Wroten talks about jump to NBA

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com spoke Tuesday to Tony Wroten, Jr. who announced earlier in the day that he would forego his final three seasons of eligibility at the University of Washington to go pro and play in the NBA. He is projected to go in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft, which takes place Thursday, June 28th.

On what he's been hearing about where he could go in the draft - "I could do as high as top-5 or as low as 25. It's going to depend on how I do in my workouts."

On the decision - "It was the right time. I was ready. It was the best decision for me and my family. My freshman year I accomplished a lot, and now I'm ready for the next step."

On how long he's thought about the NBA - "As long as I can remember, when I started watching basketball, I've wanted to go to the NBA. Growing up in the Central District, you hear people talking about being a one-and-done player, but I didn't play a lot of mind to it at the time."

On what he hopes NBA scouts see from him before the draft - "A great player…a great point guard. I can play point guard. I can shoot the ball. Hopefully scouts will see that."

On talking to Seattle NBA players like Nate Robinson, Will Conroy and Jamal Crawford - "They were happy for me. Those were the main guys I was talking to. They felt like I was ready. It would be a good decision. I'm just happy that they had my back and they are guys that I look up to."

On anything he wanted to do while at UW - "Definitely I wish I could have won the NCAA Tournament…even just made the NCAA Tournament. Definitely wish I could have done that."

On the best thing about being at UW - "Just the home games…being able to play in front of my family and friends, I wouldn't have traded that for nothing."

On not shooting it as well as he would have liked to at UW and what he's going to do to get better - "I didn't shoot it as good as I wanted, but I'm definitely going to stay in the gym and keep working on my shot. Confidence is everything."

On how he hopes he's remembered as at UW - "Hopefully as a good University of Washington player, exciting to watch and a fan favorite."

On UW - "I love it here and I love the University of Washington. There's nothing like the University of Washington and their fans."

On if there's anything he didn't like at UW - "There weren't too many bad things over at the University of Washington."

On if he would regret decision if drafted in second round - "Yeah, I would be super surprised. I think I'm capable of the lottery, first round-type talent. It would be surprising, but I have to keep my mind open and only worry about the good things."

On coming back if he thought he was a borderline first round pick if borderline - "Yeah definitely. I talked to coach Romar and I told him that if I wasn't first round I was definitely coming back, so that was definitely a big factor."

On Andrew Andrews - "He's a good player, a good point guard. One person you've got to look out for is Hikeem Stewart. He's going to have a monster year next year. He might be the most improved. I've worked out with him for a long time and I know what he's capable of. He's capable of doing great things."

On Terrence Ross' decision and if that played a part in the timing of his decision - "We talked about it for a long time, and I pretty much knew he was going to the league. Today is my Mom's birthday, and I wanted to make this decision on her birthday."

On the Huskies' prospects next year - "I think Washington will be great next season. They are well-coached, they have good players in C.J. Wilcox and Abdul Gaddy, Scott Suggs is coming back. Jernard (Jarreau) and Hikeem…they are going to be good."

On Romar's track record of putting players in the league as a reason why he went to UW - "My thing was playing close to home, playing for a good coaching staff. I knew that he's a good coach and he knows what he's doing."

On what the NBA guys have told him about going to the league that young - "You have to mature fast. You grow up super-fast. You're on your own."

On leaving UW despite not doing some of the things he wanted to - "The good outweighs the bad, so I wouldn't complain at all."

On why he thinks he's a first-round pick - "My athleticism, my court vision and my potential."

On what's on the horizon for him right now - "Just getting better, working out."

On what he's going to get his Mom for her birthday with his first check - "My Mom, she loves cars, so I'll get her an S-Class Mercedes Benz."

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