Q&A with Zach Banner

Lakes (Lakewood, Wa.) OT Zach Banner was on the UW campus Monday to take part int he King Holiday Hoopfest where his team beat Garfield 73 - 68 in double-overtime. Afterward, the questions weren't really about basketball though as he's still one of the biggest, literally, football recruits left on Washington's radar...

On Washington's recruitment of him: "They've definitely stepped up their game. It's been a long four years. They offered me freshman year and this is a long process and because it's been a long process it has a good effect on my family. They've been there since the beginning and that's why they're one of my top three schools."

On who is left recruiting him: "There's still a good offensive line coach in coach (Dan) Cozzetto. You still have a good offensive coordinator in coach (Steve) Sarkisian and you have all these guys on offense. U-Dub has a powerful offense. They're trying to fix their defense so that way the whole team will be good."

On the UW coaching moves: "They bring in a lot of Tennessee coaches, a couple recruiters from Tennessee, they just brought in coach (Tosh) Lupoi, they bring a bunch of good linebackers coaches and safeties coaches and coach (Johnny) Nansen's still here so I think that's the only guy they kept on the defensive side so that shows you they're trying to get it done."

On what the coaching moves showed him: "If they weren't making these types of decisions and these types of changes in this last year of my process, I think , I want to say coach Sark knew what he was doing when after that game he fired those coaches. I think five minutes after he made his announcement, he called me when I was in San Antonio so he's asking and he's talking to me and he's taking his own hands in my recruitment and I think that's special."

On if there is pressure: "Not really. It's been like this since freshman year. People have been telling me ‘go to U-Dub, go to U-Dub' and people from all over the country have been telling me to go to their school – USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame – all these schools have been trying to convince me and it's something I'm used to so you just gotta ignore it."

On whether he knows where he wants to go yet: "Not at all. I'd have told you guys if I did. There's no reason for me to kick it around."

On playing at Hec Ed: "It's special. It's a college arena. It's been a special place, an old place, Hec Ed is very old and tradition. It's got a great history in it."

On who he saw watching him: "I saw USC (Ed Orgeron) sitting next to my parents and then I saw coach Sark and them, literally the whole staff was sitting next to them too, so I ended up getting to see a lot of people and I saw a couple of basketball schools there too, but I don't remember who."

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