All-Star report - Matt Coombs

Matt Coombs, meet Owen Biddle. Both went to Bellevue High School, both are safeties and both are walk-ons. Uncanny similarities, but don't ask Coombs to deep-snap any time soon, like Biddle is currently doing at the University of Washington. Matt is walking on at UW this fall, but before he could do that had some unfinished prep business to take care of.

"It was a lot of fun," Matt said after his West team throttled the East 42-6 Saturday in Everett. "It was fun to go out with a win and meet a bunch of new guys. It was a fun week. It just brought back memories of the high school years, how fun it was. It gets you excited about getting ready to go for next year."

Coombs, a two-sport star for the Wolverines, had to readjust to putting on the pads after a full spring and summer of playing baseball. "At first it felt a little different, but we had practices throughout the week so that made the transition a little easier," he said. "And we had great coaches too."

So besides taking a little bit of time off, what will Coombs be doing before the fall starts? "I talked to Coach (Keith) Gilbertson, but it's still been a while," he said. "He told me that I could start working out with them and to get a hold of Coach (Pete) Kaligis and Coach (Steve) Emtman and just start hitting the weights and get ready.

"I met Jake Darling (Snohomish) and he's going to walk on, so we thought we might head on up there (UW) together and start getting our names out there."

Matt is very excited for the opportunity to compete for a scholarship at UW, and wants to avoid riding the pine if at all possible. He can look up to Biddle as someone who took a similar road. "I don't think anyone likes sitting on the bench, but at the same time I know it's going to be a tough challenge and I'm excited for that," said Coombs. "It'll be a lot of hard work but it'll be cool." Top Stories