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SEATTLE - Perris Blackwell, a 6-foot-9, 260-pound junior forward from Etiwanda, Calif - by way of the University of San Francisco - officially signed a financial aid agreement with Washington Monday afternoon. He will have to sit out a year per transfer rules, so what does this mean for both Blackwell and the Huskies moving forward?

Dawgman.com spoke with Blackwell to find out his thoughts on the move, what other schools he was looking at, and what UW fans should expect from him for the 2013-2014 season.

Who else recruited you out of high school? - "I had offers from USF, Santa Clara, St. Mary's and Fresno State."

Were you 6-9 when you finished high school? - "No. I was like 6-foot-6.5, 6-7."

On the six players leaving San Francisco - "I can only speak on my behalf on why; I can't give any specific reasons for each player on why they left, but mine was mainly personal reasons. It was time for me to move on."

On what happened when he re-opened the recruiting process - "I had a couple offers coming out of the Pac-10 and a couple back east. I was kind of talking to Virginia Tech and Providence."

And the Pac-10 schools? - "UCLA, Arizona, Cal, U-Dub, and Wazzu."

And your coach said it pretty much came down to Cal and U-Dub? - "Uh-huh."

And who was recruiting him for UW and when was his first contact? - "First off, the first person I talked to when I was notified I was being recruited by them was coach (Paul) Fortier and coach (Lorenzo) Romar."

And what has his relationship and interactions with them been like? - "It was a good overall meeting when I first met the two coaches. I had met coach Fortier before; it was my first time really talking with coach Romar - and it was a good experience."

On what they told him they were looking for - "For a post…a scoring presence."

On if he took any other visits besides Washington - "Nah. I kind of met with the Cal coach and the New Mexico coach, but I didn't need to go to Cal because it's right across the bridge from where I'm already located."

On his weekend visit to UW - "It was a really good visit. I really enjoyed the campus and the team and the facilities and the academic opportunities I learned about when I was up there."

Who was his player-host for the visit? - "Andrew Andrews and Desmond Simmons."

On what Andrew and Desmond told him about the program - "They really like the university, they really like the program and being coached by coach Romar. And they really want to win."

On what he saw from the team and who he could picture playing with down the road - "I could really picture myself playing with…I liked playing with everybody. I liked the tempo and the way things were getting run. They were really athletic."

On when the scholarship was extended from coach Romar - "Probably a week or two ago."

On when he told coach Romar he was coming to UW - "My trip was coming close to an end and I was on my way to the airport and we were just talking about how the experience was. I told him the positive things that I liked about coming to the University of Washington and how I would like to play there and things like that…how I would like to be a part of his program and contribute."

Was there an exact moment when he said he committed? - "Yeah, yeah. That happened before I got the airport."

And coach Romar's response? - "He was excited. He was really happy for me and really happy that I was going to be part of the team."

On one thing that stood out to him about coach Romar - "He was hilarious. He had a lot of jokes. He was talking about how he thinks he can beat me in a game of one-on-one, or whatever." (laughs)

On how he would describe his game - "I really like to play with my back to the basket, but I like to face up as well. I like to use my body to create shots. I rebound pretty well. I have a lot of passion and play with a lot of emotion and try to bring that to the team to give the team energy and propel us to win."

On statistics from last year? - "I think I was averaging 13 (points) and 7 (rebounds)."

On sitting out next year - "Yes sir."

And then you'll have one year of eligibility remaining? - Yes sir."

Any final thoughts for Husky fans? - "I'm coming up there to help the team win."

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