Bankhead racking up offers spoke Thursday with Keauntea Bankhead, a 5-11, 200-pound ATH from Seattle (Wash.) Ballard, and the Beavers just returned from football camp at Washington State with team MVP honors. And to top it off, running back J.T. Diederichs made a verbal commitment to play for Bill Doba and the Cougars. So where does that leave Bankhead, the top safety prospect in the Northwest?

"Well, he really didn't talk to me much about his decision, but I think it's a good decision for him," Keauntea told "We've talked about playing together before and I have a hard decision ahead of me. I'm thinking really hard about playing with my cousin too."

His cousin is Keandre McGee, who graduated from O'Dea this spring. He'll be walking on at Arizona State. The Sun Devils have offered Keauntea, as well as Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and San Diego State, among others.

Does that mean that ASU is now Bankhead's leader? Or maybe the Cougars? "No, no," Keauntea said with a laugh. "Everybody is pretty equal right now. I'm set on my plan to wait things out a little bit and go with my gut instinct. If I can, I would like to decide at some point during my season, but I'm not going to wait too long."

Keauntea has had a bit of a hamstring problem that didn't allow him to participate in Pullman. "I hurt it a little bit in practice during one-on-ones," he said. "But it's a lot better now. I going to see if I can go on it this week. I've been going to therapy the last two weeks and it's a lot better."

The rest of Bankhead's schedule includes attending the Big Kahuna Passing League with his Ballard teammates, and a camp at Eastern Oregon in late July. "We already went to camp at SMU," he said. "It was me, JT (Diederichs), Cole Morgan and Tony Thompson. It was great to go to Texas and see how things are like down there. I learned a lot about how I can improve my footwork. I feel like I got better." Top Stories