Getting To Know You: Pio Vatuvei

As we drew closer to Signing Day this past February, one of the more interesting story lines was what happened with Patterson (Ca.) DL Pio Vatuvei who committed to USC but eventually signed with the Huskies. Today, in the fifth installment in our "Getting To Know You" series, the talented prospect talks about several different things and sheds some light on what makes him such a special player...

1) Food you will miss the most: "All Tongan food. I love to eat and I'm really going to miss all the Tongan food my mom makes. I guess I can get it up there (in Seattle) too, but it's just not the same as when your mom or dad makes it."

2) Favorite player (NFL or college): "I'd have to say Haloti Ngata. I know he played for Oregon, so that isn't real popular with Washington fans, but I love watching the way he plays the game. He's really athletic and he's really humble. He just gets the job done and no one can stop him. He's also Tongan like me so I feel like I identify with him pretty well."

3) Best sport besides football: "Rugby. Definitely Rugby. I love playing that game. Part of the reason is because I actually get to carry the ball. It's also fun to be out there running around and with your friends. It's a lot like football, just without the pads."

4) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "I liked coach (Nick) Holt and the other defensive staff guys, but when the new staff got in there, that's when I knew it was the right place for me. I love their approach and how aggressive they are. They will definitely get me ready for playing in the NFL."

5) Favorite subject in school: "I love History class. My teacher my junior year in history, he did a great job of helping me get interested in it. It was always fun in class and I loved learning about how our country was formed and all of the great stories behind the Revolution, the Civil War and all of the advances in our country since the start of the 20th century. We live in a great country and we have a great history."

6) His major in college: "Probably History or Communications. I'd love to end up being a history teacher possibly being an analyst for football on T.V. or radio."

7) Weirdest thing said to you in recruiting: "A couple of schools told me I could get any kind of food I wanted. It was funny because they knew I loved to eat, but that was a weird sales pitch. I figured I could get good food anywhere so for them to say that was like 'what?'."

8) Team you want to beat the most: "USC. Definitely USC. I committed there for a while so I definitely want to beat them. When everyone looks at the Pac 12, right now they all say it's USC and Oregon, but there are other great schools and programs, like U-Dub, so I want to show everyone we are a school to keep an eye on too."

9) Favorite (past or present) Husky: "I'd have to say either Marques Tuiasosopo or Steve Emtman. Marques because I love the way he played. He was just a beast as a quarterback. He didn't play the game like a QB. He was passionate. Emtman because he was unstoppable. No one could handle him one on one and I've seen videos of him where he has like three or four guys blocking him and he still made the play. He was an animal."

10) Biggest influence in your life: "My older brother, Will Vatuvei, he was a great older brother. He really mentored me and taught me a lot. Unfortunately he passed away two years ago in a drive by shooting, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so he won't get to see me live our dream. He played at a JC program here for a year and his dream was to play big-time college football. That inspired me to make sure I did everything I could to live out our dreams of playing ball at the Pac 12 level." Top Stories