Husky dateline - Tuesday 6/10/2003

It started off as your typical Tuesday morning, with unnamed radio reporters banging on the door of Rick Neuheisel's Medina home. It's not as if they weren't anxious or anything. It's been a few days since the University of Washington has commented in regards to Neuheisel's involvement in a neighborhood NCAA betting pool. To this point, Neuheisel has been the only one doing the talking.

And this afternoon, Angelo Bruscas of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer capped off a most interesting day of information with the latest news out of Montlake. Most of our information was based around unnamed sources that notified of a few unconfirmed details that had leaked out of Graves Annex.

Bruscas' article focused mostly on Neuheisel's abrupt departure from a meeting at Washington's Complaint, Investigation and Resolution office off campus because of his choice of legal representation. KJR 950AM first reported the potential conflict about a half-hour before Bruscas' article became public.

In short, Neuheisel was told that his attorney, who was flown in from Chicago by the Husky head coach, might not be able to represent him because he had previously represented the University. When confronted with the news, Neuheisel left the meeting, intent on returning when the conflict was resolved.

"When I arrived at the meeting, I was told that it was restricted in scope, so therefore they now have to figure out whether to get it totally restored or whether I have to seek new counsel," Neuheisel told Bruscas. "These are big issues in my life we're talking about."

The first hint of news Tuesday came from a phone call via a Seattle news source. According to them, something was 'about to go down.' Other sources revealed to that the school reportedly decided late Monday night to replace Neuheisel. Another source reported that all of the remaining coaches, including Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson, had reportedly been asked by the Washington Athletic Department to retain their positions within the football program.

Additionally, this source also reported that Gilbertson had been asked to step in as head coach on an interim basis. As of this story being published, while we believe the sources to be credible, we have not been able to confirm this information. And with as many twists as this story has already taken, we are confident that there will be more coming.

KJR also reported late Tuesday afternoon that the University will not be commenting on anything regarding the off-campus meeting or anything else regarding the Neuheisel story.

In other Husky news, fullback Zach Tuiasosopo is still in hot water. The King County prosecutor has filed a charge of felony malicious mischief against the Washington fullback. The charge stems from an incident at Fisherman's Terminal parking lot, where Zach is accused of punching out windows. He was attending a sorority party at the time, and was arrested by police with "blood and cuts on his hands and pants," according to the Associated Press. He was also intoxicated at the time.

If found guilty, Tuiasosopo could spend up to 90 days in jail. His arraignment is one week from Tuesday.

Also Tuesday, former Washington tight end Jerramy Stevens pleaded guilty to reckless driving in Kirkland Municipal Court, Jose Miguel Romero of the Seattle Times reported. As part of the deal to reduce Stevens' original DUI charge to reckless driving, he'll spend two days in jail. However, Albert M. Raines did not hand down Stevens' full sentence, citing an incomplete evaluation of the alcohol education program Jerramy is currently attending.

His sentencing hearing will be Monday, June 23rd. And this will not be the end of Stevens' legal troubles. He is also facing a future trial for sexual assault, as a woman filed a civil suit against him last week in King County Superior Court from an incident alleged to have taken place three years ago. Top Stories