Getting To Know You: Travis Coons

With the loss of Erik Folk to graduation, the Huskies were in the need of a kicker who could come in and be ready to take over the job right away. Enter Mount San Antonio K/P Travis Coons. In the third installment of our new "Getting To Know You" series, we get Coons' thoughts on some subjects other than football so Washington fans can get to know him on a different level...

1) The meal that he will miss the most: "My mom's tacos are great and I'm really going to miss that."

2) The school he grew up rooting for: "When I first started watching college football it was Ohio State, but then as I got a little older, all of my friends loved USC and I started liking them too. Now it's all Washington though."

3) Favorite Movie: "It sounds stupid, but I love "Dumb and Dumber". I've see that movie a lot and it still just cracks me up.

4) Football player who had the most influence on his life: "I'd say it would either be Tim Tebow or Nick Folk. It's mostly just he way they handle themselves both on and off the field. I have also gotten to meet Nick Folk a couple of times and he's just a really great guy."

5) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "After I talked to coach (Johnny) Nansen for a little while and he told me a little about the school, I just knew it was a great fit. He was a great guy, very funny, and I just felt it was the right fit."

6) Favorite sport after football: "I'd say it's basketball. I love to play it. Soccer was the other sport I did other than football and I was always pretty good at that, but I love to play basketball."

7) What he plans to major in: "It will either be Sociology or Criminal Justice, I'm not really sure yet. If I go into Criminal Justice, I'll get my degree and then become a cop, maybe join the S.W.A.T. team. Sociology, I'm not really sure at this point."

8) School you most want to beat: "Oh I'd definitely say USC. I grew up loving that team. It would be great to beat them. They are always a nationally ranked team."

9) Team you are most looking forward to playing: Oregon. I have always been interested in them and they have great facilities there. We'll get to play down there this year and I'm really excited to see that field and to play them."

10) Favorite Husky past or present: "I'd have to say it's actually past and present; Erik Folk. I've kicked with him before and he's just a great guy. I am honored to have a chance to take his place. He's a great kicker." Top Stories