Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. OK, it's the dead period between spring and fall. If it weren't for recruiting analysis and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I don't know what I'd do. Here are the latest emails answered. Thanks dawgfans!

From The Jell-o Man
Dear Dawgman
I went to one of the spring practices, I liked the discipline I witnessed, something that has been really lacking! Snow and Cozzetto are no nonsense guys, Entman walking around with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face! It was great, maybe we will get the Husky toughness back? Randy Hart was on their asses too! Did John Gardenhire quit, didn't see him in the spring game? Terry Johnson looks REAL READY to play! If we have the year we should, he is going to get some post-season awards! Also, I wrote and didn't get answered, we still need more ex-players involved in the coaching staff.

A: Toughness and accountability are the two buzzwords this year. Emtman, with Kaligis in the weight room, will take care of the toughness. Accountability is a big thing with Rick, and Phil Snow buys right into that. John Gardenhire was not on the roster this spring, you are correct. Terry Johnson has been ready to play for two years, he just needs a consistent motor now. I think this will be his year, and consequently, his last. I think he'll be huge this year. As he and Marquis Cooper go, so goes the defense in 2003. Your point about ex-players involved is a good one. With Emtman, Kaligis, and now Jamaal Fountaine (defensive GA), they are off to a great start.
From Jim Gregson
Dear Dawgman:
I saw Johnny Durocher threw an interception in Oregon's spring game. How is he eligible to be in uniform? Also, their leading rusher, Vincent, doesn't appear on the list of commits in either of the last two years. Any idea who he is?

A: DuRocher graduated from Bethel High School in the spring and is now enrolled at Oregon. He's already a Duck, and what he did is exactly what Brendan Jones did for the Huskies. It's a great way to get a jump on learning your playbook and getting acclimated to your new surroundings, if you want to (and are eligible to) graduate from high school a quarter early. Vincent is a freshman at Oregon, having transferred from LSU last year. He is originally from Philadelphia where he attended Neshaminy high school. At 6-1 218 pounds, he's known more for his thumping ability rather than speed.
From Sam Jizzo
Dear Dawgman:
What's going on dude? You've been lagging on answering you're Ask Dawgman emails...Come on man, you're one of the sources I look to for conversation and info, especially during this down time of college-football withdrawals I've been having. Hey, it's all good, I'm sure you're a busy guy. Anyhow, I want to know why the Dawgs don't use the 'shotgun' formation on offense. The past couple seasons have introduced more passing into the O. It'd seem reasonable to use the shotgun in our system.

A: A great question that I don't have a great answer for. The shotgun was used some when Brock Huard was the quarterback but I rarely remember it being used since. It requires a skilled center and is a little different mentality than the Huskies have had in the past years. However, you are right in that our current pass-friendly system, the shotgun could be a good fit. However, since the offensive line does a nice job of protecting Pickett, when you look at the number of attempts vs. the number of sacks, there wouldn't appear to be a huge need for it. Normally you use it to gain your quarterback more time to look at the defense before the rush arrives. Pickett was protected pretty well in 2002. With a running game improvement, the protection should get even better. Thanks for the letter Sam.
From Paul
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for the optimism regarding the 2003 season. I read your editorial in Sports Washington this month, and it got me excited. Can I drink what you were drinking when you wrote that piece?

A: You are welcome. I was drinking coffee with a little bit of milk mixed in when I wrote that column, but can I recommend a good single malt scotch, 18-years old? You can never go wrong with The Glenlivet. Smooooooth.
From Mitch
Dear Dawgman:
Where can we meet you and your entourage on the road games? I want to meet you, coach baird, and the rest of you Dawg nuts.

A: We travel to all of the away games and normally either stay in the team hotel, or the hotel that has been reserved for blocks of media. I'm not sure which hotels those are yet, but drop me an email and I'll try to fill you in. It's usually a great time!
From Joe
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for running the best Internet site in the country. There are some that have tried to copy you, but you guys set the standard for everyone else. Coach Baird told us that we were lucky to have this site and he wasn't kidding. My question for you is, who are your picks for all-Pac-10 on the skill positions?

A: Thanks for the kind words Joe, and thanks to coach Baird for the endorsement as well. Here are my picks
QB Cody Pickett - Washington
WR Reggie Williams - Washington
WR Mike Williams - USC
WR James Newson - OSU
RB Steven Jackson - OSU
RB Tyler Ebell - UCLA
TE Joe Toledo - Washington

I know, Toledo has yet to do anything, but I have a feeling about this guy in 2003.

From Gayle
Dear Dawgman:
Do you still think Rich Alexis will be the starting tailback?

A: Yes, I do. Chris Singleton and Shelton Sampson both got quality reps, but I still think that when the bullets are live, the coaches will trust Rich the most. Sampson has that breakaway speed you love to see in a tailback though, and once he gets a little bigger and learns to block, he's going to be a great one. Kenny James only got three practices under his belt so he'll be a little bit behind the others come fall, but do not count him out. He has that powerful body and that vision that all good tailbacks have. But I do think Rich is the guy that will take the first handoff in Columbus, unless he's serving some punitive action (which is likely).

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