Post-Game Quotes - Arizona

TUCSON - Here are post-game quotes from Lorenzo Romar, C.J. Wilcox, Tony Wroten, and Terrence Ross, after the Washington Huskies defeated Arizona 69-67 Saturday night at the McKale Center. Coupled with their win over ASU Thursday, the Huskies swept the Arizona schools for the first time since 2006, and now lead the Pac-12 conference title chase.

Lorenzo Romar:

Opening Statement: "That's crazy.  The last time we were here we had the same feeling they have because it was at the buzzer again.  It's unbelievable the last three games were won in the last 5 seconds.  They guarded us they play hard.  We got a lot of respect for their program here and their staff.  I couldn't be more proud of our guys as they say they just manned up and gave a physical brand of basketball and did what it took to win on the road in a high ceilings environment in our face."


On Wilcox's return: "Really helped, really helped."


On their size advantage with N'Diaye: "Early on it got us off to a good start.  We wanted to take advantage of that if we could early on.  Aziz did a nice job of finishing at the beginning of the game.  Solomon Hill is really good, I'm stating the obvious, but it's hard to defend him."


On Wroten's block on the final play: "In a blur I didn't get to see exactly how he came off, but that was a heck of a play in crunch time.  He's starting to get a better understanding of what we want in our team defense so he's putting himself in a  position to make those type of plays.  Earlier in the year he may not have been there to make that play."


On Wroten being able to get to the rim at will: "That's kinda been what he's been doing.  Credit to him that he's able to do that."


On not having Gaddy down the stretch, but Wroten handling the ball: "It was huge.  C.J. and Terrence really stepped up when Abdul was on the bench and Tony made a three at the buzzer and made some plays offensively himself.  But that was a pivotal part of the game when they could have taken the lead, but that's when we distanced ourselves."


On the final possession for Arizona: "It's about time one of those things happened to us.  Usually we're on the other end of that.  Today we were the recipient of good fortune on that."


Onif this game was played earlier in the year; "This would have been a 15-20 point loss earlier in the year, but the team has grown up.  A lot of people didn't want to give us credit for our other road victories at Utah and Arizona State, but I think if you remember ‘no there's something different about our team now on the road.'  And then Stanford we played better you could just kinda see it coming.  This was a real test to come out and do this on the road."


On the first Arizona sweep on the road since '06: "We told our guys we have a 6:15 am wakeup call and they said that's ok, that's fine.  What it means is they all feel pretty good about what we can get accomplished."

C.J. Wilcox:

On if winning on a block shot is a coincidence: "Funny how it works out how we got the block."


On his free throws at the end: "I thought I blew the game when I missed the first one so when I got another opportunity I was able to knock it down.  I made sure I wasn't going to miss."


On the composure down the stretch without Gaddy: "I just think we're maturing a lot especially on the road.  We know we have to grind out wins, we're not going to blow teams out on their home floor so Tony has matured and gotten better every game so it's good when Gaddy goes out we have somebody to come in and make good plays."


On the atmosphere at Arizona: "I love playing here with the white-out.  It's a great experience for everyone."


On the final possession when Turner was called for a blocking foul: "I assumed it was going to be a block, but you never know.  I assumed I was going to hit those free throws."


On what he was trying to do to get out of the backcourt: "I was trying to attack his hip and it worked.  I was trying to get the ball up the court as fast as I could and he cut me off and I got the call."

Tony Wroten:

On his block at the end: "He didn't see me coming and I just got the block.  I was thinking we can't go to overtime because they got the momentum.  I was thinking what can I do to help my team win?  I ran from the top of the key."


On if he was afraid of fouling: "At that time I wasn't thinking.  Five seconds left I had to stop them from scoring so I was trying to get a block."


On the atmosphere: "It was breathtaking, very hard to win here, one of the loudest crowds I've ever heard in my entire life.  They're a great team and now we go home and have a great plane ride home."


On a strong second half: "I got in foul trouble in the first half and I was trying to be myself and out help out the team.  Coach Romar was saying I got to be aggressive if we're going to win and I still was trying to get C.J. and Terrence the ball because I was trying to help my team win.  I didn't have a great game, but that doesn't matter because we got the win."


On if he's ever won a game on a blocked shot: "I've never won a game with a game winning block.  Most of my game-winners are on offense.  This is definitely special, I'll remember it forever."


On hitting the deep shot to beat the shot clock: "It kinda shocked me because the shot clock was going down and I had to hoist up a crazy shot and it went in.  It was a big shot because they were coming back and it pushed it (the lead) up to ten.  It was a great, lucky shot."


On what Romar told him when he subbed in for Gaddy who had 4 fouls: "He was saying you're a point guard.  You're going to have to win the game, you're going to have to make sure we get a good shot every time and that's what I did."


On Wilcox missing the front end of the one and one: "It was crazy because I was about to get a drink, there's no way he's missing and then he missed and I was like ‘are you serious?'"

Terrence Ross:

On the final play: "When he drove passed me I thought I gave the game away.  It looked like he was going to get an easy lay-up, but somebody challenged it and ‘Tone' came and blocked it.  It was real big.  It was really ironic because that was the way we lost last year – off of a block.  ‘Tone' got that clutch block that ended the game."


On Wroten: "Tony is a great player, that's what they do is step up in big moments like this and he found a way to get over the hump.  It was a big all-around game for him."


On if he likes Arizona's arena: "Honestly I've played here since I was in high school.  I like it now that we ended on a win, but at first I didn't like it at all."


On the final possession when Wilcox had the ball: "I knew it was going to be a foul.  There was no way it was going to be an offensive foul so I knew it was going to be a defensive foul and I was happy it was C.J. going to the line and I was just happy the ref made a good call."


On if this game would be won if played earlier in the year: "I don't think so.  We grew up a lot.  The last couple months have been a real chance to find what works for us and how we're supposed to play."


On his second half: "I just had to step up.  We were down at half and I knew it was going to be hard to go and make plays but I'm just happy I could help the team out." Top Stories