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Dawgman.com spoke this week with former Washington receiver Jermaine Kearse, who was one of four Huskies who took part in the recent NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He talked about that experience, as well as what he's been doing in preparation for Thursday's UW Pro Day, held at the Dempsey Indoor Facility.

On things since the Alamo Bowl - "I was actually in Seattle for another week or two in treatment, and then I trained at the Elite Factory in Westlake Village, in California."

On what kind of treatment he was getting in Seattle - "I was rehabbing…not rehabbing, but just getting my body back from the season."

On why he picked the Elite Factory to train - "It was a good facility, a good area to work out - there weren't too many distractions, so I was able to get done what I was able to get done. I found out about them through a friend of mine."

On what his daily grind was as he got ready for the NFL Combine and Pro Day - "We worked out twice a day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The morning workout, we would do our 40 prep and our pro agility. We'd do that for about an hour-and-a-half. And after that we'd work on position stuff with my position coach that was out there. His name was Jeff Johnson. We'd get done with that and we would have a couple of hours off. Then we would go back to the facility and lift."

On the NFL Combine experience - "I think I did alright. I obviously wanted to run faster than I did, but that's what Pro Day is for - I get to fix the mistakes that I made during the combine, fix 'em up and correct them and perform better at Pro Day."

On if he remembers any official marks? - "Nah. I think I ran a 4.5 40."

On if he's got any target marks in mind for Pro Day - "To run faster than what I did at the combine."

On if he's been timed faster heading into Pro Day - "I haven't run a 40 since the combine."

On what the Combine experience was like off the field? - "It was pretty tough. You have to get acclimated to the east coast time. So going to sleep was kind of tough, but those are the types of things you have to get used to. But overall, it was a good experience. I got to talk to a lot of teams and show them my knowledge of the game. I feel like it went pretty good."

On one thing he'll take from the NFL Combine experience - "Just meeting all the different type of coaches and all the different types of players. It was a good experience; it was cool to meet a lot of people, a lot of people you played against and competed with. Just pretty much that."

On keeping in touch with the other seniors as they are also going through the pro process - "I actually worked out today with Devin (Aguilar) and Cort (Dennison). I've seen Chris (Polk), Alameda (Ta'amu), and Senio (Kelemete) at the combine, but today I worked out with Devin and Cort.

On what he did after the NFL combine - "I've been back in Seattle after the combine. I got with Ivan Lewis, our strength and conditioning coach at the school, and we've been going over my 40 stuff and my pro agility stuff."

On how Devin Aguilar is doing - "He'd doing good. He's looking good. He's been in Florida, training."

On hiring an agent - "I hired an agent. His name is Gary Uberstine. I just felt comfortable with him. He's a great guy. He knows what he's doing, and I felt like he was the best fit for me. He's also the agent for Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. I talked to Daniel briefly the other day."

On the biggest thing for him going into Pro Day - "Just taking the game mentality and approach as if it was a game or a practice; I'm just going to try and do my best, attack it, and hopefully have some good results."

On the input from the UW coaches - "I talked to coach Dougherty and coach Sark earlier this week, but it was just to stop in and say Hi, see how things are going. I haven't talked to coach Nuss since a week after he went to Alabama. He just wished me luck and hopes I do well."

On getting an idea as to what his draft stock may be like right now - "I'm not really sure. I'm just doing whatever I can, and whatever happens happens."

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