Getting To Know You: Kendyl Taylor

Probably the most versatile athlete in Washington's 2012 recruiting class, Hamilton (Chandler, Az.) ATH Kendyl Taylor, spoke with recently and he agreed to be the fourth subject in our "Getting To Know You" series of articles. He gave us his thoughts on some things that weren't necessarily related to football so that Husky fans can get a glimpse of him in another light...

1) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "When they first offered me and recruited me like nobody else. They really showed me they wanted me and I loved what the program and the school had to offer."

2) Favorite player (NFL or college): "I'd say it's DeSean Jackson. I just love the fact that people have never thought he could handle stuff, the hits and other stuff, because he's so small, but all he's done is ball-out every year and he's really shown that you don't have to be big to be successful. I'm not 6'4", 220, so a guy like him playing like he does shows guys my size can get it done too. The other player is my brother (Kerry Taylor). He went to Arizona State, so he always came home and he's helped me a lot. He's with Minnesota now, so he's an inspiration for me too."

3) Best sport besides football: "I'd say it's track for sure. I've had a lot of success in it and I love the fact that almost everything you do is one-on-one. You're competing with yourself, but also with the guys you're running or throwing against. It's all on you. I like that. If it is just watching, then it would probably be basketball. I love March Madness and all the stuff that goes into that. I can't wait to see games every week at (Hec Ed)."

4) Food you will miss the most: "My dad's cheesesteaks are just great. He's from New Jersey, so he makes them up like the real thing out there. They are so good. I'm really going to miss that."

5) Most inspirational person(s) in your life: "My dad and my brother. Everything I've learned about playing football, competing and just about being a man, my dad taught me. He's been the best dad I could have asked for. My brother has always been a great older brother and he has always come back and helped guide me in my life too."

6) Favorite subject in school: "It's math. I've always been good at it. I'd much rather go to math class and work on math problems than go to english class and read a book. I know I'll have to read a lot in college, but math is what I prefer."

7) His major in college: "I was looking at Psychology, but I don't want to have to be in school six years. I'll probably go into business and after football, whether that's after the NFL or just after college, I guess we'll see on that, I'll probably try and get a job at one of the big companies up there -- Microsoft, Boeing -- something like that."

8) Team you want to beat most and why: "Oregon definitely. They are flashy, flash and it's time for them to go down this year. I know Washington hasn't beaten them in a while and that's something I'm making as a goal for myself -- to beat them. I think that's something a lot of guys in this class have on their minds too."

9) Team you are looking forward to playing and why: "LSU. It's because it's the SEC and that environment down there is crazy. They love football and it's one of the great programs in the country. They just missed out on being the National Champions last year. If we win that game then you get into the rest of the season on a roll and with a lot of confidence."

10) Favorite Husky (past or present): "Chris Polk played the game with a lot of intensity and fire. He was all about determination and I loved the way he started and finished plays. He was patient and he didn't force things, but he was just a force to be reckoned with for them. He's a guy I really loved watching." Top Stories