Garnett takes in last game at Husky Stadium

Washington had a ton of prospects in the house last night to see their game against Oregon and one of the most coveted is Puyallup (Wa.) OL Joshua Garnett. spoke to the talented local lineman Sunday afternoon and he updated us on his season, recruiting and gave us his thoughts on the final game at Husky Stadium...

"Honestly it was a great game, I thought, for both teams," Garnett told "I thought Washington had some chances, but they weren't able to convert and Oregon was real consistent.

"I loved the game though. That atmosphere was great and I spent a lot of time talking with Zach (Banner) and Scott (Rose) who were there too."

Garnett also got to speak to the Washington coaches after the game.

"They just said they felt like they were close and that they played well at times, but just couldn't get the win," Garnett said. "I didn't see them hanging their heads or anything. They were just ready to get back to work and get their third-straight win over USC this coming weekend."

Garnett and his team made the preliminary round of the state playoffs, but lost on Friday night to a good Olympia team 38-21 and he gave us an evaluation of his season.

"I thought I did much better this year than last year because this year I wasn't all worried about getting scholarships," Garnett said. "When you can stop focusing on your personal goals and you start to focus on your team and their success, it really helps you. At least that's what I feel."

Garnett played both ways for the Vikings and admitted that the relative anonymity of playing offensive line also helped him on the defensive side of the ball.

"I played both ways for us and felt like I did well on both sides of the ball," Garnett said. "I ended up the season with something like four or five sacks (to go along with 45 tackles), but one of my teammates ended up with 10 sacks to lead our team and people always asked me if that frustrated me, but I always said if he gets the sacks and the glory, that's fine with me. I wanted our team to be successful and if that meant someone else got to make the plays because I forced something inside or forced a play, then that was okay with me."

On the recruiting front, Garnett said he just finalized a visit to Michigan when they host Nebraska on November 19th and he said he has tentative plans to visit Oklahoma when the Sooners take on Iowa State November 26th.

As far as the rest of his visits, he's unsure which schools will get an official, but said he hasn't ruled out a visit to Washington.

"I've sorta been re-thinking that and I'm thinking about visiting both Stanford and Washington (officially)," Garnett said. "Nothing is for sure, but I'm thinking about doing that.

"Now that my season is over, it's something I can focus on a little more and we'll see what happens, but that is not a done deal as far as not visiting either one of them."

We will continue to check in on Garnett in the coming weeks and we will update things as they happen.

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