Trip Report - Blake Rodgers

One player who was looking forward to meeting his new position coach this weekend on his official visit to Montlake was Tesoro (Las Flores, Ca.) LB Blake Rodgers. After sitting down with Peter Sirmon and getting to know his future teammates better, the talented linebacker prospect said he's ready to officially become a Husky...

"It was a great trip," Rodgers told as he waited to fly home at Sea-Tac Airport. "Right when we got in, we went and had lunch with coach (Steve) Sarkisian and then I got to meet coach Sirmon and he was really cool.

"Pretty much everything we did, coach Sirmon and I were together so I really got to know him pretty well. He was talking about different ways they were going to use me and what he was looking for in his players and that was really great to know."

Rodgers and the rest of the visitors also got to see where they will be playing in 2012.

"Going up to (Century Link Field), where the Seattle Seahawks play was really cool," Rodgers said. "We got to walk out onto the field and see see what it was like inside a pro stadium, so that was probably the highlight for me."

Rodgers' host on his trip was redshirt freshman LB Scott Lawyer who shared with him some good news about the linebacker positions next year.

"He and I spent a lot of time together and we talked a lot about the linebacker spots and how open everything is," Rodgers said. "He said with Cort Dennison gone now and all of the guys being so young and with all of the new coaches, everyone is on the same footing, so that just encourages me that I can come in and have a chance to play right away."

In addition to spending time with the coaches and his host, Rodgers said he also got a meet a lot of his future teammates as well.

"I got the meet Keith Price and some of the other guys," Rodgers said. "They were all really cool and welcoming. I met a lot of the Islanders and the linemen, so it was good just starting to form that bond with them because they are going to be my new teammates."

Rodgers will sign his letter-of-intent on February 1st and plans to enroll at Washington in the summer.

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