Trip Report - Cleveland Wallace

One of the top cover-corners on the West Coast was on Montlake this past weekend for an official visit and even though Oak Grove (San Jose, Ca.) CB Cleveland Wallace, he told that following his trip to Washington he's a bit conflicted and will weigh his options after visiting Boise State next weekend...

"It was a cool trip," Wallace told Monday night. "I got there and just spent time with the other recruits and the team.

"I already knew coach (Keith) Heyward really well from when he was recruiting me at Oregon State, so we didn't spend much time together.

"I wanted to spend more time with the other coaches, which I did, and that was really great getting to know them."

Wallace's former teammate Scott Lawyer was his official host and the coach running point on his recruitment, Joel Thomas, also spent a lot of time with the talented corner.

"Scotty was really excited about Washington and he loves it there," Wallace said. "That really helped me because he's a good friend and I know he wouldn't give me a sales job. He told me straight what it was like there.

"Coach Thomas was also really cool too. I mean, they were all cool. It was a really great trip."

Wallace also noted that one of the highlights of his trip was the atmosphere around campus.

"We went to this one place to eat and there were people in there eating and stuff and when we left, they were all barking and really showed their school spirit," Wallace said. "It was pretty cool. I'd never seen anything like that before."

With his trips to Oregon State and Washington out of the way, Wallace will take a trip to Boise State this coming weekend and then hopes to make a decision soon after that.

"It's going to be a tough decision," Wallace noted. "All three of them have great things going for them and with coach Heyward at Washington, I'd say that gives them a little edge right now, but I want to take this last visit and then come home and think about things.

"I'm hoping to make my decision before Signing Day, but it might be on that day, I'm not really sure right now."

We will continue to keep track of Wallace's progress and as he gets closer to make a decision, we will have full coverage of that story.

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