Kneip can't say no to dream school

It's been a long process to get to where Bellevue OL Michael Kneip is right now, but after getting a walk-on offer from Washington this weekend, he has achieved all five of the goals he set out for himself last year...

"Washington called me last week and wanted me to come over on a visit," Kneip told "U-Dub has been my dream school since I was a little kid.

"My dad went there and so did my aunt and I've bled purple and gold since I was a little kid, so when I had the chance to go there, it was a no-brainer for me."

Kneip's host on his visit was redshirt freshman Dexter Charles and while he spent quite a bit of time with his future teammates, he said the highlight of his trip was meeting with head coach Steve Sarkisian and offensive line coach Dan Cozzetto.

"When I sat down with them they were really excited to have me in the fold," Kneip said. "They both said they felt confident I would earn a scholarship next year and that they liked the way I play."

Kneip said he was recently measured in at 6'5" and weighed in at 293 pounds and said he projects almost anywhere along the offensive line.

"Right now they like me inside, but they thought I could possibly grow into a tackle even because I'm still growing," Kneip said. "I'm just looking forward to getting it started.

"I had five goals for myself this year - 1) Beat Oaks Christian; 2) Beat Skyline; 3) Win State; 4) Get All-State; and 5) Play for UW - and I've reached all of those goals.

"I'm just stoked and really happy."

Kneip said he's also talked to fellow Wolverine offensive lineman Jake Eldrenkamp who spent the weekend at Washington State.

"I called him and told him what I was doing and he was excited for me," Kneip said. "He told me he had a great time out there though, so we'll see what happens, but I'm definitely going to get to work on him.

"We had talked about playing for Yale together, so for us to have the chance to keep playing together at U-Dub, to me, that's definitely something I'm going to push for."

Kneip said he still plans to sign a letter-of-intent with Washington, although it will not be for a scholarship and also told that it didn't matter who came in with an offer, he won't be re-thinking his decision.

"I'm a Dawg," Kneip said excitedly. "It doesn't matter who comes in with an offer. I'm done."

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