Spring Game Spotlight

It was surreal to play the Purple and Gold Game at Century Link Field, but with the construction of Husky Stadium going on fans and media members alike found themselves in SoDo instead of Montlake on this final Saturday of April to watch the Husky defense dominate the offense as they wrapped up spring ball...

The List:
Play of the Day: Offensively, there wasn't much on the ground you could be impressed with, but Keith Price and Jonathan Amosa did hook up for a 23-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter for the only touchdown of the day and it was a thing of beauty.

On the play, Price was flushed out to his left and Amosa, who had been blocking, then leaked out into the flat as a defensive lineman made a B-line for Price. The Husky signal-caller placed the ball perfectly so that Amosa could catch the ball in stride and he scampered the rest of the way, bowling over a defensive back for the score.

Defensively, the "Plays of the Day" would be better termend the "Almost Plays of the Day" as the Husky defensive backs had their hands on several passes that should have been interceptions.

S Will Shamburger, CB Greg Ducre and S Sean Parker all had their hands on sure interceptions but were unable to either get their feet down or keep their ball in their hands which is something the Washington coaches will definitely be focusing on after they get back to campus to watch the tape of the game.

Player of the Day - There were several players who stood out, but none showed up more than DE Andrew Hudson who continued to impress with his speed, quickness and knack for always being around the ball.

The talented sophomore defensive end really burst onto the scene in the latter half of the 2011 football season and, from the beginning of spring camp he showed he was going to pick up right where he left off.

On Saturday, Hudson posted six tackles (four solo), 2.5 tackles-for-loss and two sacks, although one of his "sacks" was vociferously objected to by Price who didn't feel he would have been tackled. Never the less, Hudson's motor really caused the Husky offensive linemen problems all day and he was a handful for whoever he lined up against.

Hit of the Day - There were a couple good pops on the day, but CB Marcus Peters' jarring hit on WR James Johnson was the one that stuck out to those in the press box.

QB Derrick Brown got the snap and quickly through the ball out to Johnson who hadn't really even left the line of scrimmage. Peters read the play and broke on the ball quick and just as Johnson hauled in the reception, the redshirt freshman corner blasted him, taking him down for a four yard loss drawing a loud cheer from the stands.

Notes: Yellow Fever - The Huskies had quite a few penalties during the game, our rough estimate was 12, and several of them were of the personal foul variety which did not please the coaches. Washington cannot afford to "kill themselves in the foot" (an old Jason Gesser quote that seems apt) if they hope to have success against anyone they play, but especially against teams like LSU, USC, Oregon and Stanford. Coaches don't get that upset when you have players getting "aggression penalties", those that are made by being too aggressive, but you cannot have personal fouls called on you from throwing punches, hitting players late, etc. Also, there were too many formation penalties, offsides and illegal motion penalties and that is something that will need to be addressed by the coaches when they meet with the players.

The offensive line has a long way to go - We've been saying this for a while and anyone who understands football knows that inexperience along the offensive line does not bode well for the near future. That is certainly the case with Washington's offensive front as the line allowed seven sacks (albeit "touch" sacks) and account for just 20 yards on the ground with Bishop Sankey leading the way with just 35 yards on 11 carries. The starting five appear to be, at least at this juncture, Micah Hatchie at left tackle, Erik Kohler at left guard, Drew Schaefer at center, James Atoe at right guard and Ben Riva at right tackle. The hope is that Colin Tanigawa returns from his torn ACL by mid-August and reclaims his left guard spot so the Huskies have the option of moving Kohler either to right guard or right tackle, depending on need. However, at this point, that line is going to struggle as only Schaefer and Kohler have seen meaninful reps and are the only two players who have started a game.

Brown looks good - The Huskies have one of the top quarterbacks in the country in Price, but if, God forbid, he was to go down, it wasn't until this spring that we had even an inkling of what Derrick Brown could do. While he was spotty during the first 14 practices, Brown acquitted himself quite well with his play Saturday afternoon. Brown completed 12 of his 24 pass attempts for 129 yards and, while he didn't throw for a touchdown, it must also be noted that he didn't throw an interception either. Brown did still hold onto the ball a little long resulting in five "sacks", however he showed good movement and made some pretty throws including a beauty to DiAndre Campbell for 23 yards that looked effortless on his part.

The secondary looks good - Washington's secondary has been the bane of Husky nation's existence for well over a decade now, but they might have found something this year. Desmond Trufant, Marcus Peters, Gregory Ducre, Sean Parker, Will Shamburger, Tre Watson and Justin Glenn all had their moments throughout the spring and especially on Saturday as they provided sticky coverage on Husky receivers throughout the game.

Quoteable -"They were great learning lessons. They were guys, the bulk of those were redshirt freshman guys that haven't played a lot of football, real game-like situations. You have to understand - now we're back in game mode, and probably have to do a better job in practice corralling those moments so they don't carry themselves over. We've got to understand; if we're the retaliator, you're the one that's going to get caught. And that's not OK. So great teachable moments for us as a staff to teach to the team that those are self-inflicted wounds; those have nothing to do with preparation, those have nothing to do with playing the game - but those are killers…those 15-yarders, those late hits where I want to act out. You've got to save it. You've got to hold on to it and go play the game and you can't take that shot for the betterment of the team." -- Sarkisian on the penalties and kicking players off the field after they were flagged

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Recruits in the house: Washington had quite a few unofficial visitors in the house as well as several of the 2012 signees including Nathan Dean, Jake Eldrenkamp, Shaquille Thompson, Jeff Lindquist, Cyler Miles, Brandon Beaver and Dwayne Washington.

Two players, Bellevue's Sean Constantine and Derek Babiash from Poway (Ca.), have pulled the trigger and we expect at least a couple more by the end of the week.

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