Changes to staff won't affect Rodgers' choice

Tesoro (Las Flores, Ca.) LB Blake Rodgers spoke with on Monday night and gave his thoughts on the coaching changes as well as what he plans to do about his commitment...

"I'm still a Husky and that won't change," Rodgers said matter-of-factly when asked about how strong his commitment is in light of the changes to the Husky coaching staff. "I like coach (Mike) Cox and coach (Nick) Holt a lot, but I committed to U-Dub, not to a particular coach.

"I loved it up there and where their program is headed. If I can come in and help, then that's what I'll do, but most of all, I committed to them and I won't go back on my word."

Rodgers said when he found out about the changes, he began to worry a little, but said he recently spoke to Husky recruiting coordinator Johnny Nansen and was reassured he still has an offer and that they still want him.

"Coach Nansen just said not to worry about it and that he would be taking over my recruitment for the time being," Rodgers said. "I guess the new coaches are really good guys and the new linebacker coach (Peter Sirmon) is really a great coach, so it will be fun to get to know him over the next few weeks."

Rodgers, along with Darien Washington and Michael Rector, plans to take his official visit to Washington on January 13th and we will get his thoughts following that trip to Seattle.

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