Impact Report - Sean Constantine

It's hard not to appreciate what Sean Constantine has been a part of at Bellevue. Since he's donned a Wolverines jersey, BHS has gone 39-3, including three-straight 3A titles. Their 14-0 2011 record was never really in jeopardy; they won every game by double-digits. The defense was just as good, surrendering an average of only 12 points a game.

Ironically enough, as big as the future Washington Husky was in leading Bellevue's defense, the most points the Wolverines gave up last year was the 28 they let through against Mercer Island - a team led by another Washington Husky, quarterback Jeff Lindquist.

But Constantine is just worried about the bottom line - wins - and he's been a part of plenty of those over the years. And that's the biggest reason why his recent verbal commitment to Washington is so important; the Huskies are brining in winners.

"I just think his hard-nosed attitude…he has a great motor," Matt Razore, Bellevue's defensive backs coach and the one that takes care of a lot of the college recruiting duties for the Wolverines, told about the 6-foot-2, 225-pound Constantine back in March. "He's always around the ball and he's a really big force in the middle of the field."

And before people think that this is just a token nod toward the top school - forget about it. While it's always important to keep the top talent home, rumor is that when Steve Sarkisian went to see Bellevue play two years ago it wasn't guys like Marcus Henry, Kendrick Van Ackeren, Jake Eldrenkamp or Michael Kneip that immediate caught Sark's interest; it was Constantine. And that was when he was a 10th grader.

After the 2012 season, Constantine will have been a three-year starter for the Wolverines. It's been a long time since Washington has had a three-year linebacker starter: Before Mason Foster you have to go all the way back to Jason Chorak to find a linebacker that played three straight seasons uninterrupted. And before that? Dave Hoffmann.

"Other than his size and strength, his toughness and he's never been hurt - knock on wood," Razore said when asked about Constantine's attractiveness as a recruit. "He's just that prototypical middle linebacker you want in there that just sets the tone."

The beautiful part about Constantine's game is, as much as he's been that prototypical middle linebacker setting the tone for Bellevue for years, he's versatile enough to play inside or outside in Justin Wilcox's new 34 scheme. Much like Nate Fellner moving down into the box to play the SAM position, Constantine has the athleticism and size to play down across from the tight end or in the middle of play. Watching his film, one of the things that stands out about Constantine's play is his ability to stay on his feet and quickly make his way through the trash to find the ball, and it usually doesn't matter if he's doing that as a linebacker traveling down the line to find a gap or if he's being engaged by a blocker.

Ideally, Constantine has the mentality to play in the middle of the field. Yes he can take drops and play in space, but that's not where he's at his best. He's making his biggest impact in the box, getting through the line of scrimmage and taking down ball-carriers.

Even though Bellevue doesn't have much need for statistics, it's clear to see Constantine has been a proven tackling machine, something Washington hasn't had in a linebacker since Foster. When Evan Benjamin was moved from safety to linebacker, he had back-to-back 100-plus tackle seasons. And then, of course, you'd have to go back all the way to 1985-87 to find the best of the best - David Rill.

Because Washington hadn't had back-to-back 100-plus tackles in 17 seasons before Benjamin's 105 tackles in 2004 and 109 stops in 2005, there's nothing to suggest that Constantine is the next David Rill. But when you look at the top tackling middle linebackers of all-time; Rill, Hoffmann, Dan Lloyd, Mike Baldassin, Michael Jackson, Ken Driscoll, Tim Meamber, Bruce Harrell, Mark Stewart, Joe Kelly, Ink Aleaga, John Fiala, Lester Towns, Ben Mahdavi, etc… Constantine certainly has the pedigree to follow in that fine tradition. Top Stories