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EUGENE - It was as thorough a performance as Washington has experienced this year. The Oregon Ducks went through them, over them, around them, and every other way possible en route to an 82-57 win over UW Thursday night at Matthew Knight Arena. Here's what UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar and freshman guard Tony Wroten had to say about the game.

Lorenzo Romar Quotes:
Opening Statement - "Oregon was phenomenal tonight. They played a fantastic game; they were hitting on all cylinders. We would have had to really been knocking shots down offensively to have kept it close tonight. But they made us pay for every defensive mistake we made, and we made plenty of them. Their execution was great and they just beat us in every way from the opening tip on. So we've got to give them a lot of credit."

Played that bad this year? - "Not in a long time. This is more like the St. Louis game, South Dakota, Colorado…those type games. Probably worse than Colorado."

Shocked after Garrett Sim's 8-point start? - "I don't know if we were shocked. We didn't knock down shots early, we missed layups, we missed wide-open shots. I don't know if mentally we let down, but we hadn't missed more than 2-3 shots when it was 8-0. So we hadn't gotten to that point yet.

"It was a very bad combination of them playing very well, us not being able to make shots and us being negligent on the defensive end. And that's not a very good combination on the road against a very good team."

On surprised by lack of energy - "I would say they had more energy throughout the entire game than we did. And that's surprising to me, because that hadn't been the case with us. Did the road have anything to do with it? It didn't have anything to do with it in Arizona. Against Arizona we played with a lot of energy."

On Sim's game - "I know Sim can hit an open shot. And he had some open shots. You don't want to play him in a game of H.O.R.S.E. He'll knock those down all day long, and he had a few of those early. He didn't score in the second half, but the damage had been done."

On not letting the loss linger - "That's what we're trying to prevent now. In the grand scheme of things - two, three weeks when we look back at this game, it happened but if we can not let this linger and go on, we can bounce back and be fine. We're still in first place; that loss didn't put us in last place. We still have to work."

On being surprised by the lack of execution - "Every negative category you want to name, you can check the box on that one: Lack of execution; lack of executing the scout; lack of energy…just very poor. Now they had something to do with that because they were very efficient.

"We just didn't do anything right. As good as they are and as good as they executed, they didn't change their offense a whole lot from the last time we played them. They didn't change their defenses from the last time we played them. We just didn't do a very good job tonight."

On if he saw this coming - "I didn't see us falling flat on our face and doing such a poor job of executing tonight. I knew this was going to be a hard game, and the week leading into this game I said we haven't arrived at all. We're not in a rhythm at all. And the missed shots, the missed layups, the wide-open missed jumpers that we had…that wasn't the issue tonight.

"The issue was, we were negligent on the defensive end, and they made us pay for it."

On hoping for a second-half comeback - "You hope for that - you'd like to see that happen. We dug ourselves into a pretty big deficit…we played five minutes and we look up and it's still a 23-point lead."

On the accident that made the team late as an excuse - "I do believe in excuses when it's a legitimate excuse. I don't know if I can claim that one."

On what happened - "There was an accident, and unfortunately one person was killed in the accident, and it was just like a parking lot on the freeway. We usually get to the arena about an hour and a half prior to the game; this one we got here about 55 minutes, 50 minutes before. So we had to alter how we warmed up and things of that nature."

On what they weren't able to do because of getting there late - "Just to have a complete warmup and go through your normal routine."

On what happens next - "We've got to rally up; we've got to band together. You can't point the finger. You can't do all that - you have to stay together, rally up and come back and play again. Like I said, three weeks from now if we bounce back, we'll look back at this as a bad exam, throw it out. I just hope this doesn't cost us anything in terms of post-season."

On any bright spots - "I thought Desmond Simmons individually bounced back a little bit. That was good to see. But there wasn't a whole lot else."

On if he'd rather get right back in the gym, or will the extra day help - "I would say under normal circumstance, I'd probably like to get back at it. But with the injuries that we have, with Tony and C.J., it's probably good that we have another day."

On OSU being motivated after their loss - "I don't see why they wouldn't. I can't see a team right now that wouldn't be motivated; everybody has a reason to be motivated. The team in last place is trying to get in a situation to not finish last so they can get a better seed in the Pac-12 Tournament. That's the beauty of a tournament. So I think everybody is motivated, for one reason or another."

Tony Wroten:
On the game's opening - "It was tough. One player coming down on a run, all by himself. At first we didn't pay him no mind, but then he started their rout."

On being late - "It was different, but it was definitely not the reason why we lost. You can't use that as an excuse."

On not expecting this happening - "Yeah, we just got done winning five-straight, so we thought it was that time where we keep climbing the hill. But we got embarrassed."

On what happened - "We didn't come to play, that what it was. Didn't execute the scout."

On if they can bounce back - "Definitely. We can't lose two in a row. We're tied for first with Cal, so we have to keep climbing. This break is definitely helping me and my teammates."

On what was said in the locker room - "It's a tough one, but we can't lull on it. We've got a good Oregon State team soon, so we just have to move on."

On UO's trap - "It wasn't even that it was what got us; we just didn't take care of the ball."

On Oregon playing better - "Every team will give us their best game, so we're gonna lose the way we played. Every team will come out tough, and the crowd is going to be crazy and loud considering we're No. 1 in the Pac-12. We just have to figure out how to win these road games."

On bouncing back, like the Utah game after Colorado - "Just start. The first impression could be your last. How you start the game is very important."

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