1):

Washington's offense can keep pace with anyone in the country, including Oregon. The Huskies overcame adversity over and over last Saturday to win convincingly. It really showed me something. Oregon is going to put speed on the field unlike Washington has seen before. The Ducks will break long plays on the Husky defense, particularly DeAnthony Thomas, for whom the Huskies have no answer for. Still, I think that somehow the Huskies find a way to win in the end. Steve Sarkisian has changed the culture of Washington football. His team believes it can win on Saturday, and I think they are ready to make that step. Keith Price will outplay both Oregon quarterbacks and a couple of timely turnovers in the second half will allow the Huskies to pull off the victory.

Prediction: Washington 41, Oregon 33

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