Huskies in great shape for Lopez

One of the top offensive linemen on Washington's radar this year is Orange (Ca.) Lutheran's John Lopez. He visited Montlake last month and spoke recently with about that trip as well as where things stand currently in the recruiting process...

"I had a really great trip up there," Lopez told "It was great to see the campus and the school. I saw what their new facilities are going to look like and they are going to be sick, probably the best in the country when it's all said and done, and I really enjoyed the coaches and the energy around the program.

"One thing I really like about it is it's in the city, but it's far enough away from downtown to be away from it too.

"The area is beautiful up there. I just really, really liked my visit."

Lopez said that "it seems like all of the coaches at Washington are recruiting me", but that defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi is the coach recruiting him the heaviest for the Dawgs although he has some stiff competition as Lopez's friend and teammate, Darien Washington, has been dropping hints as well.

"Sometimes in school, he'll just walk over to me and bump into me and say something about Washington," Lopez said. "He's been pumping them up good and we just laugh about it, but he doesn't need to because I like them regardless of whether he's going there or not."

As far as a position, it sounds like the Huskies, along with the other nine schools that have offered -- Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida State, San Diego State, UCLA, Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington State -- have all told him that he could end up almost anywhere along the line and that suits him just fine.

"I can play guard or tackle, it really doesn't matter too much to me," Lopez noted. "Our new offense is a quick read-option one so I'll get a lot of chances to pull and get out and show my quick feet and stuff like that."

When asked when he plans to make his decision, Lopez was honest about how he'd like to see things go, but he was also realistic.

"Ideally, I would love to make my decision before my season and school year starts," Lopez said. "But you know things never work out ideally, so, if that's the case, then I will probably narrow it down to four or five schools, a top five I guess, and then I will take some visits, maybe not all five, but at least two or three, and then I will be able to decide.

"I'm still working on visiting schools right now, that will help me narrow things down. Washington is definitely a school that's up there for me. I don't want to name favorites or whittle anyone down yet, but they are definitely a school that impressed me a lot."

While he isn't ready to start narrowing things down just yet, he did say that he knows some of the criteria he will use to help him make his decision.

"First off, I want to major in Business, so that will be something I look at," Lopez said. "Then it will be the football atmosphere in general, you know, how exciting it is around there and the excitement about the program.

"Last, I would have to say my comfort level at the school and in the program. How comfortable I feel and if I see myself staying there for four or five years."

We will continue to keep track of Lopez as he continues along in the recruiting process and we will update news as it breaks.

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