Ross Talks About Turning Pro

Washington guard Terrence Ross took questions Sunday during a teleconference after it was announced earlier in the day that the 6-5 sophomore from Portland would forego his final two years of eligibility and put his name in the 2012 NBA Draft. Here's what Ross had to say.

On when he came to the decision - "I'm not really sure because I was with the team and I didn't want to pay attention to it at the time because we were in the season. Not until just recently I got some information from the league committee and I just sat down with my parents and talked to them and tried to figure it out."

On what the committee said - "Everything from top-10 to late lottery to late first round."

On if that's what he needed to hear, or if there was a formula - "I don't think there was any type of magic formula; I just thought it was a good idea to come out this year."

On discussions with UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar - "Coach Romar has been supportive, whether I came back or not.

On having a thought about turning pro before the season - "Not really. I just based it on this season and what happened this year and my performance. I really just took it day by day."

On his plan going forward - "It's still coming together right now, but right now I'm going to work with a trainer. I might go to LA because I know some people there."

On the NIT as a platform for him - "I know playing in the NIT Tournament was a great opportunity for everyone, including myself, to go up against other teams you don't normally go up against. It gives you an opportunity to really show what you can do against different defenses. It was a great opportunity to go out there and show everyone all the stuff they haven't seen during the regular season."

On consciously taking charge at the NIT - "I think I just did what I do normally. I was just trying to help the team be successful. I was just thinking about playing for a championship; we were still in the tournament, so we need to make the best of it…go out there with the right mindset and let everything take care of itself."

On his opinion on being able to make it in the NBA right away - "I think that wherever get drafted to, I'm going to go in with the right mindset; put in extra work and hopefully in a year good things will happen based on the work I put in. I want to be an impact player my first year."

On if coming back for NCAA weighed into his decision - "Yeah a lot. I think that getting to another NCAA Tournament…it puts you up against the best competition and the best prospects and shows scouts and teams what you can do and how good you are in big games. Going back to the NIT or NCAA Tournament is a really big deal for anyone that's trying to make a name for themselves."

On if this decision is 100 percent - "I'm all in right now. I don't think there's anything that can change my decision. I've thought about this really hard and took a lot of time…I talked to my family about what would be best. I think I've made the right decision and I don't think I'm going to change it."

On talking with Tony Wroten and how his decision might affect Tony's decision to turn pro or not - "I've talked to him about it a few times. When it comes down to it, what's best for us. I think it's going to affect him in a way, but I'm not sure how. It's really all up to him and his family as to what's best for him."

On what was talked about with his family - "My family is really supportive. I think they just wanted to know all the pros and cons and they constantly asked me if I was ready for this and where my head is at. That was the biggest thing - figuring out where my head was at and just thinking things through. They helped put a lot of things in perspective to make me get to this decision."

On talking to NBA players about the lifestyle, grind - "I've talked to a lot of guys in the league. I haven't talked to Isaiah as much, but I've talked to guys like Fred Jones, Jamal (Crawford). They gave me all the insight, what it's like to be an NBA player and what it takes - all the pressure. I think I'm ready for this; I've matured the last two years being in college.

On using a trainer to prepare - "It's going to be a guard specialist, so he knows how to work with guards in my area. I need to get stronger and put weight on."

On if there was a specific time where he got comfortable with turning pro - "I don't think there was anything I was uncomfortable with. I knew that eventually if I wanted to do this I had to mentally prepare myself to take on this challenge and not get too overwhelmed by this entire process. It's a really big thing for me, and my Mom has been helping me get my head around it. I'm really for this, and I've been thinking about this for probably the last month or so."

On looking at the gamble of going now instead of testing waters - "I've thought about that possibility, but with this draft I feel like I've put myself in a really good position. At the same time, I thought about not just myself, but also with the team and where I fit in…I really thought it was a good opportunity for me to come out now."

On being no worse than a middle first-rounder if he does the things he's supposed to do - "Yeah."

On the factors toward returning that are going to be tough to pass up - "I think it's probably the Dawg Pack…the fans. I feel like U-Dub has one of the best crowds and arenas in the country. And that's one of the hardest things to pass up. Playing for coach Romar has been the best; he's really been like a father-figure and a mentor. And I love my teammates, and I think the moments that I've shared with them - that's going to be hard to pass up." Top Stories