Da Bears, Da Bears, We Bowlin' with Da Bears!

Alright, here we go, down to Texas to play a team from Texas in a full house, on national TV (ESPN HD), against one of the most exciting players in all of college football. There is no doubt the 7-5 Washington Huskies will be a decided underdog to the 9-3 Baylor Bears, who just happened to have finished their season on a five-game winning streak, including wins over both Oklahoma and Texas.

Wow! This is certainly a tough draw but if somehow these Huskies can play like they did in last year's bowl game against Nebraska then they might stand a chance of pulling off yet another classic upset.

Oh, and I forgot to say Da Bears have the No. 2 passing game in America, featuring one of the most electric players in the nation, quarterback, Robert Griffin III, who is also a Heisman Trophy finalist and just won the Davey O'Brien Award, the prize given to the best quarterback in the country. To win that award, Griffin beat out another Heisman finalist, Stanford's Andrew Luck, and Houston's Case Keenum, who only threw for 5100 yards.

The Bears just might have the most prolific offense in the country. They are averaging 571 yards and 43.5 point per game, and also lead the nation in passing efficiency and first downs. Sounds like the perfect match-up for our Husky defense, don't you think?

RGIII, as Griffin is known, looks like a bigger version of the Huskies' quarterback, Keith Price, but also resembles Michael Vick as a running quarterback. RGIII also has a running back, just like Price does in Chris Polk. Terrance Ganaway, at 240 pounds, led the Big-12 in rushing with 1,347 yards and 16 touchdowns. Yikes!

Griffin is already considered one of the top players in the country and they also have a thousand yard plus gainer at tailback to boot? Unreal, but this team did lose to Oklahoma State, 59-24, and they did lose to Texas A&M, 55-28, as well as to Kansas State in overtime, and they narrowly won two of their other games. Statistically, the Bears do have a worst defense than Washington.

So I say bring it on. What an absolutely beautiful challenge for this young Husky team. A win here over the No. 10 team in the nation will certainly merit some attention.

The Alamo Bowl had their choice of any of the rest of Pac-12 teams after Oregon and Stanford both were selected for BCS games. They chose the Dawgs, and that alone says a lot for the state of the Husky Football program.

Baylor finished their season with a giant win over Texas, beating the Longhorns 48-24 largely because their defense forced seven turnovers. Regardless, this is probably one of the best teams in the history of their school. This was easily their best season since 1986, and like the Huskies, the Bears will be experiencing their first back-to-back bowl games since 1991 and 92.

Baylor has traditionally been a dormat in the old Southwest Conference and today's Big-12, but this year they've been unstoppable behind Griffin, who has accounted for close to 10,000 yards passing and over 2,000 yards rushing in his career. Are you kidding me? Those are off the charts numbers, and it makes this look even more like a mismatch of opponents, especially considering the struggles of the Husky defense.

Not so fast! The Huskies could pull this off, but it's going to take their best game of the season to do so. They will also need to have some help from the kicking game and another blocked punt or kick return for a touchdown could really help win this game. That, and simply getting stops by the defense along with a couple of turnovers and there you have it - another bowl victory and another boost for recruiting..

Washington has never been to the Alamo Bowl, but Washington State went in 1994 and, by the way, they beat the Baylor Bears 10-3 in that game. This will not be that kind of game, and most likely the over/under is going to be 60 points or more.

The Alamo Bowl has sold out three of the last five times, and obviously inviting the Bears was designed to continue that trend. They will no doubt fill the stadium with green, but Washington was probably chosen because they are traditionally known to bring a lot of purple with them.

I've only seen two Baylor games so far, but I can honestly say RGIII is all that he is hyped up to be. He is definitely the real deal and the Husky defense will obviously have their hands full. The Bears are 8-0 whenever they score 40 or more points, so I would suggest holding them to five touchdowns. That would seem to be a worthwhile goal. That, and score with them because, believe it or not, they statistically give up more points than Washington does (35.67 v. 33.33)

Washington is currently concentrating on their studies and the coaches are all out on the road recruiting, so they won't get back for practices until this weekend. This game sets up to be one of the greatest opportunities for Washington to make another national statement. Let's see what Sark can put together as a game plan and hopefully UW can simply hang with them and win it in the fourth quarter. This game will certainly draw a lot of national attention - especially if RGIII wins the Heisman Trophy - and nobody will give the Huskies much of a chance besides themselves. So what! Prepare to win, expect to win, and whatever happens, happens.

Dawgs by two: I'll take it in a heartbeat.

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