Nike camp update - Eddie Stamm

Eddie Stamm, a 6-1.5, 221-pound middle linebacker from Beaverton, Oregon, recently made the 2-hour plus pilgrimmage to attend Oregon's Nike camp in Eugene. He was one of the bigger 'backers there, and he definitely used that to his advantage in getting noticed.

"I was expecting to come in and do a lot better on my 40-yard dash," Stamm told after clocking a 5.09. He said he usually runs in the 4.8 range. "I was expecting that there were going to be a lot more linebackers of my type - a harder-hitting style of linebacker. But there were just a couple, so that helped me stand out more. But the intensity was what I thought it was going to be. A couple of times it got down, but me and a couple of guys helped to pick it back up. It was fun."

Stamm also clocked an impressive 4.29 shuttle time, jumped 24 inches in the vertical and had 17 reps on the bench.

Eddie earned all-league honors as both a tight end and linebacker as a junior. He's moving to OG as a senior, but will stay at MIK on defense. "I'm a guy that likes to have a lot of fun while he's playing," he said. "I want to make it as fun as possible for everyone, while still taking it really seriously.

"I think my biggest strengths are my leadership and my dependibility. I'm going to give it 110% every time I'm out on the field. I need to work on my drops and my man-to-man coverage."

College interest has been coming from the northwest schools, and Stamm is definitely intrigued by what the region can offer. "I've been getting a lot of stuff from Oregon and Washington," he said. "The stuff from Washington is more like what they send out to everyone. But I'm interested in staying close to home, like Washington, Oregon, a place like Boise State, smaller schools like that. I don't have any offers or anything like that right now.

I'd like to hear more from a school like Portland State. I'm really interested in a school like Oregon, but I really want to play football. That's the main thing, so I want to find out more about some of the smaller schools too. I'm really interested in Boise State, but I don't know that much about them yet. Also a lot of schools around here, like Oregon State." Top Stories