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Welcome to the bellwether game for the Washington Huskies in 2011. Is this the game the Dawgs get over their current slump and gain their seventh win? Here is what the staff thinks will happen Saturday afternoon in Corvallis.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru (10-0):

I heard this week that OSU has given up over 800 yards in rushing their last 3 games. This game is made for Chris Polk. Given the fact that Montana may start. What a better way to ease him in by taking a lot of the pressure off. Just hand the ball to Chris and let him do what he does best. Even if Keith starts. I wouldn't expect him to have his full mobility back. Which to me is what makes him dangerous. My layman recipe would be to pound Polk. Force OSU to stack the box. Then use the play action to hit some of our talented receivers. Easier said than done I know. On the other side of the ball we need some stops. I know Cort Dennison is leading the league in tackles, but for me that is a tad misleading. Lately our defense has been on the field a lot more. That needs to change. This is the game for that. Our efficiency at scoring is way better than the Beavers. 14 plays per 7 points to their 24. Time for a road win. .

Prediction: Washington 30, Oregon State 24
Shane Pahukoa – Former UW safety Extraordinaire (6-4):

Ha Ha! My prediction is early this week! Thanks again for the great meal Lawry's, Kim. And now….Men….it's time to buckle down and get these last 2 wins. First up, the Beavers. Oregon State's QB Sean Mannion seems to be having a pretty decent year throwing the ball, which obviously means bad news for the Husky secondary. Mannion is averaging 269 passing per game and I'm sure he'll be looking to improve that average against our mediocre Husky defense. The defense has to control the line of scrimmage and blitz as often as possible. Causing havoc in the backfield will confuse and disrupt Mannion's thinking and pass progressions. Whether Price or Montana starts this Saturday means very little to me. After all it doesn't take much to hand the ball of to Mr. Polk. The Beaver defense is allowing 183 yards on the ground per game. I expect Polk to get at least that much on Saturday if not more! Don't look for the Husky receivers to be too involved in the game plan come Saturday. My Dawgs are gonna wear that Beaver out come Saturday!! BOW DOWN.

Prediction: Washington 48, Oregon State 20
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com intern (9-1):

The question all week has been whether a 100 percent healthy Nick Montana is better than a 50 percent healthy Keith Price. Sark thinks so, naming Montana the starter for Saturday's game. One thing going for Montana is that he has some experience, which should prove valuable, especially going on the road. I'd be more concerned about the chances if they weren't playing a truly bad team in Oregon State. The Dawgs still have a guy named Polk and the Beavers give up 183.7 ypg on the ground. Polk will be hungry for carries after just nine totes against SC, and Sark will feed him. Polk carries the ball 25-30 times, racks up at least 150 yards and two touchdowns and the Nick Montana-Kasen Williams connection links up for another big play or two. Husky fans might be a bit nervous during the first half, but talent will eventually win out and Washington has a lot more talent. Washington has taken care of inferior opposition all season, and the team gets back to its winning ways, 31-17.

Prediction: Washington 31, Oregon State 17
Eric Dore – Dawgman.com Intern (9-1):

In all likelihood, red-shirt freshman quarterback Nick Montana will pickup his first start of his career at a time where the Huskies definitely need a bounce back win. A win on the road would give Washington some much-needed momentum going into the final couple games of the year. To pickup a win over the Beavers, the Husky defense will have to step up and force OSU quarterback Brock Mannion into interceptions. Creating interceptions has been an issue all year for this defense, however the young Mannion is susceptible to being careless with his throws. On offense for the Dawgs, I expect Coach Sark to hop back on the Chris Polk horse after he only tallied nine carries last week. Expect Polk to be heavily involved not only in the rushing game, but as Montana's check-down receiver as well.

Prediction: Washington 26, Oregon State 20
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director (8-1):

I hate that I'm already paying more attention to the Husky Hoop and Football Recruiting blogs than I am Husky Football. But that's what when you don't just lose the big games, but get hammered in them. This game will ride on the offensive line and Chris Polk. If they can get him yards and make it a little easier for Montana to get comfortable then they've got a chance. Sark has never won in Corvallis and really wants to get that Beaver off his back. Polk rolls, Montana leans on ASJ, defense creates turnovers, Huskies win...

Prediction: Washington 31, Oregon State 24
Joe Kaiser – Dawgman.com stud (8-2):

How do you get better when the season seems to be slipping away? This year, you play Oregon State. Yes, the Beavers are traditionally a team under Mike Riley that improves as the season wears on, but this OSU team appears to be different. Even with the backup QB in there, Nick Montana, the Huskies have too much firepower on offense for OSU to handle. Even in Corvallis. The better matchup could come on the basketball court this season, where Craig Robinson and Lorenzo Romar are both undefeated so far.

Prediction: Washington 38, Oregon State 20
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru (8-2):

This game is easy to predict - if UW decides to come out, be physical and establish a running game, they should win and win easily. If Steve Sarkisian and the staff get too cute, use too much motion, try to establish either Nick Montana or Keith Price too early, they will get blown out. Sark isn't into self immolation and knows this team needs some confidence and what better way to do that than to fire out and be physical from the "get go".

Prediction: Washington 28, Oregon State 20
Dick Baird – former recruiting coordinator and LB coach (6-4):

Washington is going to turn it around this weekend. They are going to thrive in the cold weather and the defense is going to come up with some key turnovers in Corvallis. Chris Polk will certainly get more carries than 9 and he will go over 100 yards, leading the way. He will find the end zone three times and that should be enough to lead the Dawgs to their seventh win.

Prediction: Washington 24, Oregon State 17
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (8-2):

I wasn't going to predict a Washington win until I saw the team practice on Thursday. Some of it had to do with the fact that Keith Price wouldn't be playing, but the reality is he hasn't been healthy for a while; some of it had to do with the fact that the defense was playing better, but still susceptible to giving up big plays. Thursday I watched a team that is 'on edge' - a term Steve Sarkisian used after practice. I agree with him. I think they know this can be a real important game for them - not just in the short term for this season, but what it means for the program going forward. These are games a good program should win, no matter if it's with their first-string QB or not. This is a game they should win, rain or shine. And I think we'll see Washington's offensive and defensive lines re-assert themselves and put forth the kind of effort you would expect for a team at the end of a season on the rise.

Prediction: Washington 24, Oregon State 21
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations (9-1):

It's going to be cold. It's going to rain. It's going to be miserable . It's Oregon. Why am I going? To see Chris Polk rush for 200 yards. It will be miserable but it will be worth it. Washington will turn it around this weekend and get back in the win column, setting up an Apple Cup that could mean a great deal. 8 wins would get the Huskies into a very good bowl.

Prediction: Washington 38, Oregon State 24
David R. Samek – Dawgman (8-2):

If ever there was a game where the offensive line needed to come together, it's this one. Chris Polk should get close to 30 carries on Saturday. OSU knows it's coming, and frankly, if they don't get it, they'll probably win. Washington absolutely MUST put the ball in #1's hands and let him carry them to this win on his shoulders. On defense, OSU doesn't pose a huge threat, so as long as there aren't dumb mistakes by the young linebackers, this one should go according to plan. Take wise angles, don't give up the big plays, and let Polk do his thing. The OL needs to open something resembling a hole though. I'm betting they do just enough.

Prediction: Washington 23, Oregon State 21

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