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CORVALLIS - Here are game quotes from Lorenzo Romar, C.J. Wilcox, Abdul Gaddy, Terrence Ross, Craig Robinson, Eric Moreland and Angus Brandt after the Washington Huskies came up with a big road win, 75-72 over Oregon State Sunday afternoon at Gill Coliseum.

Lorenzo Romar:
On this game helping Abdul Gaddy's confidence - "Sometimes that can be the case, that's absolutely right. Sometimes that can be a springboard to greater things."

On being more involved in the game - "Well, it was an intense game, and there was a lot at stake. I just wanted to make sure we did everything we could to help the team."

On coaching literally every possession - "Is there an implication that sometimes there are games where I don't coach every possession? (laughs) But I know what you mean. It's an intense time of year, and our team - we just needed every advantage that we could get out there."

On if the team knows what's at stake - "I think they did today. Sometimes with younger teams, you do little things like leave the door open in the middle of the day when you go to school or something; you don't know what could happen if you do that because you're young and you don't understand. When you get older you realize that you better lock this down every times, and sometimes players just feel like everything is going to be alright. I thought today we were much more dialed in."

On Abdul's game - "Before the game him and I were talking, and I said that your best game in-conference was the last time we played Oregon State. He scored more, but today I thought he was an efficient floor leader, especially in the second half. I thought he really ran our team very well."

On the difference in him between Thursday to now - "Thursday is hard, because there aren't a lot of heroes in the Thursday game. I thought our team was focused and ready to play; Terrence went out and got 13 more rebounds, Shawn Kemp came in off the bench and gave us good minutes, and Desmond Simmons hit two big free throws. There were a lot of heroes on our team, and Abdul was one of the main ones."

On sticking together after Oregon - "I felt we did, with the exception of the last 33 seconds of the half - we should have taken the last shot - I thought we did a decent job in the first half. The score was tied, but obviously did a better job in the second half."

On more heroes needed on the road at this time of year - "No question. You've got to step up, especially on the road."

On it being a physical game - "We played a pretty physical one against Seattle U that was pretty physical. We played against Duke - that was a physical game. We've played some physical games."

On still being tied - "Thursday's one of those games where you go five years from now and you win five national championships - but what about what happened Thursday at Oregon? It was just poor, and they were very good - and that's hard to get that out of your mind. But yeah - big picture, we're tied for first place going back home for two more games. Big picture? I'd rather prefer that than the alternative."

On scoreboard watching this late in the season - "Now I do, at this point. I think you follow the league though - I know every score of every game, even in non-conference. It's your league and you pull for your league and you want to know how your league is doing. But you know who is right there with you."

On the Pac-12 title race - "I thought the end of this league - a team could be in second place, and at the end of the weekend could finish fifth, and vise-versa. And it looks like that's what it's going to come down to."

On what got them over the hump at the end of the game - "I thought that we got some stops, and we also got some good looks."

On washing the 'bad exam' away - "I can say that now. It's in the record books; we can't erase it. It did happen. But we told our team immediately after - we're not watching film of this last game, we're throwing this one out. That was not the Huskies. Let's move on, and I felt like we did a good job of moving on."
C.J. Wilcox:
On the feeling of winning this game - "Really good. We knew that if we won this game we could still be tied for first. We blew the Oregon game, but we still knew we had a chance to compete for winning the Pac-12 outright."

On the free-throw shooting contest at the end - "I was confident. I'm always confident in my team to finish, especially free throws. We work on them all the time. So I was pretty confident at the end. We knew the stakes of the game."

On bouncing back from Thursday - "We knew we could fall to fourth place or stay in first - so we knew the magnitude of the game."

On the physicality of the game - "We know when we play on the road we're going to have to grind out wins. We're not going to blow teams out, we're not going to play amazing. Weird stuff happens, so we just know that we have to grind it out and get the job done."

On getting aggressive going to the rim - "Just not getting reps in practice, it's tough with my shooting. When my shot's not falling, I have to find other ways to contribute to the team."

On his shot - "My confidence is fine; it's just a matter of repetition and getting comfortable with the ball going in the hole. I don't get that as much as I normally do, so it's a little bit different that way."

On Gaddy leading the team today - "He's just a smart point guard. He got the passes there. We were running the floor and we knew that this team doesn't get back on defense very well, so we got a lot of easy buckets that way."

On Ross stepping up his game - "Terrence is an amazing player. He can go out and get 30 and 10 every game if he wants to. He's just a talented player and we're lucky to have him on the team."

On looking to him for consistent points at this point in the year - "For the most part. There are going to be games, like the Oregon game where people aren't going to shoot as well as they should. But for the most part he's going to keep those numbers pretty steady."

On a game being delayed by ice cream, and if that took some of the steam out of the game - "I couldn't believe that. For me, sitting there bored and not doing anything - I know it's tough to just play after that."

On these games having a playoff feel right now - "We know that every game counts. Every game…if we lose, we're not getting first place; if we win, we keep pushing to try and get it done."

On staying together - "We knew how serious this game was, so none of us wanted to give that away. We always let games go like that, so we tried to stick together and get the job done.

On dealing with make-or-break situations - "We love it. It makes us play better. It makes us focused more. When we think we have it won we're not going to play as serious. When we know we have to win games…"

On his health - "It's good. The recovery times is getting a lot faster, but after games my hip is always sore."

On taking the approach that they have to win the title - "Yeah. We know that if we don't win it outright, we have to win the Pac-12 Tournament. And we know that's a really hard thing to do."

On his thoughts on the last five games, with three of them on the road - "I think we're confident that we're getting this road thing figured out - other than the Oregon game. Just how to get these games done."
Abdul Gaddy:
On the game - "Our backs were against the wall, and we weren't going to lose. I did whatever I could for my team, just like anybody else. We came out to win."

On thinking they have to win the Pac-12 - "We have to. And that's how we're approaching it. Trying to stay in first place and win the conference outright. Trying to win both, really."

On it being an ugly game on the road - "Always. They are always ugly on the road, and we have three more. So it's the same thing."
Terrence Ross:
On consciously trying to take over games more - "Yeah, I think I'm trying to take over the game more in the second half and when it's late in the game. I feel like my endurance is key, so it's easier for me to take advantage of people."

On bouncing back from Oregon - "We had to bounce back from that, and that's what we did. Coach had a talk with us last night and told us what's at stake and how we had to play. We had to get that loss out of our mind and move onto the next page."

On that being easier said than done - "It was a pretty big loss, but we had to get that out of our minds and keep moving and come out here and play Husky Basketball and get that W."

On this feeling like it's the playoffs - "It feels like if we lose, we're eliminated. So it's kinda big for us."

On having confidence late in games - "People keep saying that I don't try to do what I'm doing in the second half in the first half. For me, at least, I have to keep pushing, and that's what I try to do - just wear the other team down and go off on them."

On the free-throw shooting contest at the end - "Free throws are key. We capitalized on them in practice, and it showed in the game."

On where he got hit and knocked down - "I don't remember. I just remember spinning back and getting up."

On if his head is still ringing - "Yeah, just a little bit."

On the physical nature of the game - "I know Seattle U played physical. We came out here and played physical with them. If that's the type of game they want to play, that's the kind of game we'll play. And we came out on top."
Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson:
Opening Statement - "This is a tough game for the guys in the locker room to digest because I thought their effort was terrific, but it was disappointing that we didn't make enough plays to win that game. I used to use the term 'kissing your sister' paying compliments like that and then you end up losing the game, but I don't feel that way with this team. I felt like this was a turning point for us and I am hoping that they feel the same way that I do. That effort against Washington, who I think is the best team in this league and the most talented, to be able to stick with them and fight and execute our game plan, was great. I couldn't be more proud of them, but I wish we could have won the game. I wish we had played better on Thursday because if you win that game on Thursday, then you feel a little bit better about yourself today."

On his decision to start three guards - "I was worried about their three-guard line-up, which is chalked full of potential NBA guys. So I wanted to make sure that we could stay in front of them. Barton has shown in the brief times that he has gotten in that he is a pretty good defender. He stays in front of his man and he is big, tall and athletic. I just figured, we could try it, see what happens and we could always go to a bigger line-up. Before he got into foul trouble I thought we were doing a good job on those guards because they were having a tough time scoring. So to answer the next question of if we will do that again, it just depends on who we play against. I mean I have said it time and again that our first seven or eight guys all play and they could all start. We are just trying to find that best fit to win each game that we play."

On if it was deflating going into halftime tied instead of with the lead - "When you play a team that is this good and has the kind of experience that they have in games like this, it wasn't deflating at all. I won't say that I was relaxed, but when you can go into a halftime against a team with this kind of talent tied, you just say 'OK we weathered this storm' and it is a brand new ball game. I thought our team did just that and came out nicely in the second half. I thought they did a good job executing the offense and the defense, I mean they shot 35 percent from the field so that is pretty good for us."

On Washington's depth - "They played nine guys. It looks like they have a couple of bench guys that could probably start on some of the teams in this league."

On if the team was waiting for a run in the second half - "Historically, we are getting to the point where we are getting to our own runs. It was many years here where we would get these horrific droughts and not get our own runs. I felt like each time that we were going to have one, but when it finally came I felt like it was a too little a little bit too late. I mean Angus Brandt went on the run almost by himself, making those three very different and tough shots. But you can't give up as many offensive rebounds, you can't miss as many foul shots and you can't have as many second half turnovers as we had to beat a good team like that."

On if the team is still at a learning stage - "I take all of the blame for these guys inability to do stuff because they are still young and they are still learning. I tell you what though, their effort is tremendous. I also want to point out something that is a small consolation, but we haven't had two bad games in a row. I love how these guys bounce back. Even after the four-overtime loss, we almost came back and beat Arizona at Arizona. Every time that we have had a bad game, we come back ready the next time and that is part of the learning process. Even though we have three juniors on this team, these guys didn't really start knowing what to do and when to do it at this level until this season, and they are still learning."
Eric Moreland:
On losing two this weekend and moving on to the next two games - "We just have to take care of the road wins. We have Stanford and Cal coming up and we have to get those two and take care of the rest of the home wins. If we can get a split or two wins on the road, then that will help us get back in the running."

On what he did to adjust his play since the Washington State game - "I can't come out and play like I did on Thursday. I wanted to make sure that I came out with much more energy. I also wanted to come out more aggressive today and try to help the team as much as I could."

On being asked what the coaches said to him about adjusting his game - "They talked to me about it and said I need to be more aggressive. I can't play that many minutes and not get rebounds. It is one of those things that I am supposed to do on this team and I can't come out like that. This game I wanted to make sure I'd be as aggressive as I could."

On playing with three guards in the lineup tonight - "We could speed up the pace with that lineup. We might get out rebounded a little bit, but the pace does go faster with that. When Jared moves to the four spot, he knows the position so it doesn't hurt us too much. I think it wasn't a bad idea."

On Washington's bench playing well tonight - "They are very deep. They come in and rebound and have good shooters. We have to try and match that; they're a tough team at the top half of the league. We just have to match that, but we didn't do it well enough. We have to take it to the next game and try and move forward on that."

On being happy with the defense - "I think coach was happy with the defense and I think we are with our effort. I think we executed, it just was a tough loss. I wish we could have gotten this one. It wasn't because of effort or defense like in the other games. I think this game we did a good job on defense. They got a couple of open threes but I think our effort was there on offense and defense."
Angus Brandt:
On being surprised of a tied game at the half - "We weren't surprised. We always knew it was going to be a close game coming into it and knew we had to play hard the whole game. The fact it was tied at halftime didn't surprise anyone."

On the team confidence - "The confidence is still high. We played hard and played well as a team tonight, the result just didn't go our way."

On hitting open shots and gaining confidence - "The coaches have talked to me all week saying that you're a good shooter and the percentages show it. When you get the ball and you're open, shoot with confidence."

On Washington's depth - "They are a good team. I think we're a good team as well. I'm not afraid to put my hand up and get one of my teammates in there. They have that luxury as well. Tonight their bench just did a better job. It was a close game, I still think it we played well."

On having frustration in losing a tough game close - "A little bit. We came in fighting, bounced back Thursday where we didn't play well at all and then come out and play a really good game against a really good team and just fall short is kind of heartbreaking. I think all the guys have their heads up and can walk away proud tonight and it's going to show when we go on the road to the bay area."

On improving the inconsistencies - "We have a lot of young guys. We just need good communication across the board and just make sure everyone is on the same page. Try to adjust to playing man-to-man and switching between defenses. We can work on communicating that better on the floor."

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