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Randall Goforth is a 6-foot, 175-pound athlete from Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, and Goforth returned from an official visit to Washington, his first in a series of three official visits that will most likely determine where he plays his college football. But Goforth told that he's open to anyone that wants to extend a scholarship offer - even this late in the game.

"If I get more offers that could probably change my mind, then I won't sign," Goforth said Monday afternoon. "But other than that, I'll most likely sign on Signing Day. Once I send my senior highlight tape out, I feel I can get more offers than what I've got."

Goforth was previously committed to Arizona State when Dennis Erickson was in charge. Now that Todd Graham is there, does Goforth feel any pressure to recommit to the Sun Devils? "Not at all," he said. "I don't really know the new coaching staff or anybody, so it's like a whole new fresh start for me. If I like it when I go up there on my visit the same way I liked it before I committed, then that's where I'll commit. When I was committed to ASU, I was committed to Dennis Erickson. When they got fired, that made me re-think my decision, because I don't know anybody on the incoming staff. So that's why I opened up my recruiting."

Now that Goforth's recruiting is apparently wide open, ASU, UCLA, and Washington are the his main three suitors. He will visit ASU this weekend and then UCLA the weekend of the 27th.

Goforth spoke in glowing terms of his first official visit. "It was pretty cool when I went out there," he said of this past weekend's trip to UW. "It was snowing; I'd never been in snow. That was my first time in Seattle, Washington. When I got out there it was fun. I got to meet the whole new coaching staff; they were pretty cool. Then I chilled with the players because I know a whole bunch of the players on the football team. We hung out a lot, talked with the coaches about what they see in me and what they want to do with me if I commit there. We got to know each other more."

Was there anything that really stood out? Goforth mentioned two instances. "We went to a basketball game, and the fans are like…they are really with their team," he said. "I really liked that a lot. They were really supportive of their team. And when we were out at dinner, there was a fan that knew my name, and I never knew who they were. That's what stood out to me; dang! People know who I am up here. So that made me think about that a lot."

Former LBP star and current redshirt frosh DE Corey Waller was Goforth's recruiting player-host. "He used to go to my school last year," Goforth said of Waller. "He told me that it's a big wakeup call from high school. I have to come in ready, and the coaching staff - they are all really cool people. They are down-to-earth and they coach really hard, real tough. But it's all tough love, and that's a good spot to go to."

Goforth mentioned knowing other Huskies too. "I know Keith Price; I've known him for a long time," he said. "And I know a running back, his name is Dez (Dezden Petty). And I know John Timu, Talia Crichton, Bobo (Princeton Fuimaono)…all the players from back home."

For UW fans, the connection between Price and Goforth is intriguing. "I've known him since Pop Warner days, because he played Pop Warner with my brother," Goforth explained. "Our families are real cool with each other. I got to hang with him as well when I was up there, and we just reminisced about old times with each other and he told me what it's like up there as well."

Wherever Goforth decides to call home for the next 4-5 years, he's going to want to have that certain feel of home. "That's a pretty big factor in my recruiting, because I want to go somewhere where out there, I'm already at home and comfortable because I know everybody and everyone," he said. "Up there, they treated me like I was already there and already a player, so that was pretty cool as well."

How about the new coaches, especially the new defensive coaches - like Justin Wilcox, Peter Sirmon and Keith Heyward? "I like the new coaches; it's the new coaches that want me," Goforth said, matter-of-factly. "I never really talked to the old coaching staff that was there. Coach Wilcox, he's a really cool guy. He came to my house and met my parents. He seems like he's serious about winning a championship. I met with the new corners coach (Keith Heyward) as well and talked football with him, and life. We got to know each other a little bit better and he seemed like a really cool guy as well."

Goforth is a true two-way talent, but the Huskies like what they see out of him on the defensive side of the ball. "They want me as a corner," he said. "They want me to come in and compete for playing time my freshman year at corner."

Goforth wasn't the only Jackrabbit to officially visit UW this past weekend; teammates Salamo Fiso and Alonzo Williams also tagged along. "We all talked about it and we all really liked it," he said when asked about the idea of all three Poly players playing at the same college. "We asked each other and we all liked the atmosphere and the people were all cool. The weather, it really wasn't even that bad. That was our first time being in snow, so that was fun. We could see ourselves going there, but we want to take our visits and check out other places too."

Goforth will have an in-home visit with UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian on Wednesday, and he is also expecting an in-home visit from UCLA this week at some point.

So in the end, what did Goforth give his Washington official visit, on a scale of 1-10? "I'd give it an 9. Eight-and-a-half to 9," he said. "I think it was pretty good, actually. I liked everything."

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