Player Quotes - UW Pro Day

SEATTLE - spoke with Chris Polk, Senio Kelemete, Everrette Thompson, Alameda Ta'amu, Jermaine Kearse, Cort Dennison, and E.J. Savannah after Washington's Pro Day Thursday at the Dempsey Indoor Facility to get their thoughts on the day, the NFL Draft, and their potential as pro prospects.

Chris Polk:
On his 40 time: "I felt I could have done better, but I improved on my time. You can't argue with that."

On his official time today: "Electric 4.49, hand-timed 4.49, a little faster, but it's fine. I wanted a 4.3, but I'll take a 4.4."

On his comfort level at pro day: "It's more comfortable doing it because you see familiar faces and plus, my whole career, we've been training in here so it's like practice. All the other stuff, the nerves and stuff, it's all out, you're just around your teammates and you're just competing and showing everyone what you can do."

On Jake Locker throwing to him: "It took me back a little catching balls from Jake. Obviously, I'm glad he was able to come back and I'm just really blessed to be in the position I am in now."

On dropping weight: "From the combine, I lost three pounds. I was 215 at the combine and I was 212 today. From the Senior Bowl I was down 12 pounds and that's just working hard and doing abs, eating right and a belief in what you're doing and the people around you."
Senio Kelemete:
On the whole pro day process: "I don't want to say stressful, but mind-boggling. Just making sure you're eating right, working out, getting a good sweat it, making sure you're not doing too much before pro day. It's been a long road. I'm glad pro day is over with and now I can just basically work on football drills instead of working on my 40 or three-cone drills so I'm glad it's over with."

On what he'll be doing for the draft: "I still don't know yet. I'm sure it's probably just going to be family and close friends around here. Nothing too big."

On what the week was like leading up to pro day: "I slept great last night. I felt real comfortable, being back at my home school and being around an environment that I know. Seeing guys that I've played with before cheering me on, it felt good just being back here and being able to perform well. You just feel more comfortable being around guys you've played with."

On switching from defense to offense: "I always think about it. I'm glad Coach Sark, he came over and he decided to move me to offense because I wouldn't be in a better position than I am today so just having Coach Sark come over and switch me to offensive line I feel like it was a great move and I'm thankful for him moving me over to offense."

On where teams see him: "A couple say they can see me at right tackle; some say at left tackle; some say at guard. It's all different perspective and what teams need -- me playing guard or tackle -- it just depends on which team I go to. I feel comfortable playing tackle, but if they move me inside, I have no problem with that."

On what is next for him: "Going to be around U-Dub, working out, talking to my coach, talking to other guys and doing the same thing that we did building up to the combine and going to the Senior Bowl."

On Chris Polk: "He's one of those guys you have to see on the field. It's not gonna show he can break two or three arm-tackles or he can either run you over or shake you so I feel his film will speak a lot louder than what he did on the field today."

On improving his testing: "My 40 time. Just working on staying low and getting off the blocks well. I think it was a good time compared to the combine."
Alameda Ta'amu:
On how pro day was compared to the combine: "It was cool, more laid back. Not as many people trying to pump guys up."

On what he improved on: "I was able to run drills today that I wasn't able to do down there. I ran the L-drills or the 5-10-5 ("I drill") down there, so today I had good times."

On why he didn't bench: "I didn't have to waste my energy. I did well enough down there (35 reps)."

On the difference from being in college to almost being a pro: "I feel the same. Football is football. It's been a part of my life. Besides moving and being in airplanes all the time, it's not that different."

On what he's feeling: "I got stronger and bigger. I like how I feel. I played at 338 and I'm 347 now. All muscle."

On his routine now: "I'm going to stay here and work out at U-Dub. Work out around with these guys."

On draft day: "I'll be with my family."
Everrette Thompson:
On what he's been doing: "Just working out. Basically going into caveman mode and maximizing every day, working out. I ended up going to Las Vegas and worked out at PSI with Cort (Dennison) out there."

On what he worked on: "Just wanted to get my drills and footwork down. I needed to get more fluid and work on my stretching as well."

On how he did in the drills: "I love to max out on every drill possible. You can't do that on every one, but I felt good. On my bench I felt good. I got it up there."

On his plans pre-draft: "Just keep working out, keeping in touch with my agent (Cameron Foster) and see what teams are interested in me, the mini-camps, and it's sorta a waiting game until then."
Cort Dennison:
On the day: "I take pride in playing out there and I have good film and stuff, but I wanted to come out here today and prove that I'm not just a film guy - that I could do things, that I am athletic. And I think I did that."

On how important it was for him to do well: "Really important. You just want to go out and compete. I love proving people wrong. I love when my back's up against the wall and I can prove to people things. I think I did a good job today, but there's always room for improvement. And I'm going to keep on improving."

On Draft Day viewing plans: "No, I don't. I don't know where I'm going to be. But I'm going to be with my family though, that's for sure. So maybe they'll come up here or I might go back (to Salt Lake City)."

On how he did at Pro Day: "I feel like I did really well. I set some PR's and I ran fast. I'm really happy, but you can always improve on anything."

On his Pro Day 40 time: "I don't have anything official, but I was hearing 4.6, so I'm happy for that."

On if he thinks the Pro Day is going to help his draft prospects: "I think it's going to help a lot. They know I can play football and that I can be productive, but to be able to come out and show that I'm athletic and that I can move in space and do the little things…I think it really helped.

On what's next: "Just keep training. I'll go (to Las Vegas) in the off-season; I really am happy with how that production turned out. But I'm going to keep training, keep working hard and try and get better at everything I can. I'll stay here too. I'm comfortable up here. I trust Ivan, he does a great job. This is a home here."

On going from watching Pro Days to being in one: "I've been to all of them, so to be here it's kind of crazy. But I'm glad it's over with and I can move on and keep working."
Jermaine Kearse:
On what he was hoping to prove at Pro Day: "A lot of people didn't think I could run fast. I think I changed a lot of minds. I don't know my official time, but…I felt good running and catching the ball and running good routes."

On how fast he was hoping to run at Pro Day: "Faster than the combine."

What he ran at the combine: "4.58."

On running at the combine: "I was a little nervous. My legs were a little gone, but I was able to rest up and my legs felt good today."

On Jake Locker showing up to throw passes: "I was making sure he was throwing nice balls and everything. But it was great to have Jake out here. I told him that I really appreciated him coming out here. It was a big thing for me and DA and Chris and everyone. It just shows you the kind of person he is to come back and help us out."

On how important route-running was for him at Pro Day: "It was pretty important just to run smooth routes and get out of my breaks and catch the ball well. I think I did pretty well."

On seeing his body change after the season: "I'm slimming down a little bit. I feel a lot faster training these past couple of months after the season. Overall, my body is feeling good."

On what he needs to work on now: "Just want to improve my route running, get everything smooth. Get out of my breaks faster than I am now."

On seeing that he ran a 4.58 40: "I was pretty disappointed, but I knew I had another chance at Pro Day to make it up. So I got back here, got back with Ivan Lewis and fixed some things and kept working at it."

On running in front of friends and family: "That was nice. It's a comfort zone. I've run here multiple times, so it was nice to perform here."

On his weight: "All season, I would get up to like 210, 212. During the season I played at 200. But this off-season I've been around 207, 208, 205."

On if he thinks he needs to get bigger to play in NFL: "I don't think so. Just continue the flexibility in my hips and being able to separate."

On Draft Day: "I'm going to be here in Seattle and Lakewood, back and forth. I may watch a little bit of it."

On comparing himself to other receivers: "I got this question a lot at the (NFL) Combine. There's a lot of great receivers, but I don't think I can compare myself to ‘em because we're all different types of receivers and have different personalities and do different things. So I wouldn't say I compare myself to a lot of people; I just try to do the best I can and work on the things I can't."

On if he's gotten a feel for where he might go in the draft: "I can only control what I can control, so that's what I'm doing. All the things I can handle and control, I'm just going to worry about those things."

The craziest question asked of him at the combine: "I had someone ask me if I had ever been on a team that punted on first down. That was probably the craziest."

On if he's ever played on a team that punted on first down: "No!"

On the combine experience: "It was awesome. Not a lot of people get to be in the position that the people that were able to go to the combine are in, so you've got to take every moment and seize every moment and make the best of it."

On going up against top receivers in the combine: "It felt good to see the top players at the combine and be able to compare myself to them and see where I'm at. So it was nice."
E.J. Savannah:
On this being a long process - "It was short notice. I worked out the last month, really - to get ready for this. I've been working two jobs, taking care of my family. I work in sales and I work in Costco as well. I took a month's leave of absence to start working out and come out here. This was my idea, but I just didn't have time before to get ready. This was really just all off my previous abilities. It wasn't really nothing…just this last month you can't really get too ready. But I performed well, I think."

On impressing the scouts: "I just want a chance…free agency, anywhere. Just give me an opportunity to throw on some pads and bang on some people."

On the last time he played organized ball: "It was CFL. I didn't even get a chance in the NFL. I was with the B.C. Lions, right after my last year here. I was ready for Pro Day here last year, and then the lockout happened. I just went on a hiatus for a year and I was working two jobs at that time. And then this last month I came out here."

On why he felt it was important to come and work out: "I just have a passion for the game, and that's not going to go anywhere."

On keeping his passion for football alive: "I was doing everything I could…I was in the weight room and I was hooping a lot. I was just keeping my cardio up. That's the biggest thing is that if you're out of the game you're going to lose that cardio. I was playing a lot of basketball."

On if he went back to Bellevue High School to train: "Not really. I just didn't have a lot of time. I was working." Top Stories