Getting To Know You: Cyler Miles

In a new series, we here at have decided to get in touch with as many incoming freshmen as we can in order for Husky fans to get to know them a little better. In one of our first installments, we talk with Mullen QB Cyler Miles who we got to know a little bit better...

1) Food you will miss the most when you leave: "I'm a dude who always eats out a lot, so that'll definitely be something I miss. My mom also makes a lot of fish, so that's something I'm going to miss as well, but living out in Seattle, right by the ocean, I should be able to get fish up there."

2) Favorite school growing up: "For some reason, growing up, I always liked Miami -- in the 80s, with the ‘U', the uniforms -- I was always a Miami fan. After the Miami era, after I grew up a little, I really didn't have a favorite up until now (with Washington)."

3) Favorite player (NFL or College): "I'd say Walter Payton, just because of the struggles he went through internally and his mental strength inside the game and outside the game."

4) Favorite Husky: "Warren Moon. I've seen highlights. I've seen how he gives back to the Huskies and he was a great quarterback for Washington and the (Seattle) Seahawks."

5) You knew Washington was the place for you when…: "I would say a while ago, probably when I was a junior and my first time of going out there. The first thing that hit me, compared to the other schools, is the heavy family vibe and the welcoming they gave me and the connection and relationships with the players and coaches. I just loved it."

6) School you want to beat the most: "USC. It's SC. That's a big game very year, I know that, and obviously SC has a great tradition and it would feel great to give it to them. CU (Colorado) is my hometown school, so they would be next, but USC is first on that list."

7) Your favorite UW uniform: "I'm big into that black on black with the gold helmets."

8) You number when you arrive: "10. Gotta carry on the tradition of Jake (Locker). I just have always been 10 since I was a freshman in high school and I wanted to carry that on and I couldn't see myself with any other number."

9) His favorite subject in school: "Math is a class I've always liked. Algebra, math, stuff like that."

10) Weirdest thing to happen in recruiting: "I had a coach call me and kinda give his spiel on the school and he could tell I wasn't really feeling it and I could tell that he could tell I wasn't feeling it, so at the end of the conversation, he goes ‘and the girls here are amazing; any type of girl you want, they're here'. It wasn't a Pac 12 school." Top Stories