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Scout.com spoke Wednesday with Troy Williams, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound quarterback prospect from Narbonne High School in Harbor City, Calif. and got his thoughts on the commitment of another top west QB - Cooper Bateman - to Alabama, as well as when he plans on finishing his recruiting process and who is standing out.

On Cooper Bateman's commitment to Alabama and if that changes his thoughts at all on Washington - "Oh he did? It's all competition, so whatever decision he made - that was on him. He probably feels comfortable in that system. It doesn't change my perspective on Washington or any other school. There's going to be competition everywhere, so I just have to make sure I make the right decision and that I'm comfortable with it."

On his unofficial visit to Washington - "I should be up there in about two or three weeks, and after I come back from there I'm going to make my decision a few weeks after that. A lot of the top quarterbacks are starting to commit to their schools, and it's real important for a quarterback to establish himself with the school that he's going to early enough so where he can be comfortable there."

On enrolling early - "I'll be enrolling early. I'm getting all my stuff together right now for school. I'm taking a senior English class so I can be out of here a little bit after football season is over."

On if coaches have encouraged him to enroll early and if that helps him with certain schools - "It does. They are really excited about me graduating early and they told me the best position for me to be in is to come in the spring and not be too far behind the other quarterbacks that are there."

On what questions he needs answered during his upcoming Washington trip - "Just basically how the academics are and how early I can get on the field and what's going to prepare me best for the next level. And obviously I know they can prepare me for the next level, especially with coach Sarkisian there."

On UW recruiting him a long time - "They are actually my first scholarship offer."

On what that means to him now - "It means a lot. They saw it in me when I was a young sophomore. Coach Sark saw it. He knew he could work with me, and it means a lot that they were the first group of guys that noticed my talent and wanted me to come to their schools."

On who else he'll visit before making his decision - "I'm not sure. I've been to Arizona and Arizona State already, drove down there about a month ago. And I'm not sure if I'll take any visits after Washington."

On any that he feels he needs to visit - "No, not right now. If I do, I'll just talk it over with my parents and decide off what they want me to do."

On his short list of schools - "My top five-six is Washington, Arizona, UCLA, Florida, Arizona State and Ole Miss."

On if any of those schools stand out right now - "Everybody's even right now."

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