Williams down to one visit

Dawgman.com spoke Monday night with Andrea Gittens, Mother to Bremerton, Washington basketball recruit Marvin Williams Jr., and Gittens shed some valuable light on Marvin's recent visit to the University of Washington. How was the visit? Is he still planning on visiting North Carolina next? What about the rest of his summer? Andrea answered all of those questions, and more.

"A plane came to pick Marvin up, and then the coaches came and picked me up from work and Marvin was with them," Andrea said when asked about the visit to Washington. "We went to the Metropolitan Grill and had a really nice dinner. Then we went to the hotel and were picked up in the morning.

"We got a chance to speak to the head of the academic department, who is also a professor. He explained everything, how Marvin would be able to have a tutor, things like that. They answered all of our questions before we were even able to ask them. They knew what was on our minds. It was really nice. They showed us everything we needed to see and answered every question we needed to ask."

This visit would be the only one where both of Marvin's parents spent time checking everything out. "We went there to see the academics and to make sure that Marvin would be taken care of," Andrea said. "Are they going to be there for him?"

Was that question answered to their satisfaction? In a word - yes.

"He (Romar) is the father of three children," Gittens said. "We had the opportunity to go to their house for dinner Saturday night, which was very nice. Marvin got a chance to meet the other players on Washington's team. His wife cooked an excellent dinner. I feel very comfortable around them and know that Romar would be there for Marvin."

To say that Andrea ran the gamut of emotions during the visit is accurate. "It was everything," she said. "I was overwhelmed and it was all fancy but at the same time it felt comfortable. The coaches are all very nice, and very funny too. We had a really nice time."

Marvin and his father, Marvin Sr., have moved the timetable up for their visit to Chapel Hill. "He'll be going to North Carolina with his father tomorrow (Tuesday) night," Andrea said. "Marvin (Sr.) has family there, so he'll visit them. Then they will come back on Friday and there's also a tournament in Portland on Friday for the whole weekend.

"He's very tired."

The family hasn't been able to digest the visit to Washington together just yet. Marvin Jr. left the visit Sunday afternoon to go to a photo shoot for Slam magazine. He hasn't been home until very late Sunday and Monday and his Mother won't see him until this coming weekend in Portland.

That doesn't bother Andrea too much. "I let him talk to me," she said, regarding the recruiting process. "All the coaches I've met are very nice and I feel comfortable with all of them. I know they will take care of him. Marvin will make his decision, whatever school he wants to go to. I was just on this trip for support."

Marvin will be a busy body the rest of the summer, including trips to the the prestigious ABCD and Big Time tournaments, the latter being in Las Vegas. Andrea will be making her first trip ever to Nevada. "I'm looking forward to it," she said.

Will Williams take any more visits to colleges? Apparently when Marvin and his father return from North Carolina, he'll be finished. "That will be it," Gittens said. "He'll be choosing a school in August. He should have about three weeks to rest before school starts, and I want him to rest."

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