Commit Q&A - Nigel Williams-Goss spoke with Nigel Williams-Goss, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound point guard from Portland, Ore. - by way of Findlay Prep in Nevada - who verbally committed to Washington Wednesday morning. We talked about Portland's UW connection, his ties with the UW coaching staff, and most definitely about his hair.

On his connection with the Northwest - "I was born and raised in Portland, Ore. for the first 14 years of my life. In the eighth grade I came in contact with Findlay Prep and was offered a scholarship to come down here and play, and this is where I've been since my freshman year has been in Henderson, Nev. and Findlay Prep."

On being at Findlay for academic reasons - "No, not at all. In my final five schools, Harvard was in the mix so that shows that academics was very serious to me. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, so the prep school move was nothing about academics or anything like that. It was straight based on getting me even more prepared academically and obviously the basketball team as well."

On the last time he got a B in school - "I haven't gotten a B since - I've never gotten a B in high school - so odds are maybe seventh grade or middle school. Maybe. Obviously I've had some low A's - like 92 percent or 93 percent - but at the end of the day I still have that 'A' next to my name. Whether it's a low A or a high A, I still try and stay in that 'A' range."

On his final list of schools - "My final five was Washington, Harvard, UNLV, Oklahoma and UCLA."

On what was it about Washington - "I've been talking with this decision over and over with my family for a long time now. It was probably a couple weeks ago when I really decided that I can't see myself playing for anybody but coach Romar. Those guys have been recruiting me since my eighth grade year, so having them watch me mature and develop over these last four years…I don't think you can trade that in for anything else. It was a good fit and I felt comfortable with my decision."

On knowing other UW players from Portland, like Terrence Ross and Andrew Andrews - "I know those guys really well. I just saw Terrence Ross last week when I was in LA. I was in LA and I saw him. And Andrew Andrews, we played on the same AAU team. When I was 14, we played on the same 16-and-under AAU team. I know those guys both really well and they both spoke very highly of the program."

On how the UW coaches seeing him fit in - "They have a history of developing great guards, and they see me as one of those guards that can fit right in the mix. I just think, with my versatility offensively and defensively, I see it as a fit and they see it as a fit as well. I already take pride in my defense, and obviously that's one of the biggest things that Washington does is they really get up and pressure defensively. So I think it's an all-around really good fit."

Nigel Williams-Goss scouting report - "You are going to see a guy that competes all the time. I try to play harder than anyone else on the floor, because that's what you can control always. Sometimes you can't control if your shot is going to be on or not, but always play hard. I'm always making winning plays, very unselfish…just a very high basketball IQ to do whatever I have to do to help my team win. And like I spoke about earlier, on the defensive end I take pride in guarding the other team's best player. If you take the best player out, you're giving your team a chance to win. That's all I'm about is winning."

On his hair and coach Romar's rules about that - "I've definitely talked to them about it. Cutting my hair was not going to factor in my college decision. I had already planned on probably cutting my hair after high school anyway, so it wasn't that big of a deal. That's the type of relationship I have with the staff. The whole staff, we are laid back and we joke a lot…they cracked a few jokes about it before I committed about having me cut my hair and mailing my hair after I cut it as a way of commitment, but those guys always joke with me about it."

Will he send his hair to the coaches? - "No, I'm not going to do that. (laughs) I'm sure they already knew that I wasn't too concerned about the hair thing."

On turning recruiter now for the 2013 class - "I'm going to put my recruiter hat on and go up to some really good players and let them know we can have a really special recruiting class with the guys they are already going after and guys that have expressed interest in the program. So that's why I think it was important for me as a point guard to be the first to step up to the plate and show my commitment to the school. This should help bring other recruits in."

Any final thoughts for UW fans? - "Just that I'm really thankful and honored to be part of the program, and I can't wait to get up there and put on that Washington jersey." Top Stories