Nike camp update - T.R. Smith

T.R. Smith is a 5-10.5, 177-pound athlete from Portland (Ore.) Jefferson, and T.R. went to last weekend's Oregon Nike camp in Eugene with an agenda - open some eyes. Even though he'll be playing QB for Jefferson this fall he worked out with the receivers and showed that he's got the skills and body type to play a number of positions on the field.

"I knew coming down here there was going to be a lot of competition and it was going to be hard to stand out," Smith told "But I also knew that there were going to be a lot of coaches out there that know talent when they see it. So I came out here not so much to compete against other players. I just used them as decoys to get better and just basically be around other players at my level to make me better."

T.R. had the fastest time of all the camp participants, a 4.49 on the Autzen Stadium field turf. He also ran a 4.26 shuttle, jumped 30.6 inches in the vertical and repped 185 pounds 19 times.

Smith will play QB this year after learning the position last year. He's been working hard with Greg and Taylor Barton at the Barton's Air Attack camp. T.R. also plays free safety and it's not inconceivable he could play defense in college.

"I'm a leader," he said. "I get on them a lot because we have a young team and they don't take it as serious as me. I get on them and if they follow the rules and work hard they'll be OK."

Idaho, California, Oregon State (heavily recruiting), BYU. UW and Washington State all visited Jefferson in the spring, and T.R. has scholarship offers from Oregon State and Southern Oregon. "I'd like to hear from schools like Miami and Texas, not so much that I'm really interested in them, but just to let me know that what I doing and my hard work is getting noticed," he said.

"A big part of my life right now is to going D1, so Oregon State is right at the top. But I'm interested in any Pac-10 or Big-12 school and I haven't really had any conversations with other schools, so I don't have a feel for them yet." Top Stories