Neuheisel still standing

"I'm still the head coach until I'm told otherwise," is what Rick Neuheisel told the media surrounding him as he entered the Don James Center late last week to address his football team. Well, it's now Sunday and he's still the head coach. As more time passes, do things seem better for the accused?

The tone on the message boards of this site have been pretty one-sided, to say the least, since the NCAA investigation of Rick Neuheisel's participation in a March Madness pool was unveiled on the front page of the Seattle Times last Thursday. A majority of the posters on have assumed that Neuheisel will be gone, and believe that the delay of any announcement is just the formality of getting the settlement between embattled football coach and the University hammered out.

Even former Husky football players Ed Cunningham and Hugh Millen said on KJR 950AM radio that they believe Neuheisel will lose his job over this latest transgression. They weren't alone in their opinions, as many callers of that station and posters on this site concurred in them.

The jury appeared to have already deliberated before the weekend began.

Three days later, could there be more developments to this story?

Of course.

Those that believe Neuheisel will be fired are using NCAA precedent in similar cases involving gambling to base their opinions. That would appear to make this a cut and dry case where the NCAA will suspend Neuheisel for a season or two, which would logically be followed with a termination of employment by the school.

But several sources either close to or inside the athletic department are telling us that the entire story has not been revealed. If all of the facts have not come to light yet, that would explain the wide spectrum of opinions that we've encountered regarding the future of Rick Neuheisel at Washington.

Even the "big money" donors appear split in their views. Several are on record saying that they either want him dismissed, or believe that it's a foregone conclusion that Washington will have a different head coach this fall.

On the other hand, three of our most trusted sources tell us that not only is the tide turning and swinging in Neuheisel's favor, but that when the facts are aired, Neuheisel will be on the team plane to Columbus in late August.

Outside of an article by Rick Samek that outlined the potential pitfalls of involvement in "office pools," this website has not gone on record as either favoring a change or in support of Rick Neuheisel remaining at Washington.

The reason? We don't want to be part of the story, we just want to tell it and tell it correctly.

We spoke with Rick Neuheisel this afternoon, and what we learned from that conversation is to expect a lot of attention over an interoffice email memo within the University of Washington Athletic Department that covers participation in NCAA basketball pools. The memo reportedly states that as long as the athletic department personnel are not the organizers of the pool, and that the pool is conducted outside of the university among friends, it is OK.

So let the facts come out. Once that happens, we'll report on the story as accurately as we can. We just hope for a just and swift resolution, and frankly, to focus on the upcoming football season.
Note: The full content of the interview with Rick Neuheisel will be posted to this website later this evening for our subscribers. Top Stories