Neuheisel fired as football coach

Rick Neuheisel, head football coach at the University of Washington, has been fired by the school for his involvement in a betting pool. In an interview with KING 5's Susannah Frame, a visibly shaken Neuheisel spoke about his termination, which was sent to Neuheisel via fax Wednesday night. "I'm not the man they are portraying me to be," he said. "But I'll find new challenges, climb new ladders.

"It's a sad night for me. I poured a lot into this job, but the facts are the facts and we deal with them."

Neuheisel was fired with cause, namely his involvement in betting on collegiate athletics and also his dishonesty in not being immediately forthcoming when questioned by the NCAA about his activities. According to Frame, Neuheisel has taken extreme exception to both, but especially the accusations of dishonesty.

He claimed he was 'blindsided' by their questions, not understanding what they were asking for. During that initial meeting, he left, only to come back when he understood what they were asking for. He then, apparently, gave full disclosure to all the details surrounding his involvement in a neighborhood NCAA basketball pool.

When asked by Frame if he had any thoughts he would like to share with his players, he looked straight into the camera and asked them to "fight, scratch and claw."

"Remember, tough times don't last, but tough people do," he added, saying he would always be a big fan of them.

A press conference is scheduled on campus at 10 AM Thursday morning, where Keith Gilbertson is expected to be announced as the Huskies' new head coach. Top Stories