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Well, the Huskies look to stop a three-game slide against the improving Cougars, who look to send the Dawgs to a lower tier bowl and prevent their seventh win of the season. Here is what the staff thinks will happen Saturday afternoon in Seattle's CenturyLink Field.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru (10-1):

It is Apple Cup time where we can throw out the records. I guess I could list off some stats, but really have those mattered much in this game in the past? The game is being played in what I would call somewhat of a neutral field. The home crowd will be dictated by which team has the most fans in the seats I think. I believe it will be a close game. Cougars have a fair defense, We have Polk. Our defense has got to start making stops. Especially on 3rd & long. Let's get it done this week DAWGs.

Prediction: Washington 35, WSU 30
Shane Pahukoa – Former UW safety Extraordinaire (6-5):

Apple Cup Week!! You can just about throw out each teams record for this game. Both teams are not playing especially great football these days. WSU will be without starting QB Conner Halliday and WR Isaiah Barton for this game. But Marshall Lobbestael is no slouch at QB. He and the rest of the Cougars will be playing their little cougar hearts out.... trying desperately to snatch the Apple Cup from our Dawgs paws. Even though our defense is horrible...horrendous...atrocious...etc...I think we win this game. We've heard all the excuses...with injuries and lack of depth. We know our defense is gonna give up the yards. I feel like I'm repeating myself every week on here. It's always the bend don't break mentality on the defensive side of the ball. It's tough for the offense to carry that huge of a burden. But, if there's one guy you can count on... to put the team on his shoulders, its Chris Polk. Big players in Big games show up to play. My last play in a Apple Cup... was me getting ejected after a cougar player grabbed my "you know what" under the pile. I got up and kicked the hell out of him.......as the yellow flags rained down on upon me!! WSU SUCKS.

Prediction: Washington 38, WSU 24
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com intern (9-2):

This prediction would have been much easier to make had the game fallen at the begging of November. Washington would have been 6-2 and coming off of a win over Arizona while the Cougs would have just lost the fourth of five straight games. That game would have been so easy to pick; I'd have been like: "BAM - Dawgs tame Cats 48-17." And I would have done so confidently. Now, I'm not so certain. Calling the recent Husky performances a malaise would be an understatement. To be sure, it's been regression. The offense has averaged just 18.3 points since that Arizona win, while the defense has continued to be awful. Quarterback Keith Price, earlier touted by ESPN's KC Joyner as the most underrated player in college football, has been in and out of the lineup. Even when he's been playing, he's looked a totally different guy than he did in the start of the season. His play has been tentative and nervous - he's afraid to make a mistake. The defense has felt the pressure of the lack of offensive production in recent weeks and has pressed because of it. They are constantly in position to make plays, but can't seem to finish them off, missing tackles and blowing coverages. That being said, the team they're playing is still Paul Wulff's Cougars. Though they have been playing better recently, they are not as talented as the Huskies. Wide receiver Marquis Wilson is a baller who will likely take advantage of the Downy-soft Washington secondary, and Marshall "Lobster" Lobbestael has proven he can put up big numbers. But I just can't do it. I can't pick the Cougs over the Dawgs. It wouldn't be right. They still have Chris Polk. Jermaine Kearse might yet have some magic left in his slippery little hands. Price will be back, and there's no way John Timu misses 10 tackles again. Sark hasn't lost to the Cougars yet, and I don't think he will this week. It'll be a squeaker, but the Dawgs will pull it off.

Prediction: Washington 35, WSU 34
Eric Dore – Dawgman.com Intern (9-2):

We saw just how important Keith Price is to this offense last week. Outside of a fluky interception that should have gone for a touchdown, Price went 5-8 for 78 yards and a touchdown on one leg. Getting him back healthier this week is important for an offense that has only scored more than 30 points once in the past five games. A healthier Keith Price coupled with the fact that WSU only has one win in their past 7 games sets up a perfect opportunity for UW to end this season on a high note. A 7-5 season clinches back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since the 2001and 2002 seasons – an important benchmark for a program moving forward. I expect Chris Polk to follow up his 284-yard performance of last year with another big game this season, in which will be his final regular season game as a Husky. Enjoy it Dawg fans and remember we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – at least we aren't Coug fans.

Prediction: Washington 38, WSU 26
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director (8-1):

Last year I drove to the Apple Cup in a Winnebago with 10 buddies. Trip over was easy, pregame was great, fantastic game, close finish, we win the game, and then...as I (along with 3000 other husky fans) start to climb over the railing I feel a push. At first I think I'm just being bumped until I see a Coug in his best lambs wool Levi jacket look me in the eye and then push me again trying to make me fall off-balance 7 feet to the surface. I say "What the #$%!!!" He says, "you wouldn't have died!" All while a college student lay motionless 10-feet from us after falling off the railing to the ground. We end up exchanging a few more words and I jump to the ground. He kept yelling at me and finally ended with "Suck my #$%@!!!" I tell him that his giant plaid wearing friend standing next to him could probably handle that. At this point the Coug, who surely drives a pick-up with a bumper-sticker that reads "Bristol Palin is hot" spit in my face. At one point in time my feelings of dislike for the Cougs had gone away, that brought it all back. Don't care how the Dawgs do it, just beat them.

Prediction: Washington 42, WSU 31
Joe Kaiser – Dawgman.com stud (8-3):

This is a dangerous game for the Dawgs with WSU coach Paul Wulff possibly needing a win to keep his job. On top of that, who knows which Huskies will show up on Saturday. I expect this Apple Cup to come down to the wire, with Chris Polk running in the go-ahead score in the final minute. Keith Price will add three scores through the air.

Prediction: Washington 37, WSU 35
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru (8-3):

UW has to beat Washington State or many will view this season as a failure. Keith Price and Chris Polk should have big days against the Cougars' defense and the hope of Husky fans has to be that the defense, led by seniors Cort Dennison, Alameda Ta'amu and Everette Thompson, can step up and get their third-straight win over their cross-state rivals. With Marshall Lobbestael at the controls of the WSU attack, the Huskies will probably give up yardage, but in the red zone, they should be able to hold the Cougs to field goals and get their seventh win of the season.

Prediction: Washington 31, WSU 23
Dick Baird – former recruiting coordinator and LB coach (6-5):

The game against USC was the worst of the season, and the game against OSU was almost as bad. There is no way Sark will lay three straight rotten eggs. He's too smart and too good of a coach. He may be young and learning, but he'll get his kids up for this one and they'll play for him. Hard. WSU will go down and will give up a lot of yards to Chris Polk, who should be featured this week. I'm not exactly sure he wasn't featured more last week, but tomorrow he's gonna get the rock. A lot. And he'll carry the Dawgs to their seventh win.

Prediction: Washington 27, WSU 23
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (8-3):

Just can't find a scenario where UW loses this one. Having Keith Price back is huge for the Huskies, while Marshall Lobbestael could be hit and miss at a place where he was already 10-20 with a pick against Oregon State. If Chris Polk can even go for half of what he did last year against WSU, it should be enough to allow Price to use play-action to find receivers deep. If the Huskies can get off the field on third down, that only increases the margin of victory - but I'm not expecting that to happen. I'm expecting it to be close, but Polk showed he can control the Cougars on the ground. I'm betting he does it again, but not to the tune of 280 yards - 180 will do.

Prediction: Washington 35, WSU 28
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations (9-2):

After last week's embarrassment, expect to see a different team. Keith Price being back should make a huge difference, as long as he can remain upright. Another game where Chris Polk should rack up huge numbers and Cort Dennison will again lead the team in tackles.

Prediction: Washington 38, WSU 17
David R. Samek – Dawgman (8-3):

Where was Chris Polk last week? I saw him on the field, but he didn't carry the ball enough. That was a mistake on Sark. He won't do a similar one this week. With Keith Price's confidence waning and while putting what is statistically one of the worst defenses in school history on the field, Chris Polk is the one game changer the Huskies have at this point. USE HIM. He needs 30 touches. And I think he'll get them. I also think he'll find the end zone three times, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins will find it twice. The Husky defense will get abused (what else is new), but they will hold the Cougars to enough field goals to earn the win and send the Huskies to their seventh win in 2011.

Prediction: Washington 38, WSU 24

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