Getting To Know You: Jeff Lindquist

In the second installment of our "Getting To Know You" series, speaks with Mercer Island (Wa.) QB Jeff Lindquist in order to get to know him on a little bit different level than we have up until now...

1) The meal that he will miss the most: "My mom makes this tortilla soup that is just bomb, so I'm really going to miss that."

2) Favorite Movie: "I'm a big James Bond fan, but, I know it's going to be totally cliché because of all the hype right now, but I really liked the Avengers movie. I saw it twice in a week. It was great."

3) What type of car do your drive: "I have a 2008 Ford F-150 truck. I'll probably be hitting the bike on campus though."

4) His favorite part of recruiting: "On my trip to Stanford and my trip to U-Dub, just being in that environment, I thought it was really fun. It's a lot different from high school so just getting to be a part of that and kinda seeing what it was like was a great experience."

5) Team he wants to beat the most: "I try not to paint a target on anybody, but if you're a Husky, you have to have some sort of rivalry against the (Oregon) Ducks, so that's probably my number one target."

6) Who is his roommate going to be?: "I haven't figured that out yet. I was thinking Jake Eldrenkamp because he's a good buddy of mine and we both got into the business school there, but nothing is set in stone."

7) If not UW, then who?: "Probably Stanford. My brother goes there, so it would be fun to go to school with him, but I liked the coaches and obviously it's a great school and that was really attractive to me."

8) Which Husky is he looking forward to playing alongside: "I'm looking forward to playing with Keith (Price). He's a great leader, a great quarterback, so I'm looking forward to learning from him and playing with him."

9) Favorite Holiday: "I'd say Christmas and Fourth of July. Christmas because it's a big holiday for me and my family and my faith, that's really important to me, and I just love the Fourth of July because of the fireworks and my aunt makes the best apple pie."

10) Favorite subject in school: "I like math a lot. I love numbers. The thing with being a quarterback there's a right answer and there's a ‘less right' answer and then there are wrong answers, whereas math it's pretty straight-forward." Top Stories