Bremerton hoops star down to three?

Marvin Williams is a 6-9, 220-pound forward prospect from Bremerton, Washington and when it comes to hoops players in the Evergreen State they don't come any more highly-touted than big Marvin. Ironically, that's news to Williams, who is as unassuming as his game is lethal.

Averaging 24 points and 12 rebounds per game last year, Marvin became the hottest Washington commodity since the latte. Now it appears three schools have the edge when it comes to sealing a letter of intent with his John Hancock. Who are they and when will he announce his intentions? spoke with Marvin just before he was set to jet off to Tuscon, Arizona and the first of three visits he has set up. "I'm going to Arizona, then Washington and then North Carolina the following weekend," Williams said. "Those are the only schools I'm going to visit for right now."

Lorenzo Romar and the hometown Huskies have to be considered under-Dawgs when it comes to this recruiting battle, especially when you compare them to the Wildcats and Tar Heels. "They are a big program and a good school," Marvin said when asked why he likes the University of Arizona. "And they have a good coach (Lute Olson) too. Same thing with North Carolina."

A lot of Marvin's interest in Chapel Hill has to do with the hiring of their new head coach - Roy Williams, but you wouldn't necessarily know that based on Marvin's answer when asked about Williams' move from Kansas to North Carolina. "I didn't really know what to think, to be honest," he said. "Whatever was best for him, that was the move he had to make. I didn't really have any thoughts on it."

When asked about Romar, Williams' thoughts are unequivocal. "He's a good guy, a great guy," Marvin said. "I like him a lot. He's pretty laid back. He jokes around a lot."

With all the phone calls, visits, intrigue and scrutiny surrounding Williams' recruitment, Marvin's answer about eventually picking a school was refreshing simple. "I'm just going to take a good look at all three of them and just see which one is best for me," he said.

After these three trips are complete, Williams will concentrate on summer hoops. He plays for Seattle Rotary Select on a roster that also includes Lyndale Burleson and Josh Heytvelt. "We're going to the ABCD camp in July and then the Adidas Big Time camp," Marvin said.

What's it like to play summer ball as opposed to playing with Bremerton? "It's different," Williams said. "It's fun. It's hard to adjust to the difference in time when you're back east, but it's fun."

And don't think Marvin's life is just about basketball. He played soccer this year for the Knights and helped them win three more games in 2002 than in 2001. "It was different," Williams said of his experience as a goalkeeper and forward. "I liked it a lot. I had fun. It was harder than I thought it was going to be."

To top it all off, Williams even earns some money on the side working part-time at a grocery store.

Make no mistake, however. For one lucky college basketball team, Marvin Williams will be bringing home the bacon if they can secure his commitment. And right now it looks as if Arizona, North Carolina and Washington have the inside edge. Top Stories