Trip Report - Michael Rector

One of the top in-state playmakers the past couple years has been Bellarmine Prep (Tacoma) WR Michael Rector and he committed to the Huskies very early in the recruiting process. Now, having taken his official visit to Montlake, he's fired up about his future and talked to about what he did over the weekend while he was on campus...

"I got up there early on Friday and went to a third-year Biology class and got to see what they were doing," Rector, who wants to go into medicine, told Sunday night. "I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon or a neurosurgeon, so I know I'll have to take a lot of the sciences - Biology, Physiology, Chemistry - and the math stuff too and that's what I wanted to get a good look at while I was up there."

With all of the academic stuff out of the way, Rector got to spend a lot of time with his host, Kasen Williams, as well as a few other Husky football players.

"Kasen and I knew each other from when we ran track, but I didn't really know him that well until this weekend," Rector said. "He's a great guy and he's really talented and we talked a lot about the transition from high school to college and what that was like for him.

"He said there was no way you can even compare (high school) to college just because the players are bigger and faster and the offenses are much more complex, but he said I'd get it down and do just fine and I already knew it was going to be tough anyway."

Rector said that his position coach, Jimmie Dougherty, also had a little surprise waiting for him when they sat down and talked.

"He had a lot of cut-ups so he could show me the role I'll be playing there," Rector noted. "It's basically the same role that Devin Aguilar had here and that's stretching the field and doing things from the 'Z' spot."

Rector plans to finish up school and then enroll for the LEAP program which begins on July 5th.

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