Post-Game Quotes - Marquette

NEW YORK CITY - Lorenzo Romar, Darnell Gant, C.J. Wilcox, Terrence Ross, and Buzz Williams talked post-game Tuesday night after the Marquette Golden Eagles pulled out a dramatic 79-77 win over the Washington Huskies at Madison Square Garden as part of the 2011 Jimmy V Classic.

Lorenzo Romar Post-Game Quotes:
Opening Comments - "I'm gonna state the obvious, but Marquette is a really good basketball team," Romar said. "They play within themselves and have multiple guys that can put the heat on you offensively, and play good defense. They are physical and they're tough. If you fall asleep, as we saw at several points in this game - they capitalize on your mistakes. We give them a lot of credit for the team that they are. But I couldn't be more proud of our guys the way our guys played. We didn't finish the game, and that's unfortunate. But I think with our team, we're making progress. That's what we have to shoot for to ultimately be the best that we can be."

On calling timeout after the Crowder three - "Yes. Probably in retrospect, probably would have liked to."

On if he expected Crowder to get the ball in that position at the end of the game - "Well, it was going to be Odom or Crowder, first and second leading scorers. So it was going to be one of the two. Crowder is a good three-point shooter, but he hadn't hit one all night, except the one that counted. He had a really good second half, got a lot of buckets inside. We had missed a couple assignments with him early and he didn't convert. This time, he did."

On getting better from the Nevada loss - "I was encouraged by a lot of things we did out there. Offensively we did a pretty good job of executing, I thought some guys stepped up. That team is physically tough; I know how they are. I didn't think anyone was necessarily the tougher team; it was just a battle. Two tough teams playing hard."

On if this puts more pressure on the Huskies to win Saturday - "The pressure is every game, can we play at our best? Tonight, we didn't finish, but I thought we played a pretty good game. And if we do that, we'll win our share."

On how they'll get over the hump - "When we go out and play, we have to concentrate on being our best. When we practice, we want to be our best. We have to play our best and see where the chips fall."

On getting Terrence Ross down low for their go-ahead possession - "Couple of times we turned the ball over trying to get him the basketball. We got it to him, we got him set up to get a lob on one of them, set a couple others up. But in that situation we got him the ball in the mid-post area on the block there, and he's pretty good over there. He did a great job converting in spite of contact."

On if he's seen improvement - "I thought we were a lot closer than we have been all year, I would say. A lot closer."

On what needs to get better - "We didn't get back in transition several times, and that might have been the difference in the game."

On the NYC trip - "We will go see a taping of 'Person of Interest', the TV show, and then they will also go see two musicals - Memphis and The Lion King. We're definitely trying to maximize the trip."

Darnell Gant:
On the last Marquette possession - "It was a back-breaker. I felt like our guys did a good job of playing hard defense down the stretch, and I felt like we were getting stops. We got the baskets that we needed - coach drew up a good play - but I just felt like on that last shot our defensive awareness wasn't up to par."

On if he was supposed to go baseline on the screen during the last play - "I put that on myself. What we're supposed to do is switch on the ball screens, but we did a bad job of communicating and the guy got an open three."

On the Duke game - "I feel like it's a big opportunity for us. We take a lot of good things from this game and focus on that throughout the week and practice hard and get ready for Duke. I feel like the team is making a lot of progress and we're moving in the right direction. If we were going the other way, then we'd have some things to worry about. The team, we don't have anything to worry about right now. We just go to keep being together. As long as we stay together and keep the right focus, we'll be fine."

C.J. Wilcox:
On the game - "It's tough. We did what we needed to do win, but it just comes down to executing at the end of the game. We talked about that from the previous game and we did a couple more things, but we didn't finish the game the right way."

On Marquette - "They have some good players. They all can get to the basket, and they have a couple of spot-up shooters, and Crowder - he's a four but he can shoot the ball pretty well. They are pretty talented and they definitely play hard."

On if he expected Crowder to shoot that far from the basket - "No. It was just a panic. Everyone was trying to deny their man, and we got switched up in the corner. He got an open look."

Terrence Ross:
On needing to make a statement win - "I feel like we win every game.  This next game is going to be big, they're ranked and if we do what we need to do and play like we're supposed to play and come out with a victory it would really help us in the future."  

On playing in MSG - "Rare opportunity for us and that's why we have to play our "A" game.  We have to come out and be competitive, do everything the scout require of us and hopefully come out with the victory."

On his emotions - "It's heartbreaking.  We worked so hard and did so much work.  It's just when something goes wrong and we mess up it's real tough on us.  We have to correct it and wait ‘til next time when we get that same opportunity."

On the physicality of the game - "It was real physical.  They're a real physical team, that was part of the scouting report.  That's just the way they play, they get after it, they throw the ball and run out and that's just something we have to be prepared for."  

On his last basket - "I was supposed to post up on the block, but I got pushed out a little bit, but I still got the ball.  When I got that my coach said, "go" and I made a couple quick dribbles to try and get into the middle and just went up with it."  

On the locker-room postgame - "We're frustrated because we know that last bucket Marquette got was our fault.  We could easily have prevented it.  We're kicking ourselves, we just have to turn the page and keep going."  

On the trip - "I love New York, it's one of the greatest cities."
Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams:
On Washington and the game - "I think Washington is really good, really talented, really well-coached. I have the utmost respect for coach (Romar). I thought their energy and intensity to start the game we were unable to match, and I think I did a poor job of helping our team when Chris Otule got hurt. That changed how you have to guard ball screens if when you're going to trap the post and I didn't think that I handled that very well. I thought once we got in a groove we were better."

Onb Todd Mayo - "I was saying to somebody the other day that he is different because you look at him and you don't necessarily think he is a great athlete. You look at him and his body language sometimes looks peculiar, but he has a great sense of how to play. His court sense is outstanding, his skill set is advanced for his age. His is extremely mature in regard to his understanding of not of what he does but what everybody else does. It is not just offensively, but it's defensively too."

On playing in the Jimmy V Classic - "We were just honored to play in it. I am relatively young, but I have watched coach Valvano's speech a million times. When they called I said yes to the game, not knowing who we were going to play or when we were going to play just out of respect for what the purpose is."

On Marquette's toughness - "If you were diagnosing our toughness relative to what we have been through the last four days, I think we are pretty good. I tell our guys all the time that we don't want to be tactical and we don't want to be technical. I don't really care. We just want to be tougher than everyone we play." Top Stories