Kearsley is impressed with Husky program

Although he remains steadfast in his commitment to BYU, Aloha (Beaverton, Or.) OL Brayden Kearsley visited Washington this weekend and said they really opened his eyes and that they have a chance to get one of his official visits this coming fall...

"Oh man, it was great," Kearsley told "It was a great event. There were ton of great players there, it was really exciting with the game and the fans were all there.

"Honestly, I thought it was really cool seeing how they shut down one side so that it packed everybody in. I want to Oregon State's game and they had the whole stadium open and it was so sparse. Here, they shut down one side and that made it look packed and there were a lot of people there, so it was a lot of fun and electric."

Kearsley, said while he remains committed to BYU, he still wants to take official visits this fall and said Washington has a chance to get one if things go well.

"I do like Washington a lot, but I have other visits I want to take," Kearsley said. "I'm seeing a bunch of schools and I'm setting up a bunch of visits. I'll see UCLA on June 9th and in July it's basically a Pac 12 tour.

"I'm going to visit Cal, UCLA, USC, ASU , Colorad and U-Dub and then Oregon State and Oregon too. I'm also going to go to the Oregon NFTC as well in June."

As far as official visits are concerned, Kearsley said he knows of one visit that he termed "a lock" while he also wants to see at least one other school for sure.

"BYU is a lock for sure, I'll visit them for sure," Kearsley said. "I know I'd like to see Hawaii and then maybe take at least one or two other visits.

"I don't think I'll take all of them, but for sure at least three and possibly four.

"I'm heavily considering Washington. I like their program and the coaches are all really great guys. I love coach (Tosh) Lupoi, he's the main guy recruiting me, but I also talk a lot with Sark (Steve Sarkisian).

"A lot of people I've talked to put down Washington and say that they aren't a good program, but if you know football, you know Washington is a good program. You know that Oregon State is a good program.

"Just because they aren't challenging for a National Championship right now, that doesn't mean they aren't good programs. They just are working to get there, like every other program is."

We will keep checking in with Kearsley in the coming weeks and will update things as they happen with him.

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