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SEATTLE - Here are post-game quotes from Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, C.J. Wilcox, Abdul Gaddy and Seattle Head Coach Cameron Dollar after UW defeated Seattle 91-83 Tuesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Statement - "We watched Seattle University play quite a bit this year and I could have predicted that this was what the game was going to be like.  It was a scrappy, hard-fought, physical game.  We anticipated that there would  be a lot of fouls called which there was.  They continued to scrap when we watched them play Virginia earlier in the year, they are a top-20 in the country and they just couldn't seem to get away from Seattle U." 

  Problems with Seattle University's press - "They really picked up their press in the second half.  I thought in the first half we had great ball movement and we continued to improve in that way.  Give Seattle U a lot of credit tonight they had a great belief and that is what you have to have to win this game."

  Did the Husky players go against their grain with toughness of play tonight? - "I don't know if it against their grain.  I think if it was then we wouldn't have been able to win.  I like to think that we made progress tonight at playing outside of our comfort zone."

What created second half problems with their press? - "I thought we made poor decisions with the ball.  We rushed at times.  We had several two on one opportunities where we could have converted, but we didn't make good decisions and we turned the ball over.  They practice too, and several times it was just great pressure."

  Play of Aziz - "Last year Aziz [N'Diaye] had 15 points and 10 rebounds I thought numbers wise it was one of his best outputs, and then tonight he had 13 rebounds and 13 or 14 points.  He had somewhat of a similar game as last year.  He was very active tonight."

  Does this type of game show that the rivalry between UW and SU is growing? - "I think so. From day one you knew that each year the score would be getting closer and closer and next year we have to go back to their place.  I imagine it will be a hard fought game.  I would think the way our teams play every year that it is going to be a hard fought battle."

Handling Aaron Broussard - "I thought we did all we could to slow him down, but he is a very good player.  You have to give credit where credit is due, and you have to tip your hat to him.  Sterling Carter had a great night too.  He hit a lot of big three pointers for them."

  Starting Desmond Simmons - "Desmond [Simmons] is our second leading rebounder.  He has great toughness.  When he is on the floor our team tends to play a little better."

  Does SU's style of play emulate coach Dollar's personality? - "Oh totally.  They [Seattle U] completely play with his personality.  He is a pit-bull, he always has been."
  C.J. Wilcox:
The physicality of the game and limping after the game - "Yeah, you know. It's a really physical game playing Seattle U. I had a hip problem before the game even started, but they're definitely a physical team, really scrappy."

  On limiting Broussard - "People like that, you try to slow him down, but he's going to get his points or whatever. We were just doing the best we could. Switching on him, trying to switch up the defense so he couldn't catch the ball every time. A guy like that, you have to deny him the ball as much as possible. That's the good thing about our team. We have a lot of size on our guard line so we could keep switching guys on him, have fresh guys on him. After a while, it gets tiring and frustrating."

  On the rivalry - "Every time we play them, we know it's going to be a fun, intense, physical game just cause we all the guys and stuff like that. They wanna win and of course we wanna win so I think it's just a lot of passion from both teams and it shows on the court."

On if he had any hesitation shooting after the Utah game and not starting tonight off well - "Not really, just had to get them out of my system. Being a shooter all of them aren't going to go in so you have to stay confident and stay shooting and luckily they fell tonight."

On how distracting of a style Seattle U plays - "You have to stay composed. Usually when games are like that we fall apart but we were able to stick together as a team and grind out this win."

On if the rest of the games will be dogfights like this one - "Yeah every game. Our conference is really competing so we have to come out every night knowing that we could lose the rest of our games, we don't have any easy games the rest of the season so we know we have to buckle down and play that way. We always play well at home so we just need to get those road wins under control."
Abdul Gaddy:
On handling the full court press - "We were just trying to beat it and score, really beat and get it to one of our guards and give us two options. They couldn't guard all of us. We were just trying to beat it as fast as we could and try to score off them just pressing the whole time.  They were pushing up guys so we tried to put a guy in the middle, stuff like that. The thing is the pass in the corner, we have to get it out as fast as possible. Once I pass it from out of bounds, I step up and be an outlet and flash in the middle. [First half] we did it well. [Second half] we didn't do so good at it."

  On the physicality and Seattle U fouling when UW got to the paint - "That's Dollar. That's how he coaches, that's the type of player he was. We knew coming into the game this was going to be a physical game."

  On Seattle U making a run in the second half and keeping the game close - "We watched tape on them and knew how capable they were of coming back. All the games they pretty much came back against the teams. Their record may not show it, but they're a good team and they come back on all the teams. So, we were expecting it."

On the explanation on his flagrant foul - "He said my other arm was around him or something and I don't know. He didn't talk much all he said was ‘you flagrant fouled him.' I said ‘alright.'"

On what the refs were telling the players - "All he said was watch it. There were going to be hard fouls at the same time just keep your composure. They don't want another incident like Xavier or anything, that's what they told the captains at the beginning of the game. But we knew they were going to miss calls, they're human, they're going to miss calls and it was just physical. We knew coming into the game it was going to be physical so we just had to be ready for it and still come out with the win."
Tony Wroten:
On his health - "I'm banged up right now – hurt elbow, hurt tailbone. Hopefully nothing too severe, just see what it is by tomorrow."

On the pain when he came down on his tailbone - "Coming down you can't protect yourself coming down on your tailbone. It helps a lot."

On when he hurt the elbow - "When I fell, I fell hard."

On Seattle U's style of play - "They're a good team. Seattle U pressures a lot, the first team that I've seen press the whole entire game. We turned the ball over, but we got the win."

On if he likes this style - "Yeah I like physical, I don't like that soft stuff so it was cool. I got hurt but it happens."

On the chances he doesn't play Sunday - "Negative 7. There is no chance that I will not be on the court."

On if he wears any body armor like I.T. did - "I don't got nothing, but I got to start wearing the pads now. I got to."

On his relationship with Cameron Dollar - "I've known Cam since I was real young and he was here. He recruited me at SU and he's a good person. It was a fun game."

On his technical foul - "They fouled one of my players real hard and they got into it a little bit. Nothing too major."
Seattle University Head Coach Cameron Dollar:
Why did you think that pressing a group of good ball handlers was going to work? - "The most important thing for us is to be aggressive.  It's more of our mindset than strategy you do.  For us, we press all the time.  It would be diminishing returns to come in here and change what we do.  I just felt like we needed to be aggressive, go make plays, get the game going up and down and let the chips fall as they may." 

  When the game was tied at 70 did you think you could win? - "This has nothing to do with them. This has to do with us.  I thought it was doable before the season started.  As the game was going on and we were having some success, it definitely builds confidence in our guys to continue to do this and play the right way.

  "That's what I tell them (the players), just get lost in the game.  I'm very proud of my guys and our effort throughout the game.  During that stretch we had some chances to put it in the hole.  We couldn't convert it or come up with the loose ball and that happens." 

  On the team's apparent improvement over the last month - "Like I told them, before it will be external it's got to be consistently internal.  It is a feeling out process and kind of a learning process, not only for the players but for the coaches too.  There were some things we were doing early to try to get us going in the right direction, but it wasn't quite working so we had to adjust and make some changes.  I'm very pleased that we continue to get better.  The numbers will come if we continue to do what we're supposed to do."

  On the Gaddy flagrant - "Well it wasn't a similar play (to the previous flagrant foul against Seattle U) because we probably shoved him (Terrence Ross) a little bit harder but it was a flagrant.  He grabbed him."

  How big of a deal is to have a closer game against UW than in previous years? - "Honestly it's just a big deal that we continue to improve and get better.  So it's a good sign that it's getting closer but even if you win you've got to continue to get better.  The important thing for us is to establish the right culture to where success is on auto pilot.  That comes from your daily habits and your daily belief system.  It's important that we continue to move forward in that direction.  If we do that then I'm not worried about who we play or when we play or how we play.  We've already proven that we can beat big teams, we need to continue to prove that we can be consistent and have longevity.  That's what being a program is all about."

  What do you think of the toughness of the games between you and UW? - "Neither one of us is going to back down.  To me they are a naturally attacking team.  Romar has a naturally attacking style.  We've been together for years so we were doing this together.  So now that we're separated that's not going to change.  We're just going to keep doing it.  It's a healthy respect for each other."

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